Anti-Federalist Societies

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Anti-Federalist Societies

Post#1 » Wed Jan 14, 2004 1:30 am

The Anti-Federalist Society

Congratulations Paul and everyone on your new Made in America album!
Your music really rocks and is one of the few patriotic
albums that really dug into the mysteries of why we have lost
our Liberties. Thank God you are exposing the underbelly of the Beast.
Take Aim. Take MIA off the shelf and play it loud, play it proud!

I'm still absorbing all the material you have in the new album,
the music, the lyrics and of course the interactive CD.
I've never seen a rock band CD with The Anti-Federalist Papers
on them. This is truly one amazing and one of a kind CD.

Smash the State... peacefully of course!
No harm done if we do it right!

In my opinion, only new constitutions can save us now but
it's going to take good music like that found in MIA from
pokerface to promote them. An interactive music CD that
promotes The Anti-Federalist Papers and links to the web!
A novel idea!
Very professionally done!
gene karl

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