MIA web resource - some features explained

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MIA web resource - some features explained

Post#1 » Fri Jul 25, 2003 1:13 pm


new resources are coming on line.

one of many is the SSL encrypted browser-server MIA access.


click that link and you should see a cert panel


Allow me to explain in simple terms...
this is a certification notice screen that should indicate that
a Recognized Authority has not authenticated our existence.
This is a good thing for us, since we do not want them to have diddlysquat
of info on PF headquarters... but we do want to make encrypted
secure comminucation available to our people.

This also means our encryption key is not known to them
( unregistered as it is ) - it is known only to US and our SYSadmin.
This is the same or better secure data exchange
as used by any CreditCard acceptance site has....
and for secured browsing this is what you will be using within MIA.

CLICK Yes to accept all this and commence into the content.

you will be shown a screen that wants an access key
Test key name is:

no need to hit enter keys or anything, that code is a listener for the proper
entry word to allow you in. Different words will route you to different places.

you want to see the padlock in the lower right of Internet Explorer.

that padlock is the assurance built into your browser to indicate secure
comminication in the form of 128bit encrypted packets is happening.
This is the front door basically - Users can quickly jump straight to the URL
once they know what it is and bookmark it.

Ok ........ did we make this too complex?
i dont think so.. we made this test to prove we could be secure and
do it in a universally available and very defensible means.

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