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Helen Thomas and Truth too hot

Post#1 » Tue Jun 08, 2010 2:26 pm

Helen Thomas and Truth too hot
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by Michael Hoffman | June 8, 2010
Copyright (c) 2010 by RevisionistHistory.org

This column is online at http://revisionistreview.blogspot.com

On May 27, 2010, during the "American Jewish Heritage Month" celebration
at the White House, Orthodox Rabbi David Nesenoff (rabbi@rabbilive.com)
asked Helen Thomas, dean of the Washington Press corps, if she had any
comments on the Israeli state. Thomas replied, "Tell them to get the
hell out of Palestine...Remember, these people are occupied, and it's
their land; its not German, its not Poland's." She was then asked where
the Judaics should go, to which she replied: "they should go home" to
"Poland, Germany." Then, after another question she added, "America and
everywhere else." The rabbi videotaped her remarks, and his video
quickly achieved Internet notoriety with "viral" status.

"Time" magazine scribe Joe Klein termed her views "odious" and said she
should no longer have the privilege, accorded by the White House
Correspondents Association, of a front row center seat. Former George W.
Bush Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, a neocon architect of the invasion
of Iraq, said,"She should lose her job over this. As someone who is
Jewish, and as someone who worked with her and used to like her, I find
this appalling." On May 30, Thomas was dropped by her speaker's bureau,
Nine Speakers. Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland canceled
Thomas's commencement address.

Thomas apologized for her remarks on June 4. The Anti-Defamation League
said the apology did not go far enough. Hearst News corporation, which
has employed Thomas as a columnist for the past 10 years, issued a
statement announcing her "retirement," which Hearst said, was "effective

Thomas has been covering the White House for fifty years, since 1960.
She will mark her 90th birthday on Aug. 4. She was often the only White
House reporter asking presidents probing questions about American and
Israeli wars.

This writer is not aware of whether Helen Thomas has read Shlomo Sand's
"The Invention of the Jewish People" or Paul Wexler's "The Ashkenazic
Jews: A Slavo-Turkic People in Search of a Jewish Identity." These books
deliver a long overdue knockout punch to the laughable hoax that asserts
that today's descendants of the Khazars are the direct "Jewish"
descendants of the ancient patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Sand and
Wexler document that the home of the Khazar impostor "Jews" is indeed,
as Thomas implied, in eastern Europe, not Palestine.

Perhaps Miss Thomas was offering only a woman's intuition, that the
"Jews" of "Israel" are neither; that they have more in common with the
Yiddish shetls of eastern Europe than the Biblical land of the Middle
East. In either case, in America, candor --when it touches on myths
sacred to the ruling class -- is simply not permitted to the working guy
or gal. The latter-days Diogenes will quickly be out of a job. Under
American capitalism you have freedom of speech as long as you don't care
about eating.

Helen Thomas, a crusader for peace and an investigative journalist who
refused to rubberstamp Bush's ghastly war in Iraq, as did the entire
White House Press corps on March 6, 2003, as documented by Bill Moyers
(http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/btw/transcript1.html), is now fodder
for pompous discursive lectures on the venality of the goyim camouflaged
as human rights lessons, by the likes of columnist Richard Cohen

In "What Helen Thomas missed," (Washington Post, June 8, 2010, p. A17),
Mr. Cohen views the controversy as an opportunity to libel, from his
lofty moral perch, Polish gentiles as thieves, murderers and haters, and
General George Patton as an evil "bigot":

"Ah, another teachable moment! This one comes to us from Helen Thomas,
the longtime White House reporter and columnist who announced her
retirement on Monday. Thomas, of Lebanese ancestry and almost 90, has
never been shy about her anti-Israel views, for which, as far as I'm
concerned, she is wrong and to which she is entitled. Then the other
day, she performed a notable public service by revealing how very little
she knew. Asked at a White House event if she had any comments about
Israel, Thomas said, 'Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine. . . .
Go home. Poland. Germany. And America and everywhere else.'

"Well, I don't know about 'everywhere else,' but after World War II,
many Jews did attempt to 'go home' to Poland. This resulted in the
murder of about 1,500 of them -- killed not by Nazis but by Poles,
either out of sheer ethnic hatred or fear they would lose their (stolen)

"The mini-Holocaust that followed the Holocaust itself is not well-known
anymore, but it played an outsize role in the establishment of the state
of Israel. It was the plight of Jews consigned to Displaced Persons
camps in Europe that both moved and outraged President Harry Truman, who
supported Jewish immigration to Palestine and, when the time came, the
new state itself.

