Some good links here on the 9-11 farce of the SabbateanWO

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Some good links here on the 9-11 farce of the SabbateanWO

Post#1 » Wed Sep 15, 2004 4:32 pm

From a friend Cxxxx:


Thought you might want to have a look at these new devastating vids/audios/.pdf's that were just sent to me. The first one is a radio interview from Alex Jones. He starts out a little slowly, hawks some of his books, then goes off on a TEAR with his guest. He makes some GREAT points, then goes off on a RANT that is fabulous, almost as good as Rush Limbaugh's, but from another angle entirely;

Then there comes THIS one, a 'Flash' compilation of all of the anomalities of the penta_gone attack: ... osion.html
leaf through these, and see if they don't raise some questions. See if your friends can figure out how it was done!

When you feel like something may be "Rotten in Denmark", try this one on for size. It is a video, and if you have a good burner you could make copies & pass them around to get people off of their butts. This one is even BETTER and has a great soundtrack/producer! ... ntagon.php

If you are strictly the reading type, try this chapter.pdf from a forthcoming book by an LA ex-detective who went ballistic when he found that it was OUR CIA selling everyone crack. He uses police methodology, and it reads almost like a classic "Detective Story", except that it is REAL! He really 'lays it "out" there'! Actually, he about sums up EVERYTHING in the scenario, but the names of ALL of the people. All the questions your friends have asked!

Then there is this one, a short (Made in Germany I think) presentation, explaining why everybody hates us because we are free. Geeze we're looking out for THEM, aren't we?
Then think about how keen it is to shoot your trash over your neighbor's fence...

Whoops, I almost forgot one... but only IF you want to slog through a meticuously detailed, cross-referenced scathing report on the carryings on of the Bu$h brothers.

Oh, and one last other I forgot about... Really takes the cake. You may have to splice it on to one line. ... nVersion=0

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