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The Israeli Massive Spy Ring in the U.S.

Post#16 » Tue Apr 08, 2008 1:49 pm

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Israeli Massive Spy Ring in the U.S.

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The Israeli Spy Ring

Prior to 9/11, the FBI had discovered the presence of a massive spy ring inside the United States run by the government of Israel. This seems a harsh gratitude from a nation which obtains 10% of its annual budget from the American taxpayer, $3+ billion a year. Over the years, American taxpayers have been required to send Israel more than four times what the US spent to go to the moon.

What Israel has done in return was to set up government subsidized telecommunications companies which operate here in the United States. One of these companies is Amdocs, which provides billing and directory assistance for 90% of the phone companies in the USA. Amdocs’ main computer center for billing is actually in Israel and allows those with access to do what intelligence agencies call "traffic analysis"; a picture of someone’s activities based on a pattern of who they are calling and when. Another Israeli telecom company is Comverse Infosys, which subcontracts the installation of the automatic tapping equipment now built into every phone system in America. Comverse maintains its own connections to all this phone tapping equipment, insisting that it is for maintenance purposes only. However, Converse has been named as the most likely source for leaked information regarding telephone calls by law enforcement that derailed several investigations into not only espionage, but drug running as well. Yet another Israeli telecom company is Odigo, which provides the core message passing system for all the "Instant Message" services. Two hours before the attacks on the World Trade Towers, Odigo employees received a warning. Odigo has an office 2 blocks from the former location of the World Trade Towers. "I think there is very compelling evidence that at least some of the terrorists were assisted not just in financing -- although that was part of it -- by a sovereign foreign government... It will become public at some point when it’s turned over to the archives, but that’s 20 or 30 years from now.

-- Senator Graham as quoted in Senator: At Least One Foreign Country Assisted the 9/11 Terrorists

Let us be clear here. There is nothing benign about Israel spying on the United States. When Jonathan Pollard stole our nuclear secrets (which your taxes paid to develop) and sent them to Israel, Israel did not hesitate to trade those secrets to the USSR in exchange for increased emigration quotas.

The implication of these facts is that the billions of our tax dollars sent to Israel (while women and children sleep in America’s alleys and eat out of trash bins) have bought and paid for a monstrous phone tracking and phone tapping system that can eavesdrop on almost any phone call in America. Even the White House phones were open to such tapping by listening in on the other end outside the White House itself.

This actually happened. The Ken Starr report on Whitewater describes how Bill Clinton informed Monica Lewinsky that their phone sex conversations had been recorded.

At the same time, Clinton ordered the FBI to cease the hunt for an Israeli mole known to be operating inside the White House itself!

So here we have a foreign nation able to listen in on most phones at will, using taps that cannot be found because they are built into the phone system itself, and willing to use the information gleaned from those calls to blackmail Americans into any desired course of action. This may well be what Ariel Sharon meant when he stated that the Jewish people control America.

That the information gleaned from these phone taps is being used to coerce the behavior of key individuals in the US Government and media is illustrated by the manner in which the government and the media have handled this scandal of the largest spy ring ever uncovered inside the United States, and of phone taps on all of our phones. They are downplaying it. Actually, burying it is a better word.

Fox News, alone of all the media, actually ran the story as a four part broadcast, and put the story up on its web site. Then, without explanation, Fox News erased the story from their web site and have never mentioned it again. CNN followed by "Orwellizing" their report of the two hour advance warning of the WTC attacks sent to Odigo employees. But far more telling is the admission made by a US Official in part one of the Fox News report that hard evidence existed linking the events of 9/11 not to Arab Muslims, but to some of the more than 200 Israeli spies arrested both before and after 9/11, but that this evidence had been CLASSIFIED.

"Investigators within the DEA, INS and FBI have all told Fox News that to pursue or even suggest Israeli spying ... is considered career suicide.

-- Carl Cameron, as quoted in The Spies Who Came In From The Art Sale
Since then, any and all mention of the Israeli spy ring and phone tapping scandal has resulted in a barrage of shrill screams of "hate" and "anti-Semite", two well worn and frankly over used devices to try to silence discussion on any topic unfavorable to the nation which owns the spy ring in question.

The story of the uncovering of the largest spy ring ever discovered inside the United States should be the story of the century, if indeed the US media is looking out for the best interests of the American people. That this spy ring helped drug smugglers evade investigators should be a major scandal, if indeed the US media is looking out for the best interests of the American people. That the spy ring includes companies able to track and tap into any phone in America, including the White House, should be a cause celebre’, if indeed the US media is looking out for the best interests of the American people.

But they are not. The media is trying to bury this story. They are spiking it, erasing it from their web sites in a chilling real-life Orwellian rewriting of history.

The actions of the US media are those of people trying to protect this spy ring and those that the spy ring worked for. "While I agree with you, if I say anything about US geopolitical interests with Israel, I might as well clean off my desk.

-- Unnamed reporter as quoted in American Media Censorship and Israel

The actions of the US media are those of traitors to the American people.


"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It’s classified information.


