Review by Frank Whalen Host of Frankly Speaking Radio

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Review by Frank Whalen Host of Frankly Speaking Radio

Post#1 » Sun Dec 06, 2009 2:34 am

Review by Frank Whalen Host of Frankly Speaking Radio

If America’s
founding fathers themselves had the time and talent to raise musical alarms, it
would probably have come close to the skillful and heartfelt outpourings of the unapologetic
new offering from Pokerface. “Peace or War”
comprises a snapshot of the United States
today in context of the social and political machinations which have taken us
to where we are now…and a sonic heads-up to stave off the decline that would
sink America
from the greatness of its ideals which have allowed its people to always reach
for something better.

With over 16 years of radio experience myself, I must
confess, the mere existence of Pokerface is a commercial aberration. Truth and honesty have no place in
radio. It just doesn’t sell. Most people use music as a distraction, a form
of escapism, and have no use for the reflective nature of an auditory mirror
that highlights a nation’s (and its peoples) failings. That Pokerface can continue to move forward,
growing and advancing with each album, is a ray of hope in a darkened
world. Not only can we ascertain that
there are countless fans (and I count myself proudly among them) who gain
sustenance from such genuineness, but the notion of such raw emotion so
courageously displayed by Pokerface so constantly, personally, is a comfort to
me, knowing that they are out there rocking
in the free world. For me, for you and
for freedom.

While “Peace or War” is accessible to all music lovers of
all ages and all demographics, there should be a caveat included here. Pokerface is not gentle; Not even
remotely. From the artistic mastery with
which these patriotic warriors wield their weapons of aural combat, comes the
nagging and uncomfortable reminder that there are things that must be
discussed, mental struggles still to be fought, wrongs that must be
righted. That there are still tasks to
be done before all Americans can finally rest their weary heads knowing that at
long last, the "Peace" spoken of in the album’s title has finally been achieved-
the internal and external peace that is a spiritual imperative inherent in all
humanity. They offer up the ultimate
warning, the alternative, in the same album title. Fearlessly, the beautiful rage of “Peace or
War” will keep those with ears to hear, honest, awake and aware.

Frank Whalen

Host, “Frankly Speaking Radio”

Former Program Director, KFFK

Former Asst. P.D., KXNA

Former Asst. P.D., WGRD

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