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“Israeli Rabbi Approves Murder of Christians"

Post#1 » Fri Jan 15, 2010 3:09 am

“Israeli Rabbi Approves Murder of Christians"

By Rev. Ted Pike
12 Jan 10

For generations, most evangelical Christians have looked on as Israel bludgeoned the Palestinians. They have done nothing but bless and support Israel’s reign of terror in Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza. Now thousands of their brethren—Jewish Christians in Israel and the Occupied Territories—endure constant discrimination and harassment from ultra-Orthodox Jews. (See http://kingsmenarad.com/) The Israeli government and local authorities do nothing to defend them. And evangelicals in western nations remain largely oblivious. Why?

It’s partly because evangelical American media will not report persecution of Christians in Israel! It is quick to publicize persecution of believers in Moslem or Communist countries such as China; but virtually no account of Israeli persecution of Christians is seen or spoken of on Christian internet, publishing or airwaves. Christian leaders fear offending Israel or seeming “anti-Semitic.” I witnessed such censorship in action this week.

Over the past six weeks, News with Views (a large Christian/conservative internet newspaper with 200,000 daily visitors) has published my articles; these pieces expose the Anti-Defamation League’s attempt to make “conspirators” and anti-Semites out of millions of Christians and Obama-criticizing Americans. NWV also posted my latest article revealing attempts by the state of Israel to define more than a billion people as “anti-Semites” for indulging in “strong criticism” of Israel (See Is ‘Strong’ Criticism of Israel Anti-Semitic?).

The initial articles (also read widely on rense.com) were primarily responsible for national backlash against ADL’s “Toxic Rage Report.” The first three were each posted on up to 100 blogs and websites. About 50 readers howled “Anti-Semitism!” when NWV owner/editor Paul Walter posted my first article. But the protest subsided when Rabbi Nachum Shifren confirmed all I said. In his unprecedented article, “The ADL vs. Faith and Freedom,” Shifren agreed that ADL is Jewish and conspires toward world dominion. Since then, there has not been a single criticism to Walter about my articles. He says all are factual and well documented.

Nevertheless, Walter refused to print my latest, ” Israel’s Increasing Anti-Christianity.” (See Israel’s Increasing Anti-Christianity) This report details how Israeli Christians are publicly spat on by Orthodox Jews; how Israel threatens five- to seven-years in prison for witnessing; how Christians live under incessant persecution in cities such as Arad and Ariel; and how naive evangelicals fund the very groups in Israel that persecute Christians!

Walter told me that, for the present, NWV has published enough articles against ADL and Israel. He expressed fear that NWV could create an image of Ted Pike as “obsessed” with criticism of Jews which might make Walter’s site look anti-Semitic. Such a reputation might cause some of his hundred Christian conservative writers to jump ship. As a result, I must say nothing concerning Jewish issues for my next six or seven articles. The subject of Jews, Israel and the Middle East is vast and complex, ranging through religious, military, financial, legislative, and geopolitical considerations. But I must now make no mention of Jews for nearly two months.

Meanwhile, what if Jewish ADL and the US Justice Department announce concrete plans for stepped-up federal hate crimes enforcement? ADL may specify its plan to train an army of hate crimes prosecutors in America. Just last week Ireland adopted an extremely punitive, ADL-inspired hate crimes law, meting a $35,000 fine for strong criticism of another’s religion! ADL’s ENDA bill may be moving forward soon. Yet if I am obedient to Walter, I will say nothing of these issues, just when they are most timely and speaking out is most vital to saving freedom. I asked Walter how Americans will even know Christians are persecuted in Israel if we don’t sound the alarm. Certainly, I said, WorldNetDaily won’t tell them.

Walter agreed, “WorldNetDaily’s audience does not like such stories.”

Talk about a chill on free speech!

Media Leaders Must Answer to God

Scripture says if any self-professed Christian sees his brother in need and “shuts up his bowels of compassion” then God’s love is not in him. (I John 3:17) Paul Walter and WND owner Joseph Farah influence millions and could jumpstart international pressure to relieve suffering Christians in Israel. More than anything, Christians in Israel need the world to know. Exposure would put pressure on Israel to allow freedom of religion.

The gatekeepers of Christian media need to allow stories of Israeli persecution of Christians. All evangelical leaders are bound, under penalty of the loss of their souls, to quickly and accurately warn their listeners of danger. The anti-Christianity in Israel, which is now advancing through the world via Israel’s PR arm, ADL, is a very urgent danger.

