The Local Solution: (LS)

We can come together here to share ideas on how we can make this idea work, where a local community on a county level produces most if not ALL of their basic needs. You can choose to do it alone, with your family or make it work for your community. We need to change our raw materials from dead-hydrocarbon sources to a living-carbohydrate sources (HEMP). You will be amazed to see how many thousands of everyday used products are made from this bountiful raw material resource.....
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The Local Solution: (LS)

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The Local Solution: (LS)
Rant from the Insert

This is the Problem we have always faced as humanity.......Ephesians 6:12 ‘For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.’

Wow… what insight .. Nothing seems to have changed in the thousands of years since this was written in the Bible. Today we are just so much more caught up in the daily grind that we don’t see the spiritual aspect of this battle. Yet…. the dark side of life does encompass a real corporal body of humans … To understand this more clearly, just look at all of these different groups as the many membered body of Satan's Criminal Enterprise, otherwise known as ‘The ORDER’. Basically we will be putting names and faces to these demon helpers in this age old Spiritual battle of good vs. evil. Played out daily by these satanic groups against Gods plan and the rest of human kind.

Following are some of the leading groups, societies, think tanks, and organizations with in ‘The ORDER', that represent this demonic side of life. These would include, but are NOT limited to; the Rosicrucians, Knights Templars, Theosophists, Kabbalists, Judeo-Masons of the Scottish and York rites, Jacobins, Fabians, Illuminati, Priory of Sion, Hassasins, Daughters of the Nile, Order of the Garter, Lucis Trust, Bilderbergs, Trilateralists, Council of Foreign Relations, Skull & Bones, Scroll & Key, Rhodes Scholars’ globalist agenda, Gnostics, Mysticism, Necromancers, Remote Viewers, Kenites, Thule Society, the New PAGAN Age with the worship of Mother Gaia and its false christs of lord Maitreya, and Sai Baba, Trusts like Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford, the Club of Rome and Bohemian Grove gatherings. The list could go on & on about these greedy-evil wannabees that it is hard to keep track of them all.

9-11-01 The birth of the Global World Odor. The stench from it is already quite rancid smelling. The blue-bloods aka...the plutocratic elite, are making their end run for world domination of the earth, its people and natural resources. The Human specie is considered by these cultists of Greed to be just another resource. As per Carrol Quigley... ‘we the sheople’ are the tragedy, while our not so-benevolent masters are the worlds’ hope. Disgusting isn't it how everything we know is turned on its head....

9-11 was an artificial creation imposed on us by our wannabee masters. It was the ultimate show of shows, played and replayed over and over again ad nauseam on CNN and other controlled presstitute outlets. The Statist regimeists create events like 9-11 so they can rapidly alter our Constitutional Republican form of government, with little or no resistance, and all under the guise of the all unseen enemy of terrorism. We call it more like Scarism or really, just plain TYRANNY. Bin boogeyman, and So Dam Insane were all created by our CIA, State Department, and with a lot of help from the Israeli Mossad. The Patriot act and the other Rights infringing bills the Congress-critters recently passed were written years before in elitist think tanks. They have been patiently waiting for the right managed crisis to exploit. 9-11, our generations’ Pearl Harbor... their words not mine.

As most of us sleep walk through this life, the BEAST system has created a womb to tomb matrix for us to subsist in. Collectivism, Progressivism, and Globalism are its creed, and their paid for whores (many of our politicians, judges, teachers, religious and corporate leaders) conspire to deprive the common man of his God given Rights. The concepts of Individuality, Nationhood, and Freedom must die. These 2 disparate ways of thinking are incompatible with one another. At this juncture of history one of these thought processes will have to die out, permanently. Freedom vs. Tyranny. Life vs. Death. Good vs. Evil. Father YHVH's love vs. lucifer's-vampirical way of HATE and death. Carbohydrate based-HEMP made Natural products vs. hydrocarbon based-petrochemical manmade products. Farmers vs. Agricorp business'. Competitive-black market/farmers market capitalism vs. internationally owned corporate monopolistic distribution networks. Independence vs. Dependency and Interdependency. Homeopathic/Naturopathic vs. medical death cartels of AMA, DEA, FDA, NIH, CDC etc... I could go on, but you are beginning to see the picture clearly.

