CAFR1 on State Run Banks by Walter Burien

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CAFR1 on State Run Banks by Walter Burien

Post#1 » Thu Oct 07, 2010 12:26 am

CAFR1 on State Run Banks

by Walter Burien

Ever hear of the New World Order? — A NWO primarily run by corporatist government attorneys?

Government is the NWO. The NWO is not coming from the outside; it is home grown by institutionalized government finance right here.

Over the last seven decades government investments have quietly taken the investment wealth all over. The mortgage bailout mentioned in the article I am replying to cites that $1.25 trillion dollars was used to buy distressed mortgage bonds at the end of 2008. In reality, that money was used to bail out the government’s own investments to keep themselves in the black.

The $7 trillion in mortgages held through investment were primarily the government’s own investment capital invested with the banks, mortgage, and insurance industry.

Even China admitted to having $350 billion dollars invested. To view the bank mortgage holding report (6.5 T) that as of June, 2008, shows a 3% default and 10% delinquent rate, go to: ... June08.pdf

I note that the economic collapse at the end of 2008 was specifically due to a forced market free fall, as derivatives were used to create and profit from the collapse. Done primarily through the offshore institutional government accounts being strategically positioned in advance via derivatives initiated and placed within the stock index, interest rates, precious metals, currency, and energy markets.

Here they aggressively shorted several of the domestic and International markets in preparation for the planned bubble bursting in the housing market. Then, as the mortgage bubble burst, these institutional government investment accounts perpetuated the collapse through the selling of physical assets held.

As trillions were lost in the market value of physical holdings, those short and strategically place long derivative positions sucked over $25 trillion of wealth out of the world population’s pockets.

They did it so fast, over the course of only two months, that it destabilized the playing field, and in consideration for just having stolen $25 trillion or more, the government rammed through a trillion here and a trillion there of “tax payer revenue” through so called bailouts to shore up defaults from the intended marks that were created. The inside players from government were stabilizing their own stealing grounds.

So what is this presentation within the article I am replying to about state run banks promoting?

ANSWER: The next step in the ability to steal massive wealth while the public is treated like 100% idiots. The Federal Reserve was created as a centralized valve for constraining or releasing dollars, whereby the economy was controlled. Wealth transfer was consistently accomplished to serve its primary investors, the various institutional investment fund of “government”.

The fact that collective governments are the primary investors with the Federal Reserve banks gives the meaning and definition of the “silence is golden” rule.

So now that the grand theft has taken place at the end of 2008, phase two goes into operation: “Cut out the middle man and hold the bags of cash yourself”.

Disengaging from the Federal Reserve that government has always kept under lock and key in government’s pocket since day one, our government proposes doing it from this point forward directly for themselves through a conglomerate of state run banks.

By exercising the blatant greed and their own tendency for theft, already firmly established within their own corporate personas, the state banks can vastly expand the ability to apply fractional reserve banking and do so up front and personal. This expands their already over- bloated wealth bases.

If done as planned, things will appear to smooth out for a few years while the balance sheet numbers massively expand within local governments. Then the final phase of grand theft will be set into play, only done now on the local government level.

When that balloon of State run fractional reserve banking bursts, you can kiss the United States goodbye. During the interim leading to such a bust there will be much money changing hands, greasing the skids of perpetuation of this phase, and the economy will appear to be recovering.

The international cartels are depending upon, promoting, and joyously awaiting the application of the state’s greed to expand their own internal empires, knowing definitively that when that bubble bursts, which I am sure they will arrange for, they can then walk in and buy or in effect steal everything at 5 cents on the dollar.

Tankers full of cash (wealth transfer) will change hands in this scenario, making the derivatives phase of theft used at the end of 2008 look like chump change.

This is the New World Order signed sealed and delivered…. The wealth of an entire nation stolen, and stolen just by dangling the carrot of greed.

It really gets me pissed when I see an article like the one I am replying to here. Through misplaced good intentions or alternative motives, such efforts butter the poisoned bread with their one-sided promotion of a brighter day for all.

I note that the article starts out with how trillions were used and not applied for the purpose intended. WRONG! The “under the sheets intent” was to shore up government institutional investments. The primary purpose was never to help the population.

The majority of the funds were used to shore up government institutional investments that the public is and was intentionally kept unaware of in the first place. Then the article shifts into the play of setting up the structure for the final grand theft to go into motion: state run banks.

Contrary to domestic governmental transparency policies, the holding grounds for the trillion dollar “International” government investments / derivative managed accounts, are not transparent at all for the public to view. But even though government off-shored investment holdings starting massive expansion in the 80’s, and 90’s many large government institutional investment accounts are still managed in the United States.

As an example, JP Morgan Chase Bank is a primary clearing house operation for government investments. Knowing that derivatives were used as the theft tool, and looking at the bank derivative holdings report going into the end of 2008, look now at the very revealing March of 2008 report: ... arch08.pdf

In this bank derivative holdings report, on page one, it notes that five commercial banks were responsible for over 97% of all bank derivative activity, and all the banks at large generated 93% of all activity totals. JP Morgan as noted 2/3rds down in the report in “TABLE 1″, it was shown that their notional derivative position was $90 trillion dollars.

How much of that position was being cleared for government institutional accounts?, For example government institutional investment funds being managed for local governments in NY, CT, MA, NJ, PA, FL, CA, IL, etc.? The lion’s share is the answer to that question.

Transparency can be forced on this issue of Government investment holdings if the public uses unified legal and regulatory action to mandate disclosure.

By no means would government voluntarily make disclosure themselves; instead, they would throw up as many road blocks as possible. Expecting the government to cooperate would be like the very fat fox helping the farmer find out who ate all of his chickens.

It would be a good idea to force a look at the same positioned holdings around the September 11, 2001 period for three months before and three months after also.

The bottom line here is: Stop being entertained by chatter and masterfully presented distraction. Focus cognitive thought on the “basic” core reality of how and who is walking away with this large percentage of wealth by orchestrated theft.

The two-checklist dates of this decade starts with September 11, 2001 and then jumps to May 15, 2008. These dates mark the start of the internationally positioned derivative market plays, that stole massive wealth from the pockets of the entire world population. We were all spoon-fed and masterfully entertained as the planned transfer of wealth took place unabated.

The North Dakota state-run bank was established in my perspective as the testing grounds used as a trial run of fractional reserve banking at the state level.

Is North Dakota having a budget crunch? No, they have created debt revenue at a guaranteed profit for themselves out of thin air, and placed it on the backs of its population. They are now the first test model in line for the next intended future bubble debt bomb that will finalize the grandest of all thefts.

How are the local governments baited into this scheme? Greed. How is the population baited? Through the 1st line buttering the bread and dangling it in front of the 2nd line of the population, all reinforced by the self-created desperation of a population masterfully directed to be eager to comply.

Government wishes to consolidate ownership into their accounts. I wish to consolidate ownership for the People’s account, the TRF, and in doing so eliminate all taxation. Ask yourself one question: Who would your great, great, grandfather be behind in this debate, giving their clarity of force and conviction to within this choice between the two opposed and polarized ventures of State run banks perpetuating government taxation or the application of the TRF designed to provide the revenue source so that government can then eliminate all taxation?

Truly yours and sent FYI from,

Walter Burien – CAFR1
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 445-3532

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