As Rabbi Shifren said in NWV, ADL’s intention is to establish a one-world order. Shifren said ADL continues the communist/revolutionary movement which “has done more damage to the Jews and caused more murder and destruction than all of Israel’s enemies combined.” ADL is “neutralizing the fabric of America, getting it ripe for a takeover in which the ADL can take part…What the Soviets could not do in Russia, the ADL will attempt to do in America.” (See Shifren’s article, The ADL vs. Faith and Freedom) Yet Walter feels he may have printed too many warnings against ADL!

Tragically, Joseph Farah fails to warn of this all-encompassing evil generated by an ADL/B’nai B’rith/Mossad cabal in Israel. Instead, through articles by Aaron Klein in Jerusalem, he feeds the rankest Mossad propaganda to millions of unsuspecting evangelicals! (Farah admitted he received more invitations to speak from ADL/B’nai B’rith and other Jewish groups this past year than from Christians.) (See Farah’s article, The ADL Targets WND)

In the Judgment Day will Walter and Farah argue that they couldn’t print stories about Christian suffering because their “Israel-first” evangelical readers didn’t like it? Does an aesthetic “imbalance” of warnings by Rev. Ted Pike give Walter the right to muffle truth? God’s terms are simple: If media leaders fear offense and don’t aid suffering Christians by sounding the alarm, they will lose their eternal souls! (Ezek. 33)

A majority of what ails America today may be blamed on Jewish “civil liberties” groups such as ADL, ACLU, SPLC, PAW, etc. The decline in American morals can also be traced directly to the control of Hollywood, the “Big Three” TV networks, and major publishing houses, magazines, and newspapers owned by liberal Jews. (See Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish) Similarly, the arrival of the Jewish state in Palestine a century ago, right or wrong, undeniably began the destabilization and alienation of the Muslim world (especially from the Gospel), which only intensifies today.

Is NWV really in danger of educating too much about this threat? Aaron Klein, WND’s correspondent from Jerusalem, writes at least weekly only about pro-Israel topics. Joseph Farah obviously doesn’t feel WND is in danger of “obsession” with the subject of Jews!

I certainly do not intend to write only about Jewish topics. Yet Jewish issues, particularly those of Jewish supremacism, remain intensely relevant. I specialize on the subject and have a singular willingness to speak publicly. I am bold because I am confident of God’s protection and armed with biblical truth and perspective, as well as love for the Jewish people. I honor God’s ultimate plan to redeem a Jewish remnant at Christ’s Second Coming.

Stop Telling Half-Truths!

The half-truths of evangelical media have brought us to our present disarray and weakness before Obama and the international globalist threat. The biggest half-truth of the past century is the idea that our primary opponents are liberals, globalists, secular humanists, etc.

The whole truth is that these are but tentacles of a Talmudic kabbalistic conspiracy to dominate the globe, launched by the same Pharisees who had Christ killed. It is now continued by their spiritual descendants.

Half-truths never saved a soul, a marriage or a nation. Half-truths are worse than outright lies because they provide false assurance of possessing the truth. They inoculate people against the whole truth, causing them to reject and even persecute the truth teller. Half-truths are appeasement that empowers tyranny. Over the past century Christians and conservatives have dedicated themselves to the idea that half-truths in opposition to Communism and liberalism can save freedom; the whole truth is considered too controversial — even provoking the dreaded accusation of anti-Semitism.

It is now clear that the speaking of political and religious half-truths concerning our enemy has empowered the anti-Christ agenda and largely squandered a century of Christian/conservative energy. In contrast, the whole truth, while it may generate controversy, is a cleansing, liberating wind that brings life. Jeremiah, John the Baptist and Jesus Christ always spoke the undiminished truth at God’s leading.

By God’s grace, my message will always be the whole truth, under what I understand as the distinct leading of God. Paul Walter is wrong to think I will write seven articles of pablum under his terms of censorship, to merit the privilege of telling Christians of the plight of their Israeli brethren. I only write articles that are acts of war against the greatest threat to faith and freedom in the history of mankind—a misshapen system of politics and religion which proceeds from the ancient Pharisees. This, I believe, is what it really means to be a watchman on the wall.

Walter and Farah may be contacted at: news10@newswithviews.com and jfarah@worldnetdaily.com .

