NBC (Nuclear, Chemical, Biological) Protection?

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NBC (Nuclear, Chemical, Biological) Protection?

Post#1 » Mon Feb 24, 2003 1:27 pm

If anyone has a question regarding NBC (sometimes called CBW, for Chemical and Biological Warfare), I will be happy to answer the best I can.
Let me know.


Post#2 » Mon Feb 24, 2003 7:46 pm

thanks and yah ... how do i properly tell the DUCT TAPE crowd that chem/biowar countermeasures are not what CNN says....?

Maybe an FAQ i can point them to? If you post one, i will make it a forum sticky right at the top.

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Where to begin....?

Post#3 » Wed Feb 26, 2003 3:05 am

Okay, I'm doing this late at night, in a little bit of a hurry, and without my archives, but here goes:

1) First of all, your typical member of the duct tape crowd has been suckered in by the popular media which are a) controlled (yeah, we know that, too...) and b) are full of scarcely concealed glee over having something as horrifying and sensationalistic as NBC/CBW warfare to bolster their ratings. Exactly what they plan to do with plastic sheets and duct tape is beyond me, but I have had the advantage of being saturated with this stuff for a while. Hopefully, they don't just plan to cover the windows in their homes and go on fom there-it won't work. They are still going to have to breathe and drink.

I need to bring up a significant point here, but this should not be by any means the only deciding factor in one's preparedness plan. It is a fact that the most formidable aspect of NBC/CBW weapons is their value as a psychological value as a weapon of threat. The mere possibility that such weapons might be used is frequently enough to achieve significant strategic advantages on the battlefield. That being said, remember that Saddam has used this shit on his own countrymen, IN his own country- if he hands it out to some terrorists who get it into the U.S., the consequences could be very bad indeed.

The key to adequate protection against NBC/CBW agents is twofold: 1)posession of proper protective equipment and 2) knowledge of NBC/CBW agents and how to protect oneself against them, including decontamination
procedures. Proper protective equipment includes the NBC suit (including gloves and boots), the respirator (full-face gas mask), personal decon kit, prophylactic medications (Diazepam), counteracting meds (Adrenalin), and items such as a mask-compatible drink bottle (those are the canteens with the rubber grommet in the cap and the plastic flap that covers up the grommet). Another thing, keep in mind that all this stuff, along with a full load of gear, is heavy, constricting, and uncomfortable, and severely limits your ability to fight effectively, if it comes to that. Youdo NOT want to be hanging around if you have to use this stuff- get it on and get out of Dodge.

For the knowledge portion of this, I don't have a website you can go to right now, but hey, there's always Google if you're industrious, and if you want to go another step, your local surplus store will probably have DECLASSIFIED FM's (Field Manuals) that are broken down into this stuff- they are very easy to read.

Well, I'll have more tomorrow.

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