Don't begin to kid yourself that you are free in ANY way.... The only freedom you have today that the Statists grant you permission for, are the Rights to kill yourself, or your unborn child. Mainly because these premature deaths go along well with their population control agenda. (See the ECD portion of this disc about the GuideStones) Freedom isn’t free if for example, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO SELF MEDICATE YOURSELF. Or choose an alternate medical therapy treatment that isn't government approved. Every one of our God given Rights have been abrogated by illegal laws and statutes, imposed on us by the current criminal political cabals posing as quasi-legitimate governent officials. There is NO party of, for and by the people. The Red and Blue turd political mafias are working tirelessly for the 'Cult of Greed' and their snake seed-line tribes.

We are living in the last days for those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Wake up... Wake out of the drugged up and dumbed down state of existence we are being programmed daily to live in. Remember, they don't call it television programming for nothing. Get off the SOMA and get back into the game of life. We have allowed the criminally insane to take over the insane asylum this planet has devolved down to.

Our satanically inspired and sired masters are getting ready for a huge bloody sacrificial massacre, of 'we the sheople'. A radical depopulation effort thru War, vaccinations, starvation, euthanasia, abortion, promotion of homosexuality lifestyle (since most gay people don't breed), and man made created diseases made in Bio-weapon labs like the one at Ft Deitrich, MD. These freaks are just getting going with all kinds of population killing germs and schemes. A SARS created epidemic or diseases like it; AIDS, Ebola, Hanta, Marburg, re-engineered Small Pox, flesh eating bacteria, etc... will be used as an excuse to relocate us to camps. ‘For the good of the children...’ Camps, that have already been built and are just waiting for us to fill and die in.

We have been systematically setup for EXTERMINATION. We can still STOP IT. All it would take is for everyone to wake up from the Matrix induced Soma dream state we live in for 15 minutes... that's it, just 15 minutes. The Matrix/Echelon/Carnivore/TIA is always watching us, listening to us, always ready to pound down the next nail that stands taller then any other one.

With all the deceit and lies that portray themselves as the truth, you must start to QUESTION EVERYTHING you read, see and hear. Even this piece you are reading is biased... Look up any of the names, places, and people mentioned here, on a good search engine. Investigate the TRUTH for your self. Dont trust this man or any other man... Do your own homework. Know this....the ONLY thing that is keeping us free, is that we are still armed to the teeth. Believe me, there isn’t any other reason then that. Our fore-fathers were wise enough to know that when the federalist-thugs come for our guns, it will be time to reset the clock of tyranny. It will come in our life time. I just want it over with while I am still young enough to enjoy the freedom that is coming..

In the new way....Individualism/Eaglelism will NOT be tolerated. You will be made to conform. You will be told... DO NOT THINK OUT SIDE THE BOX. They will say....'you sheople paid us in blood/sweat/tears and $$taxes to build this humanist-socialist HELL around you , now live in it and shut the f-up...'

Just look at the name of one of our wannabe masters.... the Illuminati.... to be illuminated is to be initiated into what is called Luciferianism These illuminated-greedy-powerful-spoiled rotten as children, POS, have never known what real love is. Love calls for sacrifices, that are usually at the most inconvenient of times. The word LOVE is NOT wired into their programming. What is programmed is to have a predatory-parasitical approach in life. As a still free people, we must unite and act NOW, with what little time we still have left. We need to round up these criminals, these cartel-families of greed. The trials at Nuremberg have shown us the way. WE need to arrest them, try them before a REAL jury of their peers, and if found guilty, execute them off the face of the earth, to save the earth from the cancer they breed. WE DO NOT HAVE MUCH TIME.

The mentality and conduct of greedy-parasitism needs to be looked upon with utter contempt and disdain by all of us. It needs to be seen as a mental disease that needs to be treated if possible or eradicated before it is allowed to infect others. Life is hard enough with out having these wolves/vipers having free reign to run roughshod over the flock of sheep with out any consequences. A good shepherd makes sure his flock is safe and well cared for. We as humanity do have HOPE. Father/Yah/YHVH has instructed us, that we have the healing code to right all these wrongs. But do we have the strength, fortitude, and humility to do so. The answer is so simple, so loving. But can we let go of self-pride to actualize it.What Father declares, is that if we humble ourselves and pray for forgiveness, He will heal our lands and be our God. That's it. That's all it would take, to make heaven on Earth possible. Where brother loves brother and everyone shares in Fathers love. If not stopped, The NWO will create a Tyranny of ONE over the many. Where you can have any color you want as long as it is black.

