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POW Reviews

REVIEW: Poker Face’s Peace or War – Victor Thorn

Paul Topete burns with a passion like few others I’ve ever encountered. Emboldened with conviction, his voice is strong, fearless, and unwavering. This same intensity is reflected in his band Poker Face, which has released its fifth album after a six-year hiatus.

At Peace or War: Songs for the Revolution opens with a tune entitled Survive that is reminiscent of an army going into battle. This cut is their ‘shock & awe’ as they hit the listener with a full arsenal of musicianship and unleashed determination.

Appropriately enough, Poker Face has had to endure an onslaught of derision, opposition, and outright hostility to survive the past few years. Due to an unwillingness to simply play ‘nice music’ and remain quiet like so many other generic bands, this quartet epitomizes what rock n’ roll is all about – rebellion against authority, and an outlaw stance that refuses to bow down in front of an altar of conformity.

In this case, the authority they’ve zeroed-in on is the New World Order, and what they refuse to accept is a status quo world of injustice that these perpetrators continually try to cram down our throats.

Emphasizing these views is some of the most incredible artwork ever compiled inside a CD. Highlighted by the 9-11 Evil graphics of L.A.’s Peter Currenti, the band also includes illustrations and talking points for WTC 7, the Pentagon strike, Waco, OKC, and how the Twin Towers actually fell via an inside job-controlled demolition.

Especially poignant is the concept of false flag terrorism, complete with the Mossad’s role in 9-11, Rabbi Dov Zakheim, Urban Moving Systems, and the Dancing Israeli’s. Unafraid to expose this sacred cow, Poker Face’s Great Seal proudly proclaims, “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.”

While listening to this disc, such as the excellent opening riff to Fincen [a law enforcement agency of the Treasury Department responsible for establishing and implementing policies to detect money laundering], I couldn’t help but recall what these guys have been through over the past few years. In 2006, they were prohibited from playing an engagement at Rutgers University because of the band’s political views. No doubt, the impetus for this decision arose from elements within the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), who specifically targeted Topete on their website as a “virulent anti-Semite.”

They’ve also lost gigs at other political rallies because Zionist infiltrators have labeled them an “anti-government, anti-immigrant, conspiracy-promoting rock band.” But nothing has halted Poker Face’s mission, which they clearly explain in the liner notes. “Because very few have the strength to understand the all out assault by anti-American groups like the ADL, SPLC, the SWC [Simon Wiesenthal Center], and their 100s of other paid agit-prop pond scum groups, Poker Face takes it upon themselves to share the truth.”

Although the band pursues their anti-Federalist goals with an unabashed zeal, Topete reminds us in his music, “Every revolution needs its minstrels to sing about the sorrows and joys of each day.” One fitting example is Wanna Get High which is reminiscent of Bad Company’s soaring, melodic sound of the mid-1970s. Using an eagle’s perspective as it glides through the sky, this number glorifies the American grandeur and beauty of the Rockies, Great Plains, Grand Canyon, and shorelines. Conversely, Area 51 tackles the subject of extraterrestrials, biblical Nephilim, and the government’s top-secret Nevada military installation. On a more somber note, Just an Excuse relays a very personal situation that, although clearly distinct, is also universal to each of us.

The path leading to this destination hasn’t been easy for Topete & crew; and in all honesty, they could have made it easier for themselves by playing it safe. But to their credit, Poker Face doesn’t shy away from controversy. Their music rings forth like a beacon, while their vision leads us into a future filled with uncertainty and turmoil. Without compromise, they lay it on the line for their art, and because of that I still have a reason to believe in freedom and the human spirit. Or, as H.L. Mencken wrote, “It takes a special sort of man to understand and enjoy liberty – and he is usually an outlaw in democratic societies.”

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AJ FRITZ Review: Here it is.