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What the Jews think about non-Jews

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What the Jews think about non-Jews

This article appeared in the magazine “Free At Last” under the title –

American Law, Fact, Fraud, and Insidious Insiders

On Control, you may remember the 8/12/1976 sky-jacking of an Israeli jetliner in
Istanbul, Turkey, in which four people were killed and some thirty injured. Aboard was
the administrative assistant for then-U.S. Senator Jacob K. Javits (a Jew) of New York,
29 year-old Harold W. Rosenthal (a Jew), whose unfortunate murder that day was not from
random bullets that killed the others. Evidence indicates that his was pre-planned,
making me wonder if it was due to his lengthy, boastful interview with American Christian
editor Walter White:

“We…continue to be amazed with the ease by which Christian Americans have fallen into our
hands…naïve Americans…we have TAUGHT them to SUBMIT to our every demand…Americans have
not had a presidential choice since 1932. Roosevelt was our man; every president since
Roosevelt has been our man. We…have put issue upon issue to the American people. Then
we PROMOTE BOTH SIDES of the issue as confusion reigns.

“With their eyes fixed on the issues, they fail to see who is BEHIND EVERY scene. We…toy
with the American public as a cat toys with a mouse. The blood of the masses will flow
as we wait for our day of WORLD victory…The naïve politicians in WASHINGTON are gullible.
Most of them are not too bright…the powerful…lobbyists influenced…years ago (federal
funds to aid Israel) and there is no one strong enough to stop it…some of that money is
returned to the United States and spent on Zionist propaganda…through B’nai
Brith…Conference of Jewish Organizations…World Jewish Congress…tax free so long as we are
smart enough to get away with it…

“ANTI-SEMITISM does NOT signify opposition to Semitism. THERE IS NO SUCH THING. It is
an expression we…use effectively as a SMEARWORD …used to brand…anyone who brings
criticism against (us)…We use it against HATE-mongers…(we) do so. That’s all there is to

“…I’d say more than 90% (of us) know what is really happening to our people. We have
COMMUNICATION unequalled…It is an established rule to destroy all members of pre-existing
government…the Police, State Police, Army officers and their families and relatives…In
Russia, there are TWO distinct GOVERNMENTS – one visible and the other invisible…The
INVISIBLE rulers in the communist countries have a world CONTROL over the propaganda and
the governments in free countries. The cultural and intellectual influence of Judaism is
felt throughout the entire world…MONEY is more important than morality.

“We can accomplish anything with money…Israel can now win in any encounter…It will also
be the base for World Government Headquarters. We CONTROL EVERY MEDIA of
expression…newspaper, magazines, radio, television…even your music! We CENSOR…before
long we will have COMPLETE CONTROL of your thinking…

“The richest plum…(we) took over the publication of ALL SCHOOL MATERIALS…could MOLD
public opinion to suit OUR PURPOSES. The people are only stupid pigs that grunt and
squeal the chants we give them…truth or lies. There is no silent majority…only thing
that exists is an UNTHINKING majority and unthinking they will remain…their ESCAPE from
our rigorous service is the opiate of our ENTERTAINMENT industry. We have castrated
society through FEAR and INTIMIDATION. Its manhood exists only in combination with a
feminine…appearance…being so neutered, the populace has become DOCILE and EASILY
RULED…their thoughts…only with the present toil and the next meal…You have become
addicted to our MEDICINE through which we have become your absolute masters.

“We pretty much CONTROL the U.N…There will be a forced class warfare here in the United
States and many will be liquidated…I’m not boasting…I’m giving you the facts! It is TOO
LATE for your Christian followers to put up a DEFENCE …Long, long ago we HAD to become
the AGGRESSORS…that is undoubtedly one of our great PURPOSES in life…

“Religion…our CONTROL of the textbook industry…news media…able to hold ourselves up as
AUTHORITIES…our rabbis now hold professorships in supposed Christian theological
seminaries. We are amazed by the Christian’s stupidity…Judaism is not only the teaching
of the synagogue, but also the doctrine of every Christian Church in America. Through
our propaganda the church has become our most avid supporter…their believing in the lie
that we are the ‘chosen people’ and they, the gentiles.” (Comment: Semitic Hebrews and
the Church are “chosen”, with key qualifications in Bibles.) “These deluded children of
the church defend us to the point of DESTROYING their own culture…The ignorant
Christians…attack the crusaders even if they are members of their own families…Through
our influence of religion we were able to involve the ignorant white Christians in WARS
against themselves, which always impoverished both sides while we reaped a financial and
political harvest…

“Through religion we have gained CONTROL of society, government and economics. The
gullible clergy…instruct their parishioners that we are a special, chosen people…These
PULPIT PARROTS extol our goodness for loaning them the MONEY to build their temples,
never realizing that their own holy book condemns all USURY… pay our exorbitant
INTEREST…they have led society into our CONTROL through the same practice.

