5 Day BOB list for Sheeple

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5 Day BOB list for Sheeple

Post#1 » Thu Sep 22, 2005 2:47 am

5 Day Bug Out Bag

Every person in your household should have a BOB (Bug Out Bag) ready to grab and run with. Having these already assembled and ready to go will save you much needed time during any emergency that would require you to quickly leave the area. In a serious emergency, it may be several days before you could return to your home, so plan on a minimum of 5 days that you must be self sufficient.

Small backpacks are quite handy for a BOB, but you can also assemble your BOBs in 5 gallon buckets, suitcases or any container that will allow you to grab and go.

For each person in your household, have these items:

• Complete change of clothing, including shoes, socks and underwear
• Some sort of raingear (poncho, raincoat, etc…)
• Battery powered flashlight w/ extra batteries
• Battery powered AM/FM Radio w/ extra batteries
• BIC Lighters (exclude from children’s kits)
• 35mm film canister with cotton balls soaked in Vaseline (for fire starting)
• A MINIMUM of one gallon of water per person/per day (small bottles pack easier)
• Food that can be eaten as is (needs no cooking or preparation) such as Power Bars, etc…
• Small knife/multitool such as a Gerber or Leatherman
• Knife, fork, spoon, a cup to drink out of and a hand powered can opener
• Small waterproof bag with copies of your important papers (Drivers License, SSN, Insurance, bank account numbers, credit card numbers and photos of your family, etc…)
• Small bag with money (small bills – 1’s, 5’s, 10’s & 20’s, and some change for pay phones)
• Folding maps of your state and a compass
• Small (8’x10’) roll of plastic sheeting
• 50’ of cord
• Toilet Paper
• Extra Glasses and 30 days worth of any medications you need

For each Family Unit, have the following items ready to grab:

• 5 gallon jugs of extra water
• Non-perishable foods (canned goods, etc…)
• A Tent large enough for the whole family
• 2 Large Tarps
• 100’ of rope
• Folding Chairs for each family member
• Cooking Pots and Pans
• Cooking Utensils (large spoons, knives, fork, tongs, etc…)
• Two 5 gallon buckets, a Toilet Plunger, clothes pins and laundry detergent (for doing laundry)
• Folding Table
• Lantern w/ fuel and extra mantles
• Camp stove w/ fuel
• Porta-Potti w/ chemicals and Toilet Paper
• First Aid Kit
• Roll of Duct Tape

++Blankets, sleeping bags, contractor's plastic bags

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