After 6 years America's foremost Patriot Rock band is back!
13 New Songs of Freedom and Faith featuring... Fincen, Losing My Mind,Freedom's On The Run, What You Say, I want It All

Poker Face's 5th album in the series is a masterpiece of rock song craft that was well worth the wait. Everything you expect and more of Poker Face is here. Rich vocals and harmonies, ripping guitar,powerful soulful melodies all wrapped around stirring faith and freedom driven lyrics. This album was meant to be played one way... LOUD!
Definitely front to back Fritzrocks approved!

A.J. Fritz
Host of "Fritzrocks!"
WLVR 91.3 FM

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James -Born Cross Eyed: November 1st 2009

Post#3 » Wed Nov 04, 2009 3:17 pm

James -Born Cross Eyed: November 1st 2009

Poker Face
Peace Or War: Songs For The Revolution
2009 Phd Music PF 909 & PokerDudes Publishing

A rattling snare drum rips into rapid succession of machinegun-like fire. Thunderous guitars join to continue the assault. The message is clear -- I will Survive. After six years Poker Face returns with a tour de force by releasing their fifth album titled Peace Or War: Songs For The Revolution. The patriotic rock band continues to serve as both a beacon of truth and a cohesive mortar that strengthens the freedom movement. The new album’s theme consistently returns fire in the ongoing battle for America’s freedom and virtue. Each song delivers a surgical strike against the greed and injustice imposed upon the American people. From the lyrics that mock those with evil minds in Survive to the painful issues of the troubled heart disclosed in Just An Excuse, a certain maturity is heard in both instrumentation and lyrical content which the years have wrought. In Losing My Mind, a call to arms bellows “...time to hunt bankers, and judges, and lawyers who are whores...”, followed by an accelerating guitar solo that launches into a blitzkrieg of rockets destined for the dealers of death. Losing My Mind could prove to be the anthem of the next revolution. The cut Area 51 finds itself in a pop-rock arena where Nephilim gather and await to be released upon mankind. This song screams Christian radio airplay! (Is anyone listening?) With a steady funky-rock bounce the cut Grassoline induces a sway and a nod, transporting the listener’s imagination to a place where endless fields of hemp are cultivated. A laid back reggae horn arrangement blends with rolling vocals into a no-knock octane mix touting America’s self-sufficiency and independence from Big Oil. The song is a reality check on the issue of legalizing hemp as an answer in part to overcoming America’s limited natural resources and a solution to regaining America’s economic strength. Jack Herer, the Emperor of Hemp, would be proud! The album Peace Or War: Songs For The Revolution offers a musical revelation of whom the devils are, their plot for destroying the Republic and the requisite response by We the People in order to save the Republic. *****/5
Newsprint NEWS Network (2009)

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Rick Adams - Host on Republic Broadcast Network after Piper

Post#4 » Wed Nov 04, 2009 4:27 pm

Rick Adams - Host on Republic Broadcast Network after Piper

Paul, you and the band have produced a detailed, succinct and prolific work of art here.

You are quite skilled as a Lyracist and all of them reflect your deep, thinking mind as one can clearly see and hear.

Your rendition of 'PLEASE HELP ME GOD OUT OF HERE', along with 'FREEDOM'S ON THE RUN' and 'JUST AN EXCUSE' are at the top of my list. Very clever lyrics and only too true.

The treatise also is quite creative in approaching the subject of the REAL enemies of our nation,not the ones the ADL etc have 'invented'. My only admonition is to watch for your audience and be mindful of using words like 'a..holes' .It might be a bit too course for some of our dear people. Yet the FACTS ARE FACTS AND YOU BRING THEM OUT IN A VERY POWERFUL WAY!

One last thing; the graphics for the side '9-11 EVIL' will rock some boats-FANTASTIC!

The talent given you and the guys is from ABOVE-keep telling the truth and may HE bless your work!!

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Post#5 » Tue Dec 01, 2009 5:49 pm

KWEEVAK.COM - 2009 CD REVIEWS ... ult-00.php

POKER FACE: PEACE OR WAR (SONGS FOR THE REVOLUTION): The Revolution Continues with Poker Face! Poker Face is a band based out of Allentown, Pennsylvania and their hard rock brand of music is packed with political and spiritual overtones. The quizzical quartet calls for a return to Constitutional values and the paper it was printed on. Peace or War: Songs For The Revolution is the band's fifth record and first in six years. A half decade and an administration change wasn't enough to temper their provocative approach to music. The band's continued grievances with the government, pro-pot stance and spiritual battles are well-documented on this thirteen track CD that is potent with its powerful four-part harmonies bolstered by riveting rhythms, rousing riffs and weighty words. More than half the tracks are true hard rockers especially the first two. "Survive" is a feisty fighting song and "Fincen" pulses with power. Poker Face stands for the political overthrow of America's bought-and-paid-for two-party system via legal means at the voting booth. They also call for legalization of hemp to recreate America's faltering farm and manufacturing base. That part of their platform is well represented on tracks five through seven which offers an uplifting and elevating three-pack for higher consciousness. "Grassoline" envisions a world where the hemp fields are endless and cars run on power from the plant, not the power plant or oil well. "Heidi Hi" and "Wanna Get High" set the tone for their musical campaign for cannabis awareness. The album takes a thematic turn at "Area 51" which uncovers a theory about UFO and aliens that's out of this world. Musically, the album's stylistic variety runs from grunge to reggae to the more melodic and reflective refrains of "Please Help Me God" which recognizes the need for the strength of a higher power to take on the powers that be. Poker Face is sticking to their core values and vigor with Peace or War: Songs For The Revolution - a cohesive collection of songs that address serious issues in serious hard rock fashion.
• Info: [USA/PA 2009 - web] (2009 Review by Laura Turner Lynch & Richard J. Lynch for

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'Peace or War' by PF a political statement in hard rock!!!

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Local Soundtrack: 'Peace or War' by Pokerface a political statement in hard rock
Categories: Music, Music News, New CDs
Posted by Jodi Duckett at 05:12:28 PM on November 10, 2009

Pokerface review of cd By Dave Howell Special to The Morning Call ... rock-.html

Twenty years of making music has not softened Pokerface’s music or its lyrics. Far from churning out the usual banal relationship and partying songs, this rocking foursome concentrate on politics, which are libertarian to the max. As the group sings on “It’s Not What You Say”: "I'm not a Democrat or Republican/I'm just a God loving American/It's time to kill this Fourth Reich of the Rich."

Pokerface’s Web site states the band has "made it their mission to expose the lies & scandals coming out the union's capital" and "look into the conspiracies and cover-ups committed by a government that serves the agendas of money hungry elitists that control the world, hell bent on domination of the human race."

There is a goofy brilliance on “Peace or War: Songs for the Revolution,” and I mean that as a compliment. In a time when so many bands sound alike, these guys are following their own road.

The first four and last two songs sound like a heavier but less grungy version of Pearl Jam, for lack of a better description. Paul Topete’s vocals soar over metal-inspired guitar, bass and drums. The middle of the CD has slower and more melodic tracks that feature acoustic guitar and flute emulations.

At some points the lyrics are hard to understand, which usually does not matter in hard rock and metal (and sometimes it is an advantage). You do not want to miss the ones on "Peace or War," however. For example, the CD begins with: “You, and your greedy ways are coming to an end. And I have been waiting for a millennia of time. You think the wars you wage will never end. And I am the conscience that scratches at your evil mind.”

One of the "high" points on the CD is "Grassoline," a fairly relaxed outing celebrating America's favorite herb, with the repeated line, "Please take the wheel, I'll let you drive." The sound of a horn section adds a nice touch here. The previous song is "I Wanna Get High," so I guess we can take these guys on their word.

One song, "Area 51," is about aliens who are living in tunnels until "someday they will be unleashed, upon humankind." Another anti-establishment manifesto is called "Please Help Me God Out Of Here."

You might think these guys are pretty far out, although the way the world is now, it is getting harder to say what is crazy and what is the real truth. No matter what, the music is sincere and powerful.

Pokerface is actually a misnomer for this group, since it does not hide what they feel. If you are into hard rock and metal, or would just like something different, you should check these guys out.

A CD release party is scheduled for Dec. 19 at Lupo's Beef & Ale, 2149 Reading Road, Allentown. 610-820-5570.

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Pulse Weekly "Blake's Picks" 11/18/09 review of PO

Post#7 » Thu Dec 03, 2009 5:53 pm

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Pulse Weekly "Blake's Picks" 11/18/09

Blake’s Picks

Good stuff in the Valley and beyond. Go. ... =520915148

Bethlehem stalwarts Poker Face are back with Peace or War, proof that they continue to be one of the best hard rock bands around. The first three songs establish up front that this is going to be another ass-kickin’ ride, but lately a more varied, classic rock vibe has been blending with their grunge-with-harmonies sound. P.O.W. was recorded with producer/engineer Toby Wright, who has worked with Metallica, Alice In Chains, KoRn, and many more. After working with Poker Face, he commented that they “have the sound of Alice In Chains and the soul of Bob Marley.” It’s a dead-on description. Brett Griffiths’ guitar playing is virtuosic and unpredictable. His solos often seem to drop in from outer space and make you shake your head in disbelief. It’s a testament to the other players in the band that Brett’s skills don’t sound out of place. Paul Topete’s voice is commanding and Dennis Beidler’s vital bass playing and harmonies are the glue that make this band’s chemistry untouchable. Poker Face is also a highly controversial band, deeply entrenched in national and global conspiracy theories that run the gamut. How far you want to go down the rabbit hole with them is up to you, but there’s no denying that they rock like few others. (

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Review by Frank Whalen Host of Frankly Speaking Radio

Post#8 » Sun Dec 06, 2009 2:34 am

Review by Frank Whalen Host of Frankly Speaking Radio

If America’s
founding fathers themselves had the time and talent to raise musical alarms, it
would probably have come close to the skillful and heartfelt outpourings of the unapologetic
new offering from Pokerface. “Peace or War”
comprises a snapshot of the United States
today in context of the social and political machinations which have taken us
to where we are now…and a sonic heads-up to stave off the decline that would
sink America
from the greatness of its ideals which have allowed its people to always reach
for something better.

With over 16 years of radio experience myself, I must
confess, the mere existence of Pokerface is a commercial aberration. Truth and honesty have no place in
radio. It just doesn’t sell. Most people use music as a distraction, a form
of escapism, and have no use for the reflective nature of an auditory mirror
that highlights a nation’s (and its peoples) failings. That Pokerface can continue to move forward,
growing and advancing with each album, is a ray of hope in a darkened
world. Not only can we ascertain that
there are countless fans (and I count myself proudly among them) who gain
sustenance from such genuineness, but the notion of such raw emotion so
courageously displayed by Pokerface so constantly, personally, is a comfort to
me, knowing that they are out there rocking
in the free world. For me, for you and
for freedom.

While “Peace or War” is accessible to all music lovers of
all ages and all demographics, there should be a caveat included here. Pokerface is not gentle; Not even
remotely. From the artistic mastery with
which these patriotic warriors wield their weapons of aural combat, comes the
nagging and uncomfortable reminder that there are things that must be
discussed, mental struggles still to be fought, wrongs that must be
righted. That there are still tasks to
be done before all Americans can finally rest their weary heads knowing that at
long last, the "Peace" spoken of in the album’s title has finally been achieved-
the internal and external peace that is a spiritual imperative inherent in all
humanity. They offer up the ultimate
warning, the alternative, in the same album title. Fearlessly, the beautiful rage of “Peace or
War” will keep those with ears to hear, honest, awake and aware.

Frank Whalen

Host, “Frankly Speaking Radio”

Former Program Director, KFFK

Former Asst. P.D., KXNA

Former Asst. P.D., WGRD

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