The Global Corporatization of ‘The War On Drugs’

Horror stories of Police State abuse,Incarcerated Americans, UnConstitutional Drug laws infringing on millions of Americans Rights, Action to overturn illegal laws and statutes
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The Global Corporatization of ‘The War On Drugs’

Post#1 » Mon May 30, 2005 9:08 pm

The Global Corporatization of ‘The War On Drugs’
Synopsis: This ever-growing ‘The War On Drugs’ gets harder to understand with each p
Source: Unslaver Daily
Published: May 30, 2005 Author: Original Unslaver News
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This ever-growing Global Corporatization of ‘The War On Drugs’ gets harder to understand with each passing year.

Society is spoon fed the ‘dirt on drugs’ routinely – the nightly news, the daily papers, the hard copy sent by the Federal Government to the parents. The reality is slightly different.

After a twenty-five year exploration into the world of drugs, I can tell you now that the ‘War On Drugs’ is a global rort, sponsored by, supported by and cheerlead by ‘System and Co’ – the Multinational Criminal Cartels that rule – our Federal Governments.

The author is the first one to openly say that some people abuse drugs. It’s a given. It doesn’t need any further proof than to look openly in the community and see the devastation illicit drugs can wreck on an individual and the family. People who take drugs take risks, do stupid things and sometimes end up dead. So do people who drink to excess. So do people who suffer a mental illness and blow away a dozen innocent people before departing the planet. They also doctor shop their way into an accidental overdose.

The problem with drugs is not the drugs – not the addicts but Society. Society has been brainwashed into being useless, fearful and therefore, powerless. Over the course of a century or so, the western world have been bombarded with the ‘Bad Side of Drugs’ and denied any real information about the ‘Good Side of Some Drugs.’

Here’s some observational data drawn from two and a half decades of being around the ‘Drug Industry’:

a. a. The majority of dealers do not drive fancy cars, live in fancy homes or put their families into ongoing highly organized cartels. They do not carry concealed weapons, they live in perpetual fear and they usually make ‘pin money’ because they toke the profits for their own use.
b. b. The majority of dealers do not participate in violent activities. That’s the users and the suppliers generally. While most dealers do attempt to avoid ‘tick’ – most people can generate a credit line through a dealer that gets to know they’re ‘good for it come pay day’ more easily than getting credit at a bank.
c. c. The majority of dealers exist and you – the Average Joe is completely unaware of what they are doing.

The next common justification for the War On Drugs is - it harms the community (in sometimes specific fashions).

Let’s explore that:

a. Poverty is proven to lead to out of control drug use.
b. Lack of opportunity often leads to ‘backyard dealers’ coming into their own business of sorts.
c. Even the best families turn out addicts – like all addictive personalities, all it takes is the taste of the ‘right incentive’ and nothing will stop that until they take control of their addiction themselves – cry about it all you like, you get nowhere fast with an addict that likes it.
d. Throughout history, mankind has been addicted to ‘something fashionable’ or – being flayed out of it by System sponsored moral censorship (see: prohibition era)

The majority of pub brawls start because the individuals are drunk and unruly. The majority of cannabis parties result in the participants being too ‘lazy’ and ‘happily content contemplating their navels’ to be bothered starting a riot with some peers. Generally the biggest thing at risk is the contents of the pantry or cool box, or the local corner shops supply of ‘munchies’.

Schizophrenics are alleged to suffer episodes when using cannabis, and yet, the mental wards smell of tobacco when you enter them? English studies indicate that up to 75% of all Schizophrenic people suffer from tobacco allergies – cannabis has not been fully studied without the added input of mental health drugs, and the full exclusion of tobacco, a highly addictive substance, often laced with ‘addictive chemicals’ to encourage a smoker to crave more.

Before any individual can judge the validity of driving while under the influence of cannabis, perhaps they should try the pastime themselves. Studies are showing that the cannabis user, unlike the alcohol consumer, is well aware that they are under the influence, and adjust their driving habits to incorporate that with caution.
The Media has its own personal and professional responsibility to report accurate details but too often leave the story of the fatal accident swinging with the single comment – the driver was under the influence of recreational drugs.

Which drugs? Cannabis? LSD? Heroin? Coke? Mets? Speed? Which drug was the driver under the influence of? A prescription drug, perhaps?

