The Anti-Communitarian League

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The Anti-Communitarian League

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The Anti-Communitarian League (ACL): Grassroots Research & Analysis of the Ultimate Third Way

"Supra-national Communitarianism is the biggest fraud in the history of western philosophy."
Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich, the ACL-USA "research team"

The ACL is a private, non-grant funded opposition research project started in March 1999. Thanks to our generous hostess, we went online in January 2003. We're independent Alaskans, and we're probably close to what Frederick Engels meant by his disparaging term "Yankee ape." Our observations of them do come directly from being born and raised free, and knowing what real freedom requires of us. We've read their agenda. They plan to eliminate every nation. So yes, our editorial slant is biased. We do present our discovery in a blunt American style that so annoys imperialist academics and elites. It's not about the way we describe their plan though, it's all about the way they describe it that matters. We provide over 10,000 exit links to their massive and thoroughly documented works. This website is huge because their plan is global. Communitarianism is not a secret conspiracy, and it's definitely not a theory. Please take our exit links; go to their websites. Read their plan. Decide for yourself if this is the fascist system you want to leave to your children.

We promise our research is solid. The ACL is listed as a reference in several online encylopedias and is used by teachers and students (976 visitors have answered our poll on Hegel, including 3 school review boards). We've been linked to from the Communitarian Network since March 2003. The ACL Manifesto has withstood academic scrutiny since December 2003 and it remains unrefuted. We think foreign thinkers have too much power and influence over American public policy.

Information about the Anti-Communitarian League
Anti-communitarians oppose laws that modify national constitutions without proper legal procedures. We are not republicans, democrats, socialists, libertarians, greens, or communists, and we are most certainly NOT communitarians. We are average free people whose individual rights are guaranteed under our constitutions. We oppose all communitarian military objectives, (including wars on people who use drugs, make too much noise or who eat too much), and every other communitarian social and community development project in the world. We vigorously argue in defense of American freedom against international communitarian laws, policies, and programs.

Individual rights versus community rights is the most ignored topic of the 21st century, and possibly the most important debate in human history. Maybe it's time we all joined in. Is personal freedom and justice for all outdated?

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