“Politically, they hail the blessings of DEMOCRACY and never understand that through
DEMOCRACY we have gained CONTROL…DEMOCRACY is mob-rule which we CONTROL through their
churches, our news media and economic institutions…These RELIGIOUS PUPPET’S stupidity is
only exceeded by their cowardice, for they are ruled easily…”

A Jewish Rabbi confirms the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are authentic!

The 1/1928 Century Magazine carried an interesting article by a reporter for the New York
Tribune who worked part-time as a rabbi, Marcus Eli Ravage. That month he took a broad
swipe at the “clumsy Russian” purported to have written “The Protocols of the Elders of
Zion”, on which I’ll only add that their contents read as a road map the realities of
today globally. But in the February issue he sounded like a forerunner of Rosenthal:

“…It (the Protocols) is genuine and authentic. But what is that beside the
unquestionable historical conspiracy which we have carried out, which we have never
denied because you never had the courage to charge us with it, and of which the full
record is extant for anyone to read?…You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of
our guilt. We are intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your
natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at
the bottom not merely of the latest war but nearly all your wars…We have brought discord
and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it…

“You make much noise and fury about (our) undue influence in your theaters and movie
palaces. Very good; granted your complaint is well-founded. But what is that compared
to our staggering INFLUENCE in your churches, your schools, your laws and your
governments, and the very thoughts that you think every day? No conquest in history can
even remotely compare with this clean sweep of our conquest over you…Take the three
principal revolutions in modern times – the French, the American and the Russian. What
are they but the triumph of (our) idea of social, political, and economic justice?…”

By 1/12/1952 rabbi Marcus Eli Ravage had risen to prominence in worldly circles, and so
was asked to deliver a keynote speech to the elite of his tribe meeting in Budapest,
Hungary. He continued at about where he left off in 1928:

“Greetings my children! You have been called here to recapitulate the principal steps of
your new program…The goal for which we have striven so concertedly for three thousand
years is at last within our reach…our race will take its rightful place in the world,
with every Jew (one of the opposing seedlines) a king and every gentile a slave!
(applause from the gathering)…

“The Russians, as well as the Asiatic peoples, are well under control, and offer no
objections to war…We are counting heavily on reports of anti-Semitic outrages in Russia
to whip up the indignation in the United States…we shall stage anti-Semitic outbreaks in
several of their largest cities, exposing reactionary sectors in America which can be
silenced…We will arbitrate, sending our CONTROL Commission. This war will end for all
time our struggle against the gentiles (misnomer, should read ‘nations’)…Our Control
Commission will…in the interests of PEACE and wiping out inter-racial tensions,forbid
whites to mate with whites. The white women must cohabit with members of the dark races,
the white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear…the end of the white
man, and our most dangerous enemy, will become only a memoryl…

Editor’s note: that is why you’re seeing black and white (male and female respectively)
leads in movies and on TV.

“We shall embark on an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica,
and our race will rule undisputed over the earth. Our superior intelligence will easily
enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples…There will be no more religions.
We will, however, retain the rituals and customs of Judaism as the mark of our
hereditary ruling caste, strengthened by our racial laws so that (none of us) will be
allowed to marry outside our race.

“We may have to repeat the grim days of World War II, when we were forced to let the
Hitlerite bands sacrifice some of our people, in order that we may have adequate
documentation and witnesses to legally justify our trial and execution of the leaders of
America and Russia as war criminals, after we have dictated the peace…For sacrifice has
always been the watchword or our people, and the death of a few thousand Jews in exchange
for world leadership is indeed a small price to pay…

(Editor’s note: As always, the BIG Jews, the leaders, view the rank and file Jews as
totally expendable.)

“And so, with the vision of world victory before you, go back to your countries and
intensify your good work, until that approaching day…”

(Comment: Ravage and Rosenthal, with the Protocol No. 24’s replaceable world ‘king’
serving under the “elders”, remind me of the Talmud’s Simeon Haddarsen fol. 56 D’s “When
the messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves’…among other such satanic diatribe ad

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