"Something had to be done for the Jews of Europe. They were still being
murdered. In the Polish city of Kielce, on July 4, 1946 -- more than a
year after the end of the war -- rumors of a Jewish ritual murder
triggered a pogrom in which 42 Jewish Holocaust survivors were killed.
The Kielce murders were not, by any means, the sole example of why Jews
could not 'go home.' When I visited the Polish city where my mother had
been born, Ostroleka, I was told of a Jew who survived Auschwitz only to
be murdered when he tried to reclaim his business. In much of Eastern
Europe, Jews feared for their lives...

"For that reason, those who had struck out for home soon returned to DP
camps and the safety of -- irony of ironies -- Germany. Some of the
camps were under the command of Gen. George S. Patton, a great man on
the screen, a contemptible bigot in real life....For the surviving Jews
of Eastern Europe, there was no going home -- and no staying, either.
Europe was hostile to them, not in the least appalled or sorry about
what had just happened. Even the American military, in the person of the
hideous Patton, seemed hostile... For most of the DPs, America was also
out of the question. The United States, in the grip of feverish
anti-communism and already unreceptive to immigrants, maintained a tight
quota. When the Jewish DPs were polled, an overwhelming majority said
they wanted to go to Palestine. They knew life would be tough there, but
they would be among their own people -- and relatively safe" (end quote)

Richard Cohen, the mainstream media's fount of moral history, has penned
hate speech/group libel disguised as "a teachable moment." Hundreds of
other Talmudic supremacists in the media and academia are engaged in the
same relentless offensive -- spreading contempt and instilling guilt in
the goyim -- entire nations such as "feverish anti-communist" America,
or "thieving" Poland where Poles irrationally attack Judaic people
because of:"sheer ethnic hatred," "fear they would lose their (stolen)
homes" (most of Poland must have been once owned by Judaics) or, that
old reliable standby, "rumors of a Jewish ritual murder."

The reader is supposed to sit at the feet of Cohen in wide-eyed awe as
this righteous Zionist savant spews his hatred for east European
gentiles and heroes like George Patton. The only good goy in Cohen's
column is 33rd degree Freemason Harry Truman, the president who heated
Hiroshima and Nagasaki to several thousand degrees of hell.

Does Mr. Cohen himself exhibit any "sheer ethnic hatred" for Polish
Catholics? Was it really a case of Poles rising against some Judaic
people only due to "rumors" and "hatred," or has Mr. Cohen suppressed
the other half of the story? What is the real history behind the alleged
"mini-holocaust" in Kielce in 1946?

According to Judaic author John Sack, "In 1945 many Poles felt (and not
without reason) that Jews ran the Office of State Security...the chief
of the Office was Jacob Berman, a Jew, and all or almost all the
department heads were Jews."

Sack reported that 75% of the officers of the Communist Secret Police in
Silesia were Judiacs ("Jews"). He noted that many Judaics in the
Communist terror apparatus in Poland changed their names to Polish ones,
such as General Romkowski, Colonel Rozanski, Capt. Studencki and Lt.
Jurkowski. (cf. Sack, "The New Republic," Feb. 14, 1994, p. 6).

According to Sheldon Kirshner, writing in the "Canadian Jewish News,"
Nov. 5, 1992, p. 16: In Poland, "...a disproportionate number of
Communists were Jews. In 1930, at its peak, 35% of the members of the
party were Jewish. In Communist youth organizations, Jewish membership
was even higher, while Communists of Jewish origin occupied most of the
seats on the central committee. Communism appealed to some Jews because
it opposed anti-Semitism more vigorously than any other Polish
party...Jewish Communists reached their apogee in the years immediately
after World War Two, when the party leadership was totally in the hands
of the prewar Communist leadership that abhorred anti-Semitism" (end

The mass murder of Polish Catholics at the hands of Judaic Communists is
almost never raised. Instead, the attack on Judaics by Polish peasants
enraged at the role of Judaics in Communist terror, which occurred at
Kielce, will be the focus. The Catholic Primate of Poland at the time,
Cardinal August Hlond (1881-1948), declared that the attack in Kielce
occurred because of resentment "due to the Jews who today occupy leading
positions in Poland's (Communist) government and endeavor to introduce a
governmental structure that the majority of Poles do not wish to have."
(Ibid., Kirshner).

As Piotr S. Wandycz of Yale University observed, "The average Pole could
not but notice in the Stalinist era that the two most powerful men in
the country--Berman and Minc--were both Jewish as was the dreaded
security official Rozanski." ("New York Review of Books," Aug. 18, 1983,
p. 51).

Solomon Morel was commandant of a post-war Communist concentration camp
for Germans in Poland. Stalin deliberately put Judaics in charge of such
camps. In Poland Morel tortured and murdered thousands of Germans,
sometimes with his bare hands (cf. "The Wrath of Solomon," in "The
Village Voice," March 30, 1993). Morel found safe haven in the Israeli
state, which refused requests to extradite him to stand trial for war
crimes in Poland. Sack recounts the facts in his important book, "An Eye
for an Eye."

You left out the rest of the story, Mr. Cohen. It's called context.

Helen Thomas uttered truths too hot to handle for our supposed "anything
goes" culture. Her fate will be familiar to all Americans who have dared
to contradict sanctified Zionist mythology.

MICHAEL HOFFMAN is the editor of "Revisionist History" newsletter and
the author of the massive reference work, "Judaism Discovered."
Hoffman's independent scholarship is supported by donations and the sale
of his books, pamphlets, newsletters, recorded lectures and documentary
films. http://revisionisthistorystore.blogspot.com


The HOFFMAN WIRE is a public service of Independent History and Research, Box 849, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816 USA

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Helen Thomas: In Appreciation

Post#2 » Wed Jun 16, 2010 9:00 pm

Helen Thomas: In Appreciation
by Paul Craig Roberts
June 16, 2010

The propagandists for the Israel Lobby, who occupy the Wall Street Journal editorial page while pretending to be journalists, are determined to remove Helen Thomas from the annals of journalism. In case you have already forgotten, a few days ago the distinguished career of Helen Thomas, the 89-year-old doyen of the White House Press Corps, was ended by the Israel Lobby, which made an issue about her opinion that immigrant Jews should leave Palestine and go back to their home countries.

The White House Correspondents’ Association fell in line with the demands of the Israel Lobby, and the cowardly president of the organization added the association’s disapprobation to that of the neoconservative cabal.

Helen Thomas asks President Barack Obama a questionHaving removed Helen Thomas from the journalism scene, the Israel Lobby is now working with its agents on the Wall Street Journal editorial page to eliminate the Helen Thomas Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Society of Professional Journalists.

A nonentity in the world of journalism, James Taranto, apparently is associated with the Wall Street Journal editorial page, although Wikipedia reports that he was incapable of graduating from journalism school at California State University, Northridge. On a Wall Street Journal web site, Taranto writes: “We’ve been calling Thomas ‘American journalism’s crazy old aunt in the attic’ for years,” and he asks who would now accept the Helen Thomas award after Ms. Thomas revealed she really was crazy by criticizing Israel.

I would for one. Of course the Society of Professional Journalists would never give the award, assuming the distinguished award survives the assault of the Israel Lobby’s assassins, to a critic of Israel. Helen excepted, American journalists are cowards. With the concentrated ownership of the corporate media today, no independently-minded journalist can have a career in print or TV media. You defend the Washington/Tel Aviv line, or you are out of work.

The absence of independently-minded journalists on the Wall Street Journal editorial page is an extraordinary change from my days as Associate Editor of that page. The editorial page editor, Robert Bartley was ambitious and forced himself to tolerate talented colleagues. Mere opinion was not our task. Often we scooped the reporters on the news side of the paper. Our editorials reported new developments and provided factual analysis.

I was hired as Jude Wanniski’s replacement. Jude, Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal, was fired, allegedly because the journal’s brass caught him handing out election campaign literature on a train platform, but if you believe American journalism was ever that pure, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

Jude was fired, because the neoconservatives got rid of him by telling Bartley that Wanniski was over-shadowing him. That was too much for Bob’s ego. Jude, of course, being a real journalist, was objective toward the Palestinians and thus had earned the enmity of the Israel Lobby.

Once Bob was rapidly declining with prostate cancer, neoconservatives engineered the takeover of the editorial page. Today the once proud Wall Street Journal editorial page is a leading apologist for Israeli/American war crimes and police states.

To return to the nonentity, James Taranto, who wants to throw Helen Thomas down the memory hole: Helen Thomas’ opinion that Israelis should stop stealing the villages, homes, and lands of Palestinians, while confining Palestinians to the equivalent of the Warsaw Ghetto, is equated by Taranto to the advocacy of “ethnic cleansing” by Helen.

Of course, it is the Israelis who are doing the ethnic cleansing. Many Jews have documented Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, such as Uri Avnery, a former member of the Israeli terrorist organization, Irgun, Ilan Pappe, Israel’s most distinguished historian and author of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, and the Israeli peace group, ICHAD, who have been my house guests. The Israeli newspaper, Haaratz, is far more critical of Israeli policy than Helen Thomas, and so is MIT professor Noam Chomsky, the distinguished British journalist and film maker John Pilger, and the distinguished scholar, Norman Finkelstein, the son of Holocaust survivors.

But Taranto prefers an 89-year old adversary.

Israel is an unnatural state. It was created by terror that was accommodated by craven British and US “diplomacy.” Israel exists for one reason only: the US government provides the money, weapons, and diplomatic protection. Any other government that murdered thousands of civilians in other countries, as Israel does routinely in Lebanon, Gaza, and the West Bank, would have its entire government and military on trial before the War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague. Israelis have no worst enemy than their own government.

Every time the rest of the world tries to hold the Israeli government accountable for its crimes, the US vetoes the UN resolution. America has become the enabler of the zionist-hijacked Israeli government. And the Israeli government knows it. Israeli government leaders have publicly bragged for decades about their control over the US government. US Admiral Tom Moorer, Chief of Naval Operations and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff after whom the F-14 “Tomcat” jet fighter was named, declared publicly: “No American President can stand up to Israel.” Apparently no American journalist can either.

I am a critic of Israel’s heartless policy toward the Palestinians, but I do not want Israel destroyed. I want it moved or reformed. Bring the small number of Israelis to America before there is a nuclear war over the fact that they are where they should not be. To try to claim a land and dispossess its people on the basis of a spurious two thousand year year old deed is an audacious act of conquest and dispossession.

My proposal to relocate Israelis in the US is rhetorical, but why not insist that the Israelis, who are heavily dependent on US largess, reform? Why should Americans support an apartheid racist state that denies citizenship to the rightful inhabitants? What kind of morality, if any, does the Wall Street Journal editorial page represent when it defends Israelis who force Palestinians into ever-shrinking ghettos, deprived of water, food, medical care and schools? Why must Palestinians live in dread of Israeli bulldozers arriving to flatten their homes in order to create space for zionist “settlers.”

Allegedly, the US is a superpower, but in fact it is a puppet state of the Israeli government. Witness, for example (the examples are numerous), the fate of the Goldstone Report on Israeli war crimes committed in Israel’s assault on Gaza during December 2008-January 2009. Goldstone is a zionist Jew and a distinguished judge. He was given the task by the United Nations to investigate the Israeli attack on Gaza. Being an honest person, he provided evidence of Israeli war crimes.

What was the result? The bought-and-paid-for US Congress voted, on the instructions of their master, the Israel Lobby, to deep-six the Goldstone Report by a vote of 344 to 36.

Amazing, isn’t it, there were only 36 US Representatives who were not owned by the Israel Lobby.

Of course, James Taranto serves the Israel Lobby. The Wall Street Journal editorial page, not even a shadow of its former self, when it speaks, speaks for Israel and for the Bush/Cheney militarist police state.

The Wall Street Journal editorial page has fallen into the low ranks of Brownshirt propaganda. The fact that management tolerates the continuation of totally nonobjective journalism shows why print newspapers are failing everywhere.

The hubris of Taranto, a mere propagandist who will never come close to the league in which Helen Thomas resides, causes him to think that he is fit to pass judgment on a real journalist. Taranto epitomizes the hubris of the neoconservatives. Not a single one of them has the smallest accomplishment. Yet, blinded with arrogance, they remain in ignorant bliss of their status as prostitutes.

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Dr. Roberts was assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury in the Reagan administration, associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, Senior Research Fellow in the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, and held the William E. Simon Chair in Political Economy, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Georgetown University. Read more articles by Paul Craig Roberts.

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Post#3 » Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:17 am

I hate it when people apologize to Israel just because they told the truth about them.

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I hate it when people apologize to Israel just because they

Post#4 » Thu Jun 17, 2010 9:30 pm

"I hate it when people apologize to Israel just because they told the truth about them."

EXACTLY!!! Nuff said.

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