Oregon House Passes Anti-Meth Bill That Requires Prescriptio

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Oregon House Passes Anti-Meth Bill That Requires Prescriptio

Post#1 » Sat Jul 23, 2005 5:25 pm

Just legalize ALL THE F-ING DRUGS.
This shit is OUT of Control

These mother fuckers demanded that I get a perscription for contact lenses. Contact lenses, even though my perscription hasnt changed, but since last year, I have to pay da man $$ to get a new once a year script to get my next batch of contacts. WTF???


Oregon House Passes Anti-Meth Bill That Requires Prescriptions for Cold Medicine
Jul 21, 2005
The state House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a bill that would make Oregon the first state to require a prescription for certain cold medicines, the latest attempt to curb methamphetamine production.
Pseudoephedrine, an ingredient in popular over-the counter medicines such as Sudafed and Sinutab, is used to make meth, an illegal and powerfully addictive drug.

The bill was sent to the Senate on a 55-4 vote. Advocates said they expect the measure to pass in the Senate, and it has the support of Gov. Ted Kulongoski.

Opponents of the bill complained that it was too radical and that the public will not support the additional restrictions.

"I don't know that I'm willing to punish the many for the sins of the few," said Republican Rep. Tom Butler.

Oregon, like several other states, already restricts the sale of pseudoephedrine tablets to pharmacies and requires that the medications be kept behind the counter. Customers must also show identification.

But state Rep. Greg Macpherson, a Democrat, said he joined three other legislators Monday to shop for cold medicines and easily bought enough in an hour to make drugs that would supply four meth users for several weeks.

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