Irish Rebel Music and Videos...

We can come together here to share ideas on how we can make this idea work, where a local community on a county level produces most if not ALL of their basic needs. You can choose to do it alone, with your family or make it work for your community. We need to change our raw materials from dead-hydrocarbon sources to a living-carbohydrate sources (HEMP). You will be amazed to see how many thousands of everyday used products are made from this bountiful raw material resource.....
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Irish Rebel Music and Videos...

Post#1 » Mon Nov 12, 2007 10:30 pm

Hey Sxxxxxxxxxs, why didn't you TELL me what a goldmine of entertainment
YouTube was for us fans of Irish Rebel Music? I'd have moved up
to broadband a couple years ago! Ever since I stumbled over the
fact somehow, earlier this evening, I've been like a kid in a candy
shop. And Irish Rebel Vids! Who'da Thought?

Just like many of the people whose comments accompany these things,
I may not like all the sentiments, but I sure do get off on the
spirit! I think all gun and militaria fanciers will enjoy the
videos at some level.


Sniper's Promise

The SAM Song
with good amateur video

The Sam Song
by Irish Brigade
w/another good vid

Little Armalite

The Great Fenian Ram:

by an Irish band?


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