What part of this freedom rant is about, is to start planting some of these love-seed ideas, to make your own world a better place. Ideas that will free mankind of their serfdom on the corporate-global plantation. Ideas to help, to teach humanity, to thrive with love and prosperity, and to forever put away those that propagate death, misery, and greed. For humanity to survive and thrive we must destroy/annihilate the control that the greed cartels monopolistic distribution systems have over every basic need we human folk need. Man thrives when we are all part of Gods’ economic pie. Costs come down appreciably when there are many producers of these basic needs. Where we are headed now is for all corporations to become ONE giant all-purpose Mega-company like Wally World Mart. In the Global World Order there will be no competition, and resistance is futile..... or so 'they' say.

To free our selves from these Corporate Global monopolies, we need a new matrix, a new paradigm than the one we are currently living in. We call it "The Local Solution". Otherwise known as the..."Think Local, Fuck Global" attitude. Globalism is for the Corporate parasites that have no allegiance to any God, country or family and destroy the nation state.Treaties like GATT and NAFTA and organizations like the World Trade Organization have been responisible for devastating the manufacturing and producing capabilities of America. We now employ logai-imprisoned Chinese slaves abroad, pennies on the dollar to make most of our basic needs, while in turn giving them the cash to build up their military forces to be yet another future made adversary. It’s time we took care of the home team first. And, that's where LS comes into the picture.

It’s how we, as a people on a county level size, create 99% or more of our daily basic needs. We will have good jobs to go to, have a cleaner environment to live in and play, a more stable and loving community, and a stronger infrastructure both as a state and as a nation. What we need first is the ability to create our own natural resources, which we will use to make all the other products our lives need.

Yes, I said most, if not All of our needs. Why a county first off?? In terms of dynamics, logistics and resources; a state is too big and a township too small. The people living in the county should be able to walk, run or ride to work, school, and/or the store easily. The other key factor needed for the LS is FARMLAND. Farmland to grow the basic natural resource HEMP. Which will provide an abundant source of raw materials. Yes.... I said it... HEMP. HEMP is the one plant on this earth that can be the basis for most of what we need and use. From food, to fuel, to fiber, and everything else imaginable. i.e.... paper, plastic, building materials etc.... HEMP is a carbohydrate-based natural resource we the people can grow. It competes against every one the dead-hydrocarbon based monopolies, now in control and killing this world i.e..... oil, fuel, chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, unnatural fibers like nylon, polyester, kevlar, etc.

HEMP was outlawed early in the 20th century, so the young but growing industries of the … ‘global-military-medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel, could come to fruition. Cartels DO NOT like competition. A HEMP based economy would be a HUGE threat to their existence. Having no legal ability to grow and sell this important crop, the family farm has been denied tremendous amounts of funds that this cash crop could have provided over the years. It would have made the farmers enough money, so that many of the family farms would not have had to have gone into bankruptcy... These illegal and UnConstitutional laws have severely limited ‘we the peoples’ ability to compete against these monopolies. It all comes down to money and WHO gets to make it. The War on Drugs has. been used as a War on your Rights. HEMP was the intended casualty in this monopoly war of Hydro Carbon vs Carbohydrate. The insanity will continue as long as we allow these parasitic corporations to make our laws. Anyone who disagrees with this current policy and acts on his Rights as a free American is deemed a criminal and locked up. Our incarceration keeps drug prices artificially high, and we have no access to this planet saving plant.

America grew strong early on in our history, because at one time, we had these thriving family owned-farming communities. Not like today with the big Agricorp businesses and their partners in crime... the bankers, have been swallowing up the farmland. Creating a need for cheap illegal immigrant workers, and creating large swine/poultry farms that pollute the local environment with their waste stram. Farming as it was never meant to be. Independant farms from small to large that once dotted the American landscapewhile have been put out of business. This is a sad but growing trend... legalizing HEMP can change this dynamic over night.

Farms grow the natural resources that enable a local community the ability to make most if not ALL of their communities needs and wants. Technology has vastly improved and increased the potential of what a farm can grow and make. Just one "God made for man" natural resource, HEMP, can free man of his corporation-induced slavery. HEMP has 10s of thousands of uses and products that can be made of it. Most know its use for rope and cloth for sails, but how about canvas for jeans that don't wear out, HEMP that can clothe us to any level of comfort we are accustomed to from soft to coarse material, and paper that lasts forever, like our original Constitution was written on.