The next biggest delusion Society suffers is the belief that the Government is saving them from the dreaded dealers in the neighbourhood. Look around you folks – take a long hard, open look at everyone you know then state without a doubt that you KNOW those people do not smoke pot!

I dare you. I dare you to state that no dealers live in your neighbourhood. I dare you to state that the System has got it right in spending increasingly large amounts of money chasing down the backyard dealers and the dime bag smokers.

It’s a big, fat, money-grabbing lie!

Here’s some facts based on the collective evidence gathered in the last 25 years of careful observation of the overall industry:

a. I’ve never met a dealer that can’t incriminate at least one individual elected by the people to represent the area solely based on their clientele list.
b. I’ve never met a dealer that doesn’t deal to at least one ‘medical professional – pick a genre’.
c. I’ve never met a dealer that doesn’t deal to, or know who does to at least one local law enforcement officer on the side.
d. I’ve never met a dealer that doesn’t view raids and seizures, arrests and court hearings, and fines as anything short of a backdoor tax.
e. I’ve never met a committed dealer that learns anything ‘positive’ from a court hearing and fine/small jail term. Nine out of ten of them have the next shipment on its way as they plead it out to the Judge, shell out the fine money and go home pissed off.
f. I’ve never met a nark that thinks the system works, but hell man, it’s a job until they retire after twenty five years of trying to change the Systems methods to something that might work even slightly.
g. I’ve never met a counsellor that thinks the rehab system is effective – but again, it’s a steady job with some perks.

Think about it. Do the math. The average backyard dealer will push through approximately one pound of pot a week on average. This supplies them with pin money, their own stash to smoke and minimises their risk factor by staying under the police/feds radar.

16 Ounces to the pound @ an average of $100 clear profit on the ounce @ $300 per ounce wholesale, at the end of the day per ounce. $1600 cold hard cash profit in the dealers hand at the end of the week.

Far more if they do not simply sell it by the ounce.

9-12 x $50 bags = $450 – 600 gross return = $150-300 return on the ounce. The drier the community, the smaller the bag, the bigger the profits! Supply and demand, just like any well oiled business!

But assuming that each week that single dealer is pulling in $1600 profit –

52 X $1600 = $83200 per annum, cash.

Plus any welfare check they are entitled to – and in many instances, a full time job that keeps the IRS from asking how they live day to day too closely.

Why would the average dealer go to work if not to avoid the radar? Most people could live comfortably on that type of annual income, particularly given the social life that they ‘enjoy’ in earning it – they are their own bosses for instance. They can have coffee, in the ‘office’, with their ‘clients’ and; talk ‘gossip’ at the same time.

The War On Drugs is not about stopping people using drugs, it’s about cleaning out the ‘tax cheats’ who aren’t approved by those that ‘protect’ the ‘illicitness’ of the War on Drugs by allowing it to continue.

Every year the police appear to harvest more and more drugs from their raids and hauls but the number of addicts don’t drop, the number of violent drug related crimes do not drop and the need for those police does not drop.

That suggests one of two things is true –

a. The public are all being hoodwinked and it’s just another corporate type enterprise that we fund through taxes and court subsidies to keep people off the welfare lines or;
b. The police we’ve got are absolutely useless and should be replaced with people that can do their jobs properly.

The public is sold on the concept of ‘being safe from Dreaded Druggies’, yet, they perpetuate the very fear in their own community by adopting that attitude.

It is unusual that a dealer will assault you, but you might be assaulted by an individual that has been forced to crime to support a habit that is his or her own problem. The issue is not the drugs, it’s in the personal accountability or lack there of in our community at large.

You see – the average backyard dealer keeps a small but refined clientele – a customer base that is manageable and low key. They do not go out and assault the average person because that is anti social behaviour that might just get a raid launched on their backsides.

Instead, they are almost counsellors, they know everything wrong in someone’s life, will extend credit like ‘prescriptions’ and withdraw that same credit if they see the family unit coming apart – many are Agony Aunts in many respects.

Over the years, I’ve met a lot of backyard dealers who prepare their children for the inevitable ‘Who is that man, Mommy and why has he got a gun pointed at you…?’.

