PokerFace getting play on ENGAGEInternet Radio

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PokerFace getting play on ENGAGEInternet Radio

Post#1 » Sat Feb 19, 2005 12:54 am

Hello -- all!

This email is a long time coming, and we're sorry for the delay! Just a
couple of things...

You, or someone you represent, submitted a song (or a catalog of songs) for consideration for ENGAGE Internet Radio. And we wanted to THANK YOU! We really like your tunes, and think other people will too. So, we added them!

[Just click the ENGAGE logo in the upper left-hand corner on -- and listen for your tune.]

We've been getting great feedback from our listeners and are excited to say that our numbers are consistently trending up!

Our listeners tune-in several times a month and listen for more than an
average of an hour (per sitting). And many of them represent the TOP 10
media markets in the States -- NY, LA, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas,
Philadelphia, Houston, Washington, Boston and Detroit -- as well as other
major markets around the world.

Based on feed back, we're constantly adding new songs, representing a
variety of formats, and our lists change often, but I've included the most
recent snap shot of our general play list, as well as other interesting
information, at the end of this email. (We will post similar, updated lists
on -- soon.)

We've also added The Radio Show, featuring Rock, Talk and Everything Else Under the Sun, Wednesday and Thursday nights at 10P EST, and RadioEdit, featuring great music with explicit content (totally unedited), Saturday nights at 10P EST -- both are for mature audiences. There are also many other original programs -- for people of all ages -- in the hopper.

Finally, many of the artists we're playing asked for a logo (button) for
their websites. So, we created one and attached it. You can use the logos
(buttons) with the following link, which will take your fans directly to
ENGAGE Internet Radio. ... 040831.asx

We would love to know your thoughts! (Please email them to

Many thanks!

Craig Frand

Evolving Artist
18 Mill Street
Southbridge, MA 01550

(P) 508.764.9500
(F) 508.764.9501
(C) 774.230.5925

Listen to ENGAGE Internet Radio on --
the best variety of music and programs on the internet!

Below are the Top Five most played songs on ENGAGE Internet Radio:

Dre Allen - Melody & I
Tey Punsalan - I Can't Live Without You
Merit - Man on a String
The Low Life - Every Little Thing
Mardo - Here She Comes

Below are the most played artists on ENGAGE Internet Radio:

Dre Allen - Fly, Melody & I
Johnny Neel - Cross My Mind, It's My Turn
New Harvest - I Know That He Can, The Vision - Radio Mix
Poker Face - Illuminati, Kontrol

Alex Bach - Crucifixion
Ari Hest - They're On To Me
Baby Jenks - 25 Miles
Before Today - Pierce the Veil
Bionic Twitch - Shine on Me
Bird Mancini - Year of Change
Blue Moon Harem - Addiction
Bob Schneider - The Way Life Is Supposed To Be
Boy with a Fish - Sometimes
Brandon Wiard - Miss Michigan
Breaking Laces - Plain Jane
Brian Kingston - Songwriters Are Cowards
brokenNess - ICU in Dandelions
Brookfield - Twilight
Call Me Alice - Electrical Jesus
Carla Patullo - Wait
Cas Lucas - Feelin
Chad LaMarsh - Say Goodbye
Chris Eves - Falling Into Place
Christia Mantzke - Just Like You
Codeseven - The Devils Interval
Condition Blue - Velvet Dream
Cruiserweight - Goodbye Daily Sadness
Cub Country - If We Should Fall
Daize Shayne - Believe
Dre Allen - Fly
Dre Allen - Melody & I
Duenow - Six Packs
E3 - E3 Productions
Eight Days Gone - Today I Dreamed
Finespun - The Last Time
Fluttr - Transmission
Furyus - The E.N.D.
G Spot - Hey Creator
Gene Owens - All I Need
Geoff Byrd - Silver Plated
Gutta - Special Friend
Haloburn - Inside Myself
Honeycreeper - The Man
Hugo - Low On Blood Sugar
Jake Brennan - Believe Me
Jane - Never Thought It Was Love
Joe Burns - Just Let Me Be
Joe Linus - Great Divide
Johnny Neel - Cross My Mind
Johnny Neel - It's My Turn
Jon Mclaughlin - Already In
Jones - The Line
Ju Jitsu - Hermit
Just Before August - Under the Lights
Justin David - Nowhere Town
Keyth Lawrence and the Purple Circle - Leaving
L. Young - Howdy
Liars Academy - Dying as Fast as I Can
Lieutenant - What Ya Looking At
Liquid Blue - Real
Lori - Durations of Grandeur
Lou Black - Searching for a Land of Love
Lowlite - Through the Night
Mammacat - Electroshock
Man on Earth - Grow
Marcie - I Just Don't Get It
Mardo - Here She Comes
Mark Sheehy - Breakdown Lane
Melanie Dekker - Blue Blanket
Merit - Man on a String
Michael Quest - 24-7-365
Michael Reich - Turning on a Dime
Nathan Maxwell - Brooklyn Bound
New Harvest - I Know That He Can
New Harvest - The Vision - Radio Mix
Ofer Moses - Submission
Pablo Picker - Cold Paul Lewis - Circles
Pete Schmidt - Someday
Plastilinovy JiNN - Nash Poezd
Poker Face - Illuminati
Pokerface - Kontrol

r.a.w.child - Tears
Radiocraft - The Wheel
Red I - Hanging by a Thread
Richard Bitch - This Bastard Year
Roots of Rebellion - The Order
Ryan Daniel and the Spirit of David - One Time
Sal Casablanca - The Givers
Say Anything - Alive With the Glory of Love
Shades of Skin - Man I Can Be
Shane Hines - Stay
Sinteks - Say! (Radio Edit)
Slowvein - Train Wreck
Smeer - Seed
Solving For X - Hey Darwin
SoWatt - Just For A Day
Suckerpush - Dollar Sign Eyes
Suns Of March - I Learned It From You
Tey Punsalan - I Cant Live Without You
The Bees Knees - The Cause
The Grumps - Walking
The Killer Elite - Exception To The Rule
The Low Life - Every Little Thing
The Neighbors - Mundane Realism
The Snake The Cross The Crown - Empires
The Unseen Guest - Let Me In
Todd Carey - Crazy Fools
Todd Martin - What You Want From Me
Vaeda - Jesus Rides the Subway
Valerian - Liar
Vespera - Left With Nothing
Waking Season - I'm Sorry
William Nowik - No War No More
Yellowfly - Addiction
Yohany - At The Bar

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