Is Israel Wiretapping America? By Rev. Ted Pike with Aaron

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Is Israel Wiretapping America? By Rev. Ted Pike with Aaron

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Is Israel Wiretapping America? By Rev. Ted Pike with Aaron and Harmony Daws
Date: Friday, April 23, 2010, 9:20 AM ... gameri.htm

By Rev. Ted Pike with Aaron and Harmony Daws

20 Apr 10

The surveillance industry in America got its start in 1994
with passage
of CALEA (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement
The law mandated that telecom companies configure their
networks to
supply the government with intercepts authorized by a
warrant. Soon after the 9/11 attacks, President George W. Bush
a secret executive order for massive, warrantless wiretapping.
eight members of Congress and one FISA judge were privy to
this information.
Today, the FBI is also authorized to eavesdrop and a warrant
is no
longer needed to tap telecommunications of United States’
It’s bad enough that the government can listen to you
they want. There is an even more troubling side to this
Orwellian reality.
Israeli companies are wiretapping America. Authorized by our
they are doing the actual work of listening to and recording
the phone,
email, and internet communications of at least 100 nations,
Mass surveillance business and competition grew exponentially
9/11. Each company wanted to build bigger and better mass
systems which were then sold to whomever would pay the price,
some of the most repressive and authoritarian governments on
the planet,” says
journalist James Bamford, author of The Shadow Factory:
The Ultra-Secret
NSA from 9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America.
Bamford reveals that America’s largest telecom companies,
and Verizon, have outsourced the job of eavesdropping through
networks, which carry billions of American communications
daily, in
cooperation with the National Security Agency's (NSA)
program. The spy job for these major companies was outsourced
two mysterious companies with very troubling foreign
AT&T uses a company called Narus to keep records of
said on their systems. Narus was founded by an Israeli
in Israel with ties to Unit 800 (the NSA of Israel). Verizon’s
spy system also relies on an Israeli company named Verint. The
of Verint is an FBI fugitive who remains so. Congress granted
immunity to these companies (AT&T and Verizon) for
allowing their
systems to be used to spy on American citizens. Stated
plainly, American
consumers are subject to warrantless surveillance by
companies without Congressional oversight or public knowledge!
Bamford details how an “Israeli spin-off” of Verint is
able to do “advanced voice-mining” that finds one person’s
voice in a mountain of intercepted calls.

'With remote access to the internal and international
voice and
data communications of over one hundred countries around the
including the United States, Verint’s headquarters in Tel
has a capacity rivaled only by NSA’s, if not greater,
when coupled with PerSay’s voice-mining capability.
'PerSay is an example of how close and interconnected
these companies
are with Israel’s intelligence community—a factor of
great concern considering how much of their bugging
equipment is
now secretly hardwired into the American
telecommunications system.'

A former senior official in Shin Bet— Israel’s secret
intelligence—is on PerSay’s board of directors. The advisory
board for the company that backs PerSay includes a former
chief of
Israeli Mossad! Bamford says the “greatest potential
of this marriage between the Israeli eavesdroppers and
increasingly centralized telecom grid are Israel’s
In 2004, a former intelligence official told LA Times reporters,

'There is a huge, aggressive, ongoing set of Israeli
activities directed against the United States. Anybody who
in counterintelligence in a professional capacity will tell
you the
Israelis are among the most aggressive and active countries
the United States. They undertake a wide range of technical
and human operations. The denials are laughable.'

Last year, a judge dismissed charges against two top AIPAC
accused of leaking classified information to Israel. US
Justice Dept.
prosecutors said the case should be dropped because it would
exposing sensitive military intelligence—obvious evidence the
lobbyists had been spying!
Most Americans might not even be startled to learn about
Israeli espionage
because they are so firmly convinced that Israel is our ally
and has
American interests at heart. This is not true. In their now
paper, The Israel Lobby, Mearsheimer and Walt write
that Israel

'does not behave like a loyal ally. Israeli officials
ignore US requests and renege on promises (including pledges
to stop
building settlements and to refrain from ‘targeted
assassinations’ of
Palestinian leaders). Israel has provided sensitive
military technology
to potential rivals like China, in what the State
Department inspector-general
called ‘a systematic and growing pattern of unauthorised
According to the General Accounting Office, Israel also
the most aggressive espionage operations against the US of
In addition to the case of Jonathan Pollard, who gave
Israel large
quantities of classified material in the early 1980s
(which it
reportedly passed on to the Soviet Union in return for
more exit
visas for Soviet Jews), a new controversy erupted in 2004
it was revealed that a key Pentagon official called Larry
had passed classified information to an Israeli diplomat.
is hardly the only country that spies on the US, but its
to spy on its principal patron casts further doubt on its

