Mexico's drug cartel moves to US

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Mexico's drug cartel moves to US

Post#1 » Mon Aug 04, 2008 12:45 am

Just legalize ALL drugs and defund these fucking gangster parasites.

MEXICO CITY - Powerful Mexican cartels have assumed control of drug distribution networks throughout the United States, sparking worry from US law enforcement and analysts that they may export the same violent methods that have ravaged Mexico for years.

US federal officials say the Mexican cartels operate in dozens of US cities, and analysts say they are moving to consolidate their control of the entire supply chain of illegal drugs.

In the Atlanta area, Mexican trafficking organizations control the lucrative methamphetamine trade, as the arrival of purer Mexican ice methamphetamine has supplanted local powder meth production, according to the US Department of Justice.

Nationwide, the Mexican cartels "are the dominant distributors of wholesale quantities of cocaine in the United States, and no other group is positioned to challenge them in the near term," according to the department's 2008 National Drug Threat Assessment.

"Their idea is to control the whole economic process of production and distribution," said Georgina Sanchez, an independent security consultant in Mexico and executive director of a public safety policy institute.

But while analysts say that the cartels' incursions into the United States could spur more secondary crimes, such as kidnapping, most believe that the bloody battles for territory will continue to be fought in Mexico and not in the United States.

While in some areas of the United States the cartels have entered into partnerships with local gangs, in others they have directly assumed control of local drug distribution, analysts say.

The Zetas, former Mexican soldiers who have become the armed wing of the Gulf Cartel, have been linked to killings along the Texas side of the border and as far north as Dallas, according to court records and press accounts. The Sinaloa Cartel has been linked to the local Houston drug trade. And in Phoenix, suspected Mexican traffickers dressed as the Phoenix Police SWAT team recently attacked a home with high caliber weapons.

"The violence in [American] cities has a direct cause and effect related to what is taking place in Mexico," said Fred Burton, vice president for counterterrorism at Stratfor, an Austin-based private intelligence company.

"The farther north you go from the border, the less that is understood," said Burton, who is a member of the Texas Border Security Council, which focuses on homeland security and economic development along the Texas-Mexico border.

The biggest worry for local law enforcement groups is that the cartels will bring with them violent methods honed during furious cartel wars in Mexico that have left about 5,000 dead since 2006. In recent years, Mexican drug violence has reached new heights, with beheadings, videotaped executions broadcast on the Internet, and the targeting of top Mexican officials.

Drug violence associated with the cartels, although on a vastly smaller scale, has begun to emerge in the Atlanta area. Gwinnett County has seen about nine drug-related kidnappings this year, including a man who was bound and chained in a basement in the town of Lilburn ... n_us_soil/

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