Remember this life/planet saving expression.... "what ever you can make out of a hydrocarbon (oil), you can make out of a carbohydrate (HEMP)". It’s basic Organic Chemistry. HEMP was put on this earth by God for mans use. It IS a huge cash crop for farmers. Hemp planted, replenishes the ground around it with much needed nutrients. It replaces the need to deforest for the sake of making paper. 4 times the amount of HEMP paper can be grown in the same space and time required to grow trees slated for paper products. Leave the forests for the lumber jacks and lumber mills that are being closed down all over America. HEMP can be turned into both a bio-gas and diesel fuel. If grown on only 6% of the arable land, we could free ourselves from OPEC and the rest of the global oil barons. NO MORE WARS FOR OIL.... Hey we can dream cant we... HEMP to fuel is the most beautiful recycling program we could ever have. Whatever CO2 is needed for the plant to grow will be burnt off by the cars emission, only to be used again by the next generation of plants.

God put all seed bearing plants on this earth for our USE. GEN 1:29 HEMP is Gods’ blessing to humanity to free itself of the self-imposed slavery. Some day soon, each county will grow itself free of the Monopolistic-Greedy Distribution systems we have become so overly dependent on. The sooner we come to this realization, the sooner the BEAST Matrix will dissolve away. 90% of the fear is all hype anyway... Heaven to me is when we are no longer fear driven because we have prepared and provided for our needs. The extra we produce we trade and barter with our neighbors, other counties, states and nations. As each county grows strong, then the state itself will be strong and so will our nation.

What we have now is a bankrupt local government as well as a bankrupt state and federal government. Disaster wating to happen in triplicate. When a crisis hits, the whole state/nation suffers and goes down instead of only the effected region. While a HEMP based society plays the key role in the LS, other ideas focused on helping the local community must emerge. One of them is creating local County Credit Unions. Credit Unions are more attentive to their member needs then today's banks in every way. The money will stay in the county where it was created. Today, all banks take out much of the liquidity from the local money supply. The county credit union will provide low low low interest rate loans to the people already living in the community as well as new people moving into the county. If you want to start a business in the county, the local CCU will be there to help out with that as well.

Other ideas that will help commerce ....Tariffs and Excise taxes will be the norm between states and other nations. It helps to equalize the labor costs of each area. Free trade is a lie that only benefits the global parasites that push for these treaties. How many Union friends have lost their good paying jobs because of NAFTA/GATT/WTO. Taxes will be generated by commerce only. A flat rate of 10% sales tax will be mandated across the board for every state. Of the 10 cents of every dollar... 6 cents will stay in the county, 3 cents will go to the state and only 1 cent will go to the federal government.

No more property taxes will be needed. All property owners will be granted alloidal titles to the dirt they own. Schools, Cities, and Counties will have enough monies generated and kept from the sales tax to cover all their operating expenses. What that does is keep 90% of tax monies collected for the states in which the money was generated in. It will force the feds to become fiscally responsible with the money we send them. A reduction in tax monies will force the feds to only provide for programs and agencies that are Constitutionally mandated. It will end the funding of all of the little Socialist bureaucracies they have been created to keep control over us. Like the FBI, CIA, DIA, NSA, ATF, HUD, FDA, FCC, DEA, NRO, TIA, TSA, NTSB etc....

We also need to free all the non violent drug users from jail. Immediately. It will save us Billions of dollars over night. No Constitutional amendment was ever passed to deny us of our right to medicate ourselves as WE choose. The so called drugs-users are taking up expensive jail space that should be reserved for real Rights violators like rapists, murderers and thieves which come in all races and collars. As mentioned before,The Drug War is a Rights War. Period. The illicit profits fund alphabet government agencies’ black budgets that are used to further erode our Rights. Legalize today and be a freer American tonight.

In the LS community, a local health co-op should be given space to operate out of where folks can come to learn about nutrition. Our ignorance in this area leads to many unnecessary degenerative diseases in our lives. We can do preventative health maintenance by learning a little about the nutrients, minerals, vitamins, enzymes our body needs and how they all work together. A healthy nation is a strong nation. A little learning goes a long way. Chiropractors, massage therapists and other homeopathic practitioners should be encouraged. Nothing beats the stress out of your life than a good full body massage. Remember, stress is a killer.

And if we, as a society, truly want to help those addicted to drugs like cigarettes, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, meth, and prescription drugs then we should push for treatment at these health co-op centers for the use of Ibogaine to break cyclical addiction. Go to for the latest information on this life altering treatment for those highly addicted. Sorry, at this time we can’t help out the sports junkies or nintendo heads with this medicine.... In the LS, we will emphasize the local pizza shop or similar business over the national chain. The national franchise will have to pay what amounts to a local tariff of 5-15% on goods sold to have the permission to sell its wares in the county. Isn't everyone so sick of seeing the same franchise crap everywhere. I like it when people personalize their business in their own special way. No 2-pizza shops have the same tasting sauce, bread, cheese, or even look the same... Now that's cool. Always emphasize the local over the national, national over the international.These suggestions are by no means all the answers to our problems, but a little step in a better direction. Independance, Individuality is the CORE of what makes up an American, or at least thats how we started.... I look forward to the day it is that way again. Reliance on Government creates DEPENDENCY.

