Need help! Bioregionalism

We can come together here to share ideas on how we can make this idea work, where a local community on a county level produces most if not ALL of their basic needs. You can choose to do it alone, with your family or make it work for your community. We need to change our raw materials from dead-hydrocarbon sources to a living-carbohydrate sources (HEMP). You will be amazed to see how many thousands of everyday used products are made from this bountiful raw material resource.....
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Need help! Bioregionalism

Post#1 » Wed Apr 16, 2003 6:21 pm


Ok, I went back to school this year (boy am I fool sometimes! LOL) and decided to finsih up a degree (education most likely). Anyway, I am taking a writing class now and we have a research paper we have to do. I know a bit about GE seeds, but had to narrow it down. I narrowed it to t his topic: Bio-regionalism and how indigenous (meaning native to the community) people and plants are affected by GE's. And I need some help! Any one out there have friends that are into starting a bioregional community (not the new agey kind mind you, unless they have some really good tips)? How about your ideas on establishing such a cummunity?

Thank you in advance! :D
God bless!

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