RDR CD REVIEW: 'Peace or War' by Poker Face 12-24-10

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RDR CD REVIEW: 'Peace or War' by Poker Face 12-24-10

Post#1 » Fri Dec 24, 2010 1:13 pm

Christmas Eve 2010 Review of POW by Andrew Griffin

RDR CD REVIEW: 'Peace or War' by Poker Face
By Andrew W. Griffin - December 24, 2010 8:41 AM

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By Andrew W. Griffin

Red Dirt Report, editor

Posted: December 24, 2010


RDR CD REVIEW: Peace or War by Poker Face (PhD Music) 2009

These are uncertain times, no doubt about that. There is political instability across the globe as empires fight over scraps and millions of innocent people are caught up in wars and power grabs.

We feel it here in America as well. Creeping fascism. Tyranny at the airports and in our own homes. Politicians who say one thing and do the complete opposite. One band that has tapped into these and many connected issues is Pennsylvania-based Poker Face.

I first heard these guys live at the Libertarian Party’s presidential gathering in Atlanta in 2004. I liked what I heard. Taking a hard rock approach, they found a niche that worked well for them.

And while many political bands take a left or right approach, Poker Face – Paul Topete, Brett Griffiths, Dennis Beidler and Rich Valentin – are simply about freedom and doing what is right by God. There are no “sacred cows” in Poker Face’s world.

At the same time, Poker Face is not at all politically correct. They tell it like it is and, as we all know, doing so has a tendency of ticking people off, particular those who have a lot invested in the corrupt status quo, which the band notes in the extensive and informative liner notes are all about “deceit and deception.” In fact, the liner notes go far beyond just the interesting lyrics. They have a lengthy “Peace or War Treatise and 80 Percent Solution” and on the flipside drawings and info on people and groups connected to the 9/11 attacks, David Koresh’s compound at Waco, Texas and the ’95 Oklahoma City bombing.

Poker Face, however, are about truth. And as they note about truth:“Those who love it have to seek it out. It is there, but you have to have a love for it, a want to find it, even when many obstacles are placed in your way.”

This was the same approach on their previous albums Made In America and Sex, Lies & Politiks. They saw through the matrix on those albums as well. And with Peace or War, released last year, the guys continue to educate listeners – via their heavy sound (think a mix of Alice In Chains or early Soundgarden with late 80’s metal and hard rock but with a modern twist) – about what we as Americans (and all free people) are going to face if the New World Order is not stopped from advancing their evil agenda.

With Peace or War the band starts out with “Survive,” a song about “the elite” and There is an instrumental break in the song with an amplified acoustic guitar and a lead guitar sending out some great licks.

With “Losing My Mind,” the band takes The Beatles’ “Taxman” 10 steps further, lyrically, and calls for Americans to take their country back from the “bankers, judges and lawyers” who claim to rule over us. Griffiths’ guitar solo really smokes here, as well.

One of the most curious and unsettling songs here is “Area 51.” With it’s Days of the New-styled guitar strumming, hard-rock jangle and spooky delivery, Topete quotes Bible verses from the Book of Genesis that refer to giants and Nephilim while taking it to modern times with references to aliens living deep below the surface which will ‘someday … be unleashed.” Scary.

And while there’s a musical sameness for much of the album,

It’s not all hard rock. Check out the groovy vibe on the pro-pot anthem “Grassoline.” A song in a similar vein is a latter-day John Denver-styled tune, albeit with a bit more muscle behind it, called “I Wanna Get High.”

Poker Face believes in what humanity can achieve. They also understand that there is a dark underbelly that is very real and exists to enslave humanity. That theme pops up throughout Peace or War.

On “I Want It All,” Topete sings of taking a difficult path in life where the protagonist meets much resistance while following their destiny.

Sings Topete on “Freedoms On the Run”: “Welcome to this New World Circus / Coming to a Homeland near you / Jack boots and billy clubs are gay fashion / Marching to Obamas/Bushits kinder fascist nation.”

Powerful and unafraid. Political rock at it's most fearless. No doubt Big Sis and Homeland Tyranny have got their number.

Overall, you have a strong release from Poker Face. Strong musicianship and an even stronger message. Some may find those words hard to accept or even understand but they are needed now more than ever. Kudos to Poker Face for having the courage to express them in song.

Grade – B+

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Post#2 » Sun Dec 26, 2010 7:30 pm

I think this guy is on our side. Paul, how was your Christmas? A new girl?

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hey brother

Post#3 » Wed Dec 29, 2010 4:36 pm

Christmas was ok. Spent the quiet time with the family mainly and some very close friends. All in all, life is where I expected it to be at at this late date. Hope you are some where safe and locked and loaded, 2011 is gonna be a hell ride.

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