Mystery Mountain of Ten Commandments Stone in Los Lunas NM

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Mystery Mountain of Ten Commandments Stone in Los Lunas NM

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Pretty cool stuff our indoctrination schools never teach us.


Mystery Mountain of Ten Commandments Stone

By Tom & Vickilynn VerSteeg 1996

In the middle of the lonely desert, rest a long forgoten stone deep in the heart of the New Mexico. The language is written in anicent Palo Hebrew records the very words of the Ten Commandments. To date no one knows how long this stone has been there, or how it got there. Yet over the years, this stone has been visited by over 75 different Bible Scholars. All Bible Scholars have conclued that this stone is Not A Fake, but indeed real and authentic.


Surrounding the flat face of a large boulder weight at 80 to 100 tons is a large mass of black lava formation around the stone. The Ten Commandments inscription is tilted about 40 degrees clockwise from horizontal. The language is Palo Hebrew, an old anicent Hebrew alphabet. The Words translated are indeed the complete full words of the Ten Commandmenst written in Exodus Chapter 20:1- . In the middle of the stone a 5 inch long in width by 2" inches height and 1" deep chunck of the stone was broken off. Proving that this incription was not made by human hands, but by the fire of God in Heaven. Scholars have proved this over and over again, that no machine or engraving could have been used by man to make the writtings. Only by FIRE could it penastrate the writting of the stone inscriptions. In font of the stone lays a another large flat foundation as if one could stand or pray near the stone. Beside the stone on the right side, is a rather unusal looking bush growing slowly.


Upon arriving at the stone, our first glance at the stone after climbing, we were both struck with a great sense of awe. A feeling of the Holy Spirit was strongly felt reverence, in the presence of this stone. We had finaly found the Stone that was so widely talked about by many Bible Hebrew Scholars. Our hearts became joyful, as we knew that God in Heaven had placed this very stone for a last days warning message to USA. So that none will ever be deceived. We set up our vcr camera's to give our own Bible Theology film report of this very stone, written with the Finger of God the Ten Commandments. After filming the indepth Theology research and also a Bible Study on the Ten Commandments, suddenly a cloud seem to appear out of no where, and a thunder was heard. We turned around looked across the valley from the mountain and their appeared the most beautiful rainbow we have ever seen next to this mountain. To our surprize it started raining lightly then started to cover us with snow falling within 10 minutes. Our hearts started to sing our favorite Praise song called "Lord Make Me White As Snow." It was such an awesome unforgetable experience we have ever had in our entire lifetime.


The stone is resting on the side of Hidden Mountain a non active volcano near Los Lunas, New Mexico, about 35 miles south of Albuquerque. Near by the stone rest many other large bouders with a thick deep lava black coating. You can find other Hebrew writtings that was done by the visiting Jews at a later date also in Palo Hebrew nearby the Ten Commandment stone. Also a funny note is that on another boulder stone rock was found the name Jessie James with the date in the earily 1800's was there. Along with a few other names inscribed nearby, which shows no respect to preserve the area to keep it in orginal form.


To get to see the Ten Commandment Stone, you first have to go to Albuquerque City Hall to ask permision for a day's pass. From then you are given a list of rules of no trash or removing any rocks from the entire mountain area. A name of a nearby ranch owner must be contacted to cross a small portion of his land to go up to the path leading up to the site of the stone. They then proceed to give you a map.


From there it is a hilly climb upward 3/4 of a mile. The pathway width is about 5 feet wide. Along the way you will alot of animal holes, and many traffic of footprints which represents many people visiting this stone site often. It should be made into a tourist attraction, but the idea has not came forth.
Upon crossing the train tracks on a road pointing towards a trash dump site, you will come to a gate on the right. Park your car there and walk on the trail leading you next to the mountain. There is only one trail so it is easy to find. Follow the trail to the front of the mountain. From there a trail leads to cross a another gate (ranch owners land) of a small section to cross. Then the climb half way up the mountain trail begans. It is a short climb, but rather too steep for an disabled or elderly person not in good health to climb. But for those that can make the climb the trip is well worth the visit.

Map of New Mexico USA - Los Lunas Mystery Mt marked by an X

Other News Articles On The Stone
By L. Lyle Underwood

Imagine hiking near Los Lunas, New Mexico, and coming upon a huge basalt boulder inscribed as shown in the illustration.

This is obviously not an Indian petroglyph. Rather, it is the Ten Commandments set down in an old Hebrew script. The script and its translation seem unmysterious. What everyone wants to know is: Who chiseled it and when? It was apparently discovered in the 1880s. Harvard anthropologist Frank C. Hibben visited the site in 1930 and pronounced the inscription to be at least 100 years old. Who in New Mexico in 1830 knew ancient Hebrew? The inscription may be much older, for the whole boulder, weighing 60-80 tons, is tipped 20-30°, probably by geological forces, so that the lines of script are tilted.

(Underwood, L. Lyle; "The Los Lunas Inscription," Epigraphic Society, Occa sional Publications, vol. 10, no. 237, 1982.)

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Scholar Links To Los Lunas Research of the Stone

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Dept. of Religious Studies, University of N.C
W. C.
Epigraphic Society - Age of the Los Lunas Stone
by J. Huston McCulloch

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