-- US official quoted in Carl Cameron’s Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.


Hundreds of Mossad Agents Caught
Running Wild in America!



More holes in US electronic security
The story on Israeli spying inside the focused on three companies, Amdocs, which provides billing and directory assistance for most American phone companies, Comverse Infosys, which installs and mainstains telephone tapping equipment for US law enforcement, and Odigo, which provides services for the various "Instant Message" systems on your computer. All three companies are owned by Israel and have strong ties to the Israeli Defense Force.

Both Amdocs and Comverse Infosys were implicated in the sale of telephone data which compromised US investigations into drug running, and Comverse Infosys phone taps are suspected of being the means by which Bill Clinton’s phone sex sessions were recorded, as reported in the Ken Starr Report. Odigo, which had offices near the World Trade Towers, is the company which received a two hour advance warning of the attacks of 9-11.

Now, in a chilling real life version of the plotline from "The Net", it turns out that the majority of the firewalls on US corporate and government computer systems are provided by just one company, Checkpoint Systems, which like Amdocs, Comverse Infosys, and Odigo, is headquartered in Israel.

Odigo, which had offices near the World Trade Towers, is the company which received a two hour advance warning
of the attacks of 9-11.

Now, in a chilling real life version of the plotline from "
href="http://us. imdb. com/Title?0113957" target="_blank">The Net", it turns out that the majority of the
firewalls on US corporate and government computer systems are provided by just one company, Checkpoint
Systems, which like Amdocs, Comverse Infosys, and Odigo, is
headquartered in
Israel. ....

.."border-collapse: collapse" cellspacing="0">
..Israelis trapped in
terror roundups cause worry at home, anger at U. S ..

Nearly 100 Israelis arrested in U. S. since September 11 attacks..
target="_blank">Arrest of Jewish Defense League Officers..

target="_blank">Israeli’s Arrested As Spies in America ..
..The art of
spying on your "friends" ..

Evidence of six hijacking teams..
target="_blank">US to Deport the Mysterious 5 Israelis?..
Dancing Israelis
at George Washington bridge?..

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Fabled Enemies full video

Post#17 » Sat Dec 05, 2009 5:14 pm

Very informative video, info on Israeli company Converse Info systems included...

"Seven years after 9/11, the supposed mastermind behind the attacks is still at large, and the nation is entrenched in multiple wars in the Middle East. Featuring interviews with: Michael J. Springman - Visa Dept. Jeddah Saudi Arabia Cynthia McKinney - Former Member of Congress Bo Dietl - Former N.Y.P.D Detective Barry Jennings - World Trade Center 7 Survivor Joe Biden - U.S. Senator DE"

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... 0621046493

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July 13, 2010 at 19:06 (Chutzpah, Corrupt Politics, Cover Up, Deceit, Deception,
Espionage, Israel)

http://desertpeace.wordpress.com/2010/0 ... ds-arrest/

Jonathan Pollard speaking during a 1998 interview.

Photo by: AP

According to the official version of events, Israel immediately apologized to the U.S.
after Pollard was arrested and claimed that a ?rogue agency? had been behind the
espionage activity. Since then, a decision was made in Israel that no espionage
activities will be undertaken on U.S. soil.

Except for the following?..

1985 The New York Times reports the FBI is aware of at least a dozen incidents in which
American officials transferred classified information to the Israelis, quoting [former
Assistant Director of the F.B.I.] Mr. [Raymond] Wannal. The Justice Department does not

1985 Richard Smyth, the owner of MILCO, is indicted on charges of smuggling nuclear
timing devices to Israel (Washington Post, 10/31/86).

1987 April 24 Wall Street Journal headline: ?Role of Israel in Iran-Contra Scandal Won?t
be Explored in Detail by Panels?

1992 The Wall Street Journal reports that Israeli agents apparently tried to steal Recon
Optical Inc?s top-secret airborne spy-camera system.

1992 Stephen Bryen, caught offering confidential documents to Israel in 1978, is serving
on board of the pro-Israeli Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs while
continuing as a paid consultant ? with security clearance ? on exports of sensitive US

1992 ?The Samson Option,? by Seymour M. Hersh reports, ?Illicitly obtained intelligence
was flying so voluminously from LAKAM into Israeli intelligence that a special code name,
JUMBO, was added to the security markings already on the documents. There were strict
orders, Ari Ben-Menashe recalled: ?Anything marked JUMBO was not supposed to be discussed
with your American counterparts.?

1993. The ADL is caught operating a massive spying operation on critics of Israel,
Arab-Americans, the San Francisco Labor Council, ILWU Local 10, Oakland Educational
Association, NAACP, Irish Northern Aid, International Indian Treaty Council, the Asian
Law Caucus and the San Francisco police. Data collected was sent to Israel and in some
cases to South Africa. Pressure from Jewish organizations forces the city to drop the
criminal case, but the ADL settles a civil lawsuit for an undisclosed sum of cash.

