Will The Hanukkah Menorah Toppling Start A Trend?

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Will The Hanukkah Menorah Toppling Start A Trend?

Post#1 » Mon Dec 21, 2009 7:46 pm

Jut the beginning of the Blowback, ive been calling for the past several years. People around the world are getting sick of Jewish Chutzpah.

Will The Hanukkah Menorah Toppling Start A Trend?
By richard
http://lettersandcomments.wordpress.com ... t-a-trend/
The event, The Lighting Of The US National Menorah, was sponsored by the joint collaboration of The American Friends of Lubavitch and the Jewish-dominated Executive Branch of the United States of America. The US Air Force Band was on hand to offer a “trumpet salute” to the new national symbol.

In America it has become illegal to place a Cross or any Christian symbol on government property. But the Anti-Christ symbol of the Jewish Menorah which makes the statement, “Your Christ Is Not The Messiah,” is not only permitted on government property, but is exalted and applauded.

Due to the Jewish-run-and-funded ACLU creating a Supreme Court legal precedent allowing “cultural symbols,” that is JEWISH SYMBOLS, as “constitutional cultural displays” – but Christian symbols, as “unconstitutional religious displays” – the Jews have seized rule over religious expression in the public square. Read ACLU Vs Allegheny County/ACLU Vs Mt Soledad Cross Here & Here.

USING HAMMERS AND IRON BARS, Moldovan patriots smashed a Hanukkah menorah while police approvingly looked on in Moldova’s capital Chisinau on December 13, 2009, the same day the White House bowed before the anti-Christ image.

Led by an Orthodox Christian priest, identified as Fr. Anatoly Chirbik, the 100-strong patriotic demonstrators gathered at Stefan The Great Square where the giant menorah was erected next to the statue of Stefan the Great. The police said they tried without success to convince the Christians not to pull the Menorah out adding that they didn’t want to oppress the Christians.

Abraham Foxman of the Anti Defamation League, of course, did not see it that way. Employing his typical demands on the “goyim,” ADL Director Foxman insisted on an immediate “punishment” of the Moldovan Christians by civil and church authorities:

“The Moldovan government must punish the perpetrators of this despicable anti-Semitic crime. The civil authorities must send a clear signal to the Jewish community that the government will not tolerate anti-Semitism.”

“By only calling the crime ‘a sad event,’ the Orthodox church falls far short of a vigorous condemnation. The church needs to punish any clergymen involved in organizing this demonstration.” View Entire Story Here.

WHAT ABRAHAM FOXMAN DOES NOT REALIZE, nor the Jews whom he represents, that there is a growing resentment in the hearts of many towards Jewry’s intrusion of their cultural heritage.


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