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POKER FACE: PEACE OR WAR (SONGS FOR THE REVOLUTION): The Revolution Continues with Poker Face! Poker Face is a band based out of Allentown, Pennsylvania and their hard rock brand of music is packed with political and spiritual overtones. The quizzical quartet calls for a return to Constitutional values and the paper it was printed on. Peace or War: Songs For The Revolution is the band's fifth record and first in six years. A half decade and an administration change wasn't enough to temper their provocative approach to music. The band's continued grievances with the government, pro-pot stance and spiritual battles are well-documented on this thirteen track CD that is potent with its powerful four-part harmonies bolstered by riveting rhythms, rousing riffs and weighty words. More than half the tracks are true hard rockers especially the first two. "Survive" is a feisty fighting song and "Fincen" pulses with power. Poker Face stands for the political overthrow of America's bought-and-paid-for two-party system via legal means at the voting booth. They also call for legalization of hemp to recreate America's faltering farm and manufacturing base. That part of their platform is well represented on tracks five through seven which offers an uplifting and elevating three-pack for higher consciousness. "Grassoline" envisions a world where the hemp fields are endless and cars run on power from the plant, not the power plant or oil well. "Heidi Hi" and "Wanna Get High" set the tone for their musical campaign for cannabis awareness. The album takes a thematic turn at "Area 51" which uncovers a theory about UFO and aliens that's out of this world. Musically, the album's stylistic variety runs from grunge to reggae to the more melodic and reflective refrains of "Please Help Me God" which recognizes the need for the strength of a higher power to take on the powers that be. Poker Face is sticking to their core values and vigor with Peace or War: Songs For The Revolution - a cohesive collection of songs that address serious issues in serious hard rock fashion.
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