The kids, despite expert opinion, are quite aware of the situation at an early age and by their teen years are convinced the system hasn’t got the slightest idea what they are talking about.

a. The majority of their parents clientele are family ‘friends’ to all intents and purposes
b. The majority of their parents’ clientele hold down a full time job, run a business or are gainfully employed, not on welfare.
c. The majority of their parents’ clientele will not display any violence towards their parents – nor will their parents initiate violence against them.
d. The majority of their parents’ clientele have very little respect for the laws regarding cannabis and this influences the child/ren from a very young age.

Children clearly associate a number of things with cannabis use in their parents –

a. The olds have certain times in the day you should approach them with – bad report cards, requests for money outside of allowances, requests for leniency in the event of misdeed, and; if you want them to really take it in – pick your moment properly.
b. The fact that personal space is not so much a luxury but something both child and parent enjoy – (most parents do not toke in front of their impressionable children) and ‘afterwards’ is usually a casual, relaxed time with the family.
c. (If it is a problem in the household) – I am not going to do that myself, but I love my parents anyhow.

By the early teen years, many children of the dealers I have met no only know what their parents do as an ‘income supplement’ they have already forged their own views on the industry at large. This is largely affected by the parent’s social standing and personal lives, but from both the good and bad come both good and bad.

At the same time, I know few dealers with parents who were dealers or encourage their own offspring to enter the trade themselves. I know many dealers who still fear their mother finding out about their ‘day job’ more than they fear the police raiding their homes!

I asked a dozen widely spread dealers a single question over a space of fifteen years - Do you think the System should legalize Cannabis?

The answer each time was a horrified – ‘No, that’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard, what will I do for a living then?’

When the dealers start to talk up a union movement of sorts against the legalization of their own trade, you know you’re on a winner – after all, they’re the ones that think it’s a lousy idea and it’s their criminal records allegedly being saved by such an act.

The police that try to curb the growing ‘issue’ declare that at least by decriminalizing cannabis, they’d have less chance of a situation going badly if they did turn up somewhere unexpectedly.

They readily admit that they don’t see any issue with a controlled, quiet, socially viable pot party. Particularly many of them have stated over the years they’d rather be called to a two-man fight with a ring of stoners cheering them on than a drunken brawl where everyone is in the free for all.

Most counsellors accept that offending users will reoffend, no matter what the law says. It has been proven in studies commissioned by police and System experts that committed recreational cannabis users are not remorseful for smoking the substance, they are just angry they’re being called criminals for doing so.

Now that there are saliva tests available to check for Cannabis, Speed and Coke – there is little issue to introducing laws with respect to driving under the influence of these drugs. There was the last real justification for not decriminalizing Cannabis for recreational use System had - the potential danger to others through driving under the influence of a mind-altering substance.

This (justification) no longer exists.

No thinking adult would expect a child to be allowed access to the product – tobacco is known to be more highly addictive than cannabis, but it remains a substance a parent can purchase and leave down where a ‘child’ can take one or the whole pack. It is expected that no prescription medications be left where a ‘child’ might find it. No legal orders exist to force a parent to lock up alcohol, which is readily identified as a major social problem in many areas. It would follow a responsible parent would not leave their stash in reach of their child.

On the flip side of that – the chances of a child dying from ingesting cannabis by the handful are relatively slim. This is particularly true when one considers that the outcome of that might be the child vomits the plant matter back and suffers nothing worse than a very deep sleep afterwards as opposed to brain damage or almost certain death from ingesting prescription pills, alcohol and even five standard cigarettes.

The taxes applied to tobacco and alcohol could be similarly measured in the restricted, governmental supply of cannabis to consenting adults, as freely as the individual can purchase alcohol and tobacco.

It would be wrong to see the community submit to identification of the cannabis user until both drinker and tobacco smoker should also supply such identification. It is far easier to home brew your alcohol than it is to grow either tobacco or cannabis. It is also far harder to protect outdoor plants from ‘snowdroppers’ than it is to protect a still from such thievery.

Certainly drugs contribute to the issues that Society faces. The answer is not to make the People fearful of the System’s solutions to those problems. The answer is to make the problem people accountable to Society for their actions.

Let’s start with the Politicians who have wasted literally billions of dollars chasing a cash cow rainbow of delusion against every community that has ever been sold the fiscal symphony ‘The War on Drugs… extended play’

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