Email From a Cop

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Email From a Cop

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Crime doesn't pay, huh?

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Saturday, November 26, 2011
Email From a Cop

In response to my HuffPost piece:

I just read your article on the young lady who was battered in Chicago and had her case ignored, only to later have her house raided during a drug bust. I am a high ranking police officer who has worked in the Chicago area for the past 15 years. I have worked with the DEA at the federal level and at the state level, and I also teach criminal justice at Loyola University. Let me just say that you have barely scratched the surface with how wasteful and destructive the American drug policy has been to our society. While I do not agree that police conspire to ignore violent crimes, the sad fact is that violent crime detectives do not have nearly the resources that are available to narcotics agents. It is insanity and law enforcement and society are too brainwashed to see the truth. I also blame the “community activists” who shamelessly put themselves ahead of their supposed constituent’s needs. Whatever gets them headlines, and what better way than to stand next to a shooting scene and scream about how police ignore their neighborhoods. The media is as much to blame because they do not seek truth, but rather inflated drama. All this leads to our useless politicians enacting irrational and meaningless laws that have the exact opposite consequences they were seeking.
Just a few of my thoughts. Stay on this topic, it’s worth exposing.

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