First Commerical US Plant to Turn Wood Waste into Auto Fuel

We can come together here to share ideas on how we can make this idea work, where a local community on a county level produces most if not ALL of their basic needs. You can choose to do it alone, with your family or make it work for your community. We need to change our raw materials from dead-hydrocarbon sources to a living-carbohydrate sources (HEMP). You will be amazed to see how many thousands of everyday used products are made from this bountiful raw material resource.....
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First Commerical US Plant to Turn Wood Waste into Auto Fuel

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Yet another fuel source from waste.
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First Commerical US Plant to Turn Wood Waste into Auto Fuel
by Jessica Dailey, 01/14/11
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Last week, the banned alcoholic drink Four Loko was being recycled into car fuel, and today, it’s non-food waste from crops and wood scraps. Cellulosic ethanol is by no means a new idea, but no one has been producing it in bulk amounts. However, Mascoma Corporation, a biofuels company, will break ground on the first commercial production cellulosic ethanol plant in the U.S. this year. This morning, they announced that Valero, the nation’s largest independent oil refinery, will take the entire commercial output of the plant, set to open by 2013.

A new EPA rule starting this year requires all gasoline companies to blend in six million gallons (annually) of cellulosic ethanol, making the need for large-scale production of the product even more pressing. Valero will invest up to $50 million in the Kinross, Mich. plant. The entire cost of the plant, $350 million, is not yet covered, but other investors include General Motors, and Mascoma’s chief executive said that the company is also seeking loans from the Energy Department. The “offtake” agreement between Mascoma and Valero is the first of its kind in the industry.

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Via The New York Times

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