We want to use our web site and our forum boards as a place where like-minded freedom loving people can come together to provide each other with helpful tips on how we can easily improve our lives. A placewhere we can educate one another on what is really going on in the world, and to help each other out in realizing each of our dreams. The LS will continue to expand daily and yearly. Let it be a blue print for love. The LS is to be a seedling in the way humanity can live in a more peaceful and loving environment in which to raise our families, and come together to worship Father with the Love He so craves from us. He gave us freedom, so we could all grow up to be the unique freaks we are meant to be. Each of us with our own unique experiences of love. I tell my friends and family that Father jacks into my vein of Love every morning because he likes the salty flavor of my LOVE for Him. That is why we are here. For His pleasure. Thank Yah everyday for the breathe of life you have, that you are conscious of your existence, and that He chose You, your Soul, and your Spirit to exist so he could savor your unique flavor of LOVE for him. It’s really that simple. Peace and love for everyone that reads this and passes it on.

PT 2003

SOMA - what ever drug you induce to drug up and drop out of consciousness (thinking/reasoning).. For most it is beer and sports; for others it could be white sugar, white flour; for others it could be heroin or cocaine. for others it might be reading fictional fantasies. most don't want to hear the truth... the truth cuts both ways. the truth makes you have to work to correct the wrongs... truth makes you care... not good for the folks that are too self centered and care-less for anything else other then their happy dream state they create around themselves; to protect them from hearing the truth and acting....

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Post#2 » Sat Aug 20, 2005 6:24 pm

Thank you for posting this here. I received the "Made in America" CD today and noticed the rant, but the type is so small that I had a very hard time reading it with my middle-aged eyes. Here on the computer, I can make it as big as I want.

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Post#3 » Sat Aug 20, 2005 8:49 pm

Hows the music and the interactive portion nopw that you have had some time with MIA.
Let us know.

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Love the music. Nice to have full CD quality instead of just MP3. I've been blasting it in my car today. Just looked at the interactive CD. Lots of content there, including the entire Anti-federalist papers. I think I've found most of it, but haven't read everything. If I had a floppy, I'd play with Subrosa. And, of course, , a nice version of the liner rant.

Looking forward to catching you guys live. And album #5!


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definetly check out SUBROSA

Post#5 » Sun Aug 21, 2005 9:39 pm

Just another tool to use when you might need it most.

As for the Anti-federalist papers, we only put 14 of the 84 that we know of, but had someone very familiar with them, choose the best 14.

Most know about the Federalist papers... funny how those are the ones pushed in the indoctrination centers, but few even know that the anti Anti-federalist papers even exist let alone have had the time to read the brilliance of the anti-federal crowd, they knew would grows into the beast we now have today.

Enjoy, and thanks

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heres a great idea... Industrial Hemp Villages!

Post#6 » Mon Dec 12, 2005 6:21 pm

From: Miehi Family []
Sent: Wednesday, December 07, 2005 9:13 AM
Subject: Industrial Hemp Villages!


This is what mom submitted. Have fun!


The Agricultural/Energy/Economic/Weather/Military Base Closures Crisis

has resulted in thousands of homeless and jobless.

Solution: Industrial Hemp Villages!

"The greatest service which can be rendered to any country

is to add a useful plant to her Culture."-Thomas Jefferson

Convert closed military bases into Industrial Hemp Villages

(the sword into plowshare concept).

Relocate the homeless/jobless disaster victims to these preexisting

cities located in all 50 states.

Make Hemp the cities' primary industry.

Hemp Villages will reverse the homeless, jobless and agricultural

crisis in America by creating a multidimensional economic market.

Hemp is the world's most valuable and versatile natural resource

capable of reversing Global Warming.

Hemp detoxifies and rejuvenates nutrient depleted fields.

Hemp can be harvested with conventional farm equipment.

Hemp's exceptional tensile strength, flexibility and durability has

resulted in 5000 products.

Dioxin contaminated rivers eliminated by using the hemp paper-making


Using Hemp paper lowers the demand for lumber thus reducing building


As the world's primary Biomass producer, pyrolysis of hemp produces

charcoal, fuel oil, gas and methanol.
- Georgia Miehi -

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