Lights Out

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Lights Out

Post#1 » Sat Jun 23, 2007 1:35 pm

If you liked Unintended Consequences you're gonna like this one, too. Mayhem printed it out and I bound it and Karen read it in 3 days and loved it. The hero is more believable and not filthy rich like HB. After 3 years of urging she has started UC and is eating it up as well. hangman

This attachment is one page burning story. It will take you a while to read it on-screen. It is 617 pages long so printing it is your option.

Premise of the story, what will happen when TSHTF. Don't dismiss is as just another story, it has MUCH value and suggestions on what we should be doing to prepare. The human aspects are 'real life like'.

Enjoy, and comment over at the Cafe if you have any.

Notes: The book is a attached file (LightsOut.pdf). You will need 'Adobe Reader' to read it. (most people have it already) You can save it by 'right clicking' >'save file as' on the link and put it into any folder you wish. (My Documents is a suggestion) . Problems? email me....


Here is the link to the original (.pdf) file.

Trust me, you will not regret reading it.


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Post#2 » Wed Aug 22, 2007 6:45 pm

Karen ripped through UC in about a week and liked it very much. There is another one, a short story titled "Bug Out" with a little different ending and it's fairly short. Did the boys in the band read "Lights Out" yet? It's a good story.

Did you enjoy "Lights Out"? Well here is a short story by the same author. .....AE

"The Bug Out"

The Bug Out.pdf (128.41 KB - downloaded 3 times.)

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