1995 The Defense Investigative Service circulates a memo warning US military contractors
that ?Israel aggressively collects [US] military and industrial technology.? The report
stated that Israel obtains information using ?ethnic targeting, financial aggrandizement,
and identification and exploitation of individual frailties? of US citizens.

1996 A General Accounting Office report ?Defense Industrial Security: Weaknesses in US
Security Arrangements With Foreign-Owned Defense Contractors? found that according to
intelligence sources ?Country A? (identified by intelligence sources as Israel,
Washington Times, 2/22/96) ?conducts the most aggressive espionage operation against the
United States of any US ally.? The Jerusalem Post (8/30/96) quoted the report,
?Classified military information and sensitive military technologies are high-priority
targets for the intelligence agencies of this country.? The report described ?An
espionage operation run by the intelligence organization responsible for collecting
scientific and technologic information for [Israel] paid a US government employee to
obtain US classified military intelligence documents.? The Washington Report on Middle
East Affairs (Shawn L. Twing, April 1996) noted that this was ?a reference to the 1985
arrest of Jonathan Pollard, a civilian US naval intelligence analyst who provided
Israel?s LAKAM [Office of Special Tasks] espionage agency an estimated 800,000 pages of
classified US intelligence information.?

The GAO report also noted that ?Several citizens of [Israel] were caught in the United
States stealing sensitive technology used in manufacturing artillery gun tubes.?

1996 An Office of Naval Intelligence document, ?Worldwide Challenges to Naval Strike
Warfare? reported that ?US technology has been acquired [by China] through Israel in the
form of the Lavi fighter and possibly SAM [surface-to-air] missile technology.? Jane?s
Defense Weekly (2/28/96) noted that ?until now, the intelligence community has not openly
confirmed the transfer of US technology [via Israel] to China.? The report noted that
this ?represents a dramatic step forward for Chinese military aviation.? (Flight
International, 3/13/96)

1997 An Army mechanical engineer, David A. Tenenbaum, ?inadvertently? gives classified
military information on missile systems and armored vehicles to Israeli officials (New
York Times, 2/20/97).

1997 The Washington Post reports US intelligence has intercepted a conversation in which
two Israeli officials had discussed the possibility of getting a confidential letter that
then-Secretary of State Warren Christopher had written to Palestinian leader Yasir
Arafat. One of the Israelis, identified only as ?Dov?, had commented that they may get
the letter from ?Mega?, the code name for Israel?s top agent inside the United States.

1997 US ambassador to Israel, Martin Indyk, complains privately to the Israeli government
about heavy-handed surveillance by Israeli intelligence agents.

1997 Israeli agents place a tap on Monica Lewinsky?s phone at the Watergate and record
phone sex sessions between her and President Bill Clinton. The Ken Starr report confirms
that Clinton warned Lewinsky their conversations were being taped and ended the affair.
At the same time, the FBI?s hunt for ?Mega? is called off.

2001 It is discovered that US drug agents? communications have been penetrated. Suspicion
falls on two companies, AMDOCS and Comverse Infosys, both owned by Israelis. AMDOCS
generates billing data for most US phone companies and is able to provide detailed logs
of who is talking to whom. Comverse Infosys builds the tapping equipment used by law
enforcement to eavesdrop on all American telephone calls, but suspicion forms that
Comverse, which gets half of its research and development budget from the Israeli
government, has built a back door into the system that is being exploited by Israeli
intelligence and that the information gleaned on US drug interdiction efforts is finding
its way to drug smugglers. The investigation by the FBI leads to the exposure of the
largest foreign spy ring ever uncovered inside the United States, operated by Israel.
Half of the suspected spies have been arrested when 9-11 happens. On 9-11, 5 Israelis are
arrested for dancing and cheering while the World Trade Towers collapse. Supposedly
employed by Urban Moving Systems, the Israelis are caught with multiple passports and a
lot of cash. Two of them are later revealed to be Mossad. As witness reports track the
activity of the Israelis, it emerges that they were seen at Liberty Park at the time of
the first impact, suggesting a foreknowledge of what was to come. The Israelis are
interrogated, and then eventually sent back to Israel. The owner of the moving company
used as a cover by the Mossad agents abandons his business and flees to Israel. The
United States Government then classifies all of the evidence related to the Israeli
agents and their connections to 9-11. All of this is reported to the public via a four
part story on Fox News by Carl Cameron. Pressure from Jewish groups, primarily AIPAC,
forces Fox News to remove the story from their website. Two hours prior to the 9-11
attacks, Odigo, an Israeli company with offices just a few blocks from the World Trade
Towers, receives an advance warning via the internet. The manager of the New York Office
provides the FBI with the IP address of the sender of the message, but the FBI does not
follow up.

2001 The FBI is investigating 5 Israeli moving companies as possible fronts for Israeli

2001 JDL?s Irv Rubin arrested for planning to bomb a US Congressman. He dies before he
can be brought to trial.

2002 The DEA issues a report that Israeli spies, posing as art students, have been trying
to penetrate US Government offices.

2002 police near the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station in southern Washington State stop a
suspicious truck and detain two Israelis, one of whom is illegