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Post#1 » Sat Mar 04, 2006 8:06 pm

We're putting out feelers to see if anyone would be interested in this extremely unique concept. We have a very limited window of opportunity for this to come together next month. Optimum dates would be from Tues to Sun on the weeks ending on 4/8 or 4/29 so as to not conflict with our NYC show on 4/22. If you or someone you know are interested, please contact us immediately. Read all the way to the end for a full grasp of what this venture entails. Feel free to spread far and wide.


"UP CLOSE AND UN-CENSORED" Tour - Spring '06

April XX to XX

You Decide Where We Play!!!!

You Decide What We Play!!!!

You Decide What We Say!!!!

... and more


Want to see us in your own backyard? And, I literally mean sitting on your own back

This could happen to 5 people who want to be a part of history.

Poker Face is looking to meet up with you all face to face - eye to eye - with a firm handshake and a pleasant smile. It's like having a few friends over for dinner and the main course is a heaping helping of unadulterated Poker Face. You set the table, we'll bring a smorgasboard of intimate live acoustic tunes with a very unique side of bearing our souls.

Here's the deal:

-- YOU tell us where YOU want us to play. This can be your living room, church, temple, coffee house, corner bar, school auditorium or Congressman's waiting room. We'll play anywhere you want. We'll discuss any topic you wish. Or, we can spontaneously opine if you just want to find out what makes us tick. For the strictly musical fans, we can keep all talk aside and just rock out for the entire night. Basically, YOU call the shots.
It's YOUR very own customized show. We'll even go as far as letting you pick our wardrobe if you want to get that detailed.

**** DISCLAIMER: Brett, Dennis and Rich are very territorial when it comes to mocking Paul. In fashion similar to a fine wine connoisseur, they embrace taking cheap shots at their front man for their own amusement. However, we must insist that the general public not request cross dressing, fetish outfits or any other scenario that would shadow the band members' own efforts of degradation and ridicule. If you do truly have a specific
request, email any member of the band (other than Paul) through the website. Serious and semi-serious requests only ;-) ****

-- As the host of this experience, YOU will decide if this is a public or private get together. YOU set the time that YOU want to start or end. This is YOUR bash. Of course, this means that you will need to get the approval of the location and be able to help us out with the following necessities for this to happen.

-- We are humbly asking for a minimum donation of $500 per show - that's $20 from 25 people ($10 from 50 - $5 from 100) or whatever arrangement is made by you, or a designated coordinator. 10-15% in advance would be most beneficial to help fuel the PF mobile command center. All terms are negotiable.

-- If you collect more than the minimum donation, that boon is yours to distribute. Need the cash for gas? Cool with us. Want to help your favorite 3rd party chapter, freedom/rights group, farmer, home schooler or struggling mom and pop business? It's your call. Want to pre-order 47 copies of the new CD to be delivered to your local scout troop or misdirected talk show host? Go right ahead? Remember, it's YOUR show to control and shape as you see fit.

-- All performance will be acoustic, however, minimal power must be available for a small PA and recording equip. We'll use no more juice than an average home stereo system. A clean warm floor for a night's rest and a meager snack are also greatly appreciated.

-- Cameras will be rolling from the minute we pull out of HQ until we get back 5 days later. The footage from this "up close & personal" tour is being compiled for the next CD's interactive content. Performances and behind the scenes shots will be included. YOU could be a featured part of our creative process.

-- All proceeds from this tour benefit the "get the new disc out sooner" fund. For everyone who has been hounding us for 2 years, here's your chance to help out. Trust us, if we had unlimited time and resources, we'd have a new release every year. Of course, it's all on Father's time so we don't question it. We just keep working every day to cultivate our "extended family" while making more and more music.

-- Performance destinations must be within 4-5 hours driving distance of each other. This does limit us to roughly a 600 mile radius of Philadelphia, PA. Keep in mind that farther destinations will be placed in the center of the tour schedule. Closer towns will obviously be visited on the way out from, and on the way back to our hometown.

Locales beyond the stated radius will be considered with larger donations, and, only if time permits. Special plans such as signed CD's, photos, or other swag for all your guests can also be pre-arranged. Only your creative mind can set a boundary.

Listen to the music with your eyes wide open.

Forever be seen on the new CD.

Brag to your friends that you were part of it's creation.

This is your only opportunity to get so much out of one show as no other tour quite like this will take place before the release of "Peace or War."

For more info and scheduling, contact either Paul or Dennis below:

Paul Topete

Dennis Beidler

Thank you to everyone for your phenomenal show of support for the band, the music, the message and the mission.

Paul, Brett, Dennis and Rich
Poker Face

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