Review by John Rajotte - MUSIC 76:Right Wing and Libertarian

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Review by John Rajotte - MUSIC 76:Right Wing and Libertarian

Post#1 » Fri Apr 02, 2010 5:48 pm

Thank you kindly John for th ereview.
paul and poker face

MUSIC 76:Right Wing and Libertarian music!

After six long years Pennsylvania's great hard rock band and one of our scene's finest Pokerface makes their return with the album "Peace or War". Instead of toning it down like many bands do these guys are continuing their tradition of protest and spirituality and are sticking to their hard rock guns.

To hook the fans in they start off with a great standard PF song in the bands known style "Survive" and keep it going with the protest song "Fincen" which rails against others telling you what to do. After this we are treated to another great song with pull no punches protest lyrics named "Losing my Mind" which directly calls out the tyrants and bankers stripping us of our freedom and wealth on a daily basis.

The album chills out a little more after this with songs like "Area 51" which talks about the sheepish American public and the quieter and folkier "Heidi Hi" (this song is great if you are a fan of solo's). After this though we get to the real cream of the record with "Wanna Get High" and easily one of the best on the album "Grassoline". Grassoline as you can tell from the title is a song about hemp and marijuana that doubles as both a political statement and a fun chillout song. I am going to have my first experience with a certain herb in a few weeks and needless to say this song will be on in the background.

To finish off the album they go out with a bunch of great songs you have come to expect such as "Want it All", "Just an Excuse", "What You Say", "Please Help me God" (a more spiritual song), and Sobrevare (a spanish version of "Survive"). However the best of this bunch has be the very direct protest song "Freedoms on the Run" which has a great hook and is my personal favorite song on the album ("Grassoline" was second). If I were making decisions for PF that song would easily be the lead single.

A great buy if you are looking for some rock anthems to throw out at your next Hemp, Tea Party, or Audit the Fed rally!

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Post#2 » Sat Apr 03, 2010 1:36 pm

Nice review and a soon to be new stoner.

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