Israel : Part of Every Phone Call?
It is naïve to expect Narus and Verint to remain independent
of control by the government of Israel.
Which Americans might be most threatened by telephone,
email, and
internet spying from Israel? Answer: critics of Israel and
PR representative, the Anti-Defamation League. In every way
that matters,
ADL is Israel. Israel/ADL is particularly troubled
by widespread
criticism of Israel and matters Jewish from both the
intellectual left
and the populist right. Their “conspiracy theories” have
a way of always leading back to the Jews. ADL and
media in America are very apprehensive of Tea Party and
efforts to overthrow liberal Democrat power in Congress (See, “Jews
Confirm Big Media is Jewish”). Victory for the right
would, among
other things, curb ADL's ability to pass more of its
hate crime legislation.
Can these movements of the left or right, potentially
Zionist interests, create lasting—even revolutionary—change
if Israel/ADL can listen to their every conversation? Of
course not.
Already, ADL boasts of monitoring all Christian/conservative
to discover any hint of criticism of Israel or Jewish control.
they also listening as you plan your next Tea Party rally,
training exercise or protest of Israeli oppression in Gaza? No
can answer that outside the US Government, AT&T and
Verizon, Israel – and
probably ADL. One thing we know: There may be little to
prevent them.
What can be done? Until there is widespread awareness of
fundamental disloyalty to America and continuing spy
operations against
us, Americans can do little to protect our most intimate phone
internet communications.
Unfortunately, Christian/conservative America continues to
Jews and Israel are especially good and trustworthy,
unconditionally blessed by God. This superstition must give
way to
a truly biblical (and accurate) knowledge that Israel, founded
on the
Christ-hating Talmud and set up largely by Marxists, is
especially disloyal to
our Christian/capitalist society. (This is why Israel had no
about attempting to sink the USS Liberty during the
1973 Yom
Kippur War.) We must become suspicious of dual-loyalty Jews in
highest levels of our government (read Rahm Emanuel), as well
as those
who control mass media and telecommunications.
This includes Verizon head Ivan Seidenburg, who fraternizes
with Jewish
internationalists intent on corrupting society and
establishing world
government. Seidenburg is a Jewish liberal whose internet bio
he "champions diversity both within and outside” Verizon.
What kind of "diversity" is Seidenburg advocating? He serves
on the board of directors of Jewish-owned Viacom, the world’s
largest communication empire, which also promotes a cable
network called "Gay
TV." In 2003, he was feted at a fundraiser dinner for the
helping raise $1.2 million for this Jewish charity. He
received the
Stephen J. Ross Award in honor of the deceased Jewish owner of
Bros. Communications. Warner Music, a division of Ross's
company, is
now corrupting the minds of tens of millions of young people
with “gangsta” rap. This “music” utterly degrades
women, encouraging teenage boys to rape "bitches." Filled
with unspeakable profanity, it encourages violence against
whites and
even murder of police.
Among the "good old boys” of the Jewish mega media attending
this benefit were Edgar Bronfman, Jr., heir of the Seagram’s
liquor empire. Bronfman owns Vivendi Universal which, merged
with NBC,
produced "The Book of Daniel" TV series denigrating Jesus
and the Christian family. (See, " Was
the Talmud Behind NBC's 'Book of Daniel'?") Bronfman also
owns Interscope Records, the largest producer of ‘gangsta’ rap
in the world today.
Howard Stringer, Jewish CEO of Sony of America, also
attended. Sony
helped NBC create "The Book of Daniel." Even more assaulting
to Christianity, Sony created The Da Vinci Code
movie, portraying
Christ as having had sex with Mary Magdalene. (See " The
Jews Behind Da Vinci Code")
Also conspicuous at the UJA dinner was Viacom head Sumner
(Murray Rothstein). Viacom, owner of CBS, produced the "The
of Christmas" special several years ago which speculated that
Jesus was a bastard. Viacom, a cable TV giant, also owns MTV
pumps acid rock and rap music into 210,000,000 homes. MTV’s
degeneracy is the dominant influence on youth between 12 and
24 in
the world today, encouraging teenage rebellion, gratuitous
sex, degradation
of women and occultry.
Yet the US Government considers Seidenburg of such
character that he is trusted to monitor every American's
and emails. He may also be trusted to outsource his
eavesdropping to
those he trusts in Israel.
The time must come, and soon, that Americans realize that the
of loyalty" between America and Israel should long ago have
to breaking. Such bonds, now causing us to naively place our
most sensitive
and important information gathering in the hands of Israelis,
actually become the chains of our destruction.

Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a
watchdog organization.
Aaron and Harmony Daws are staff researchers and writers
for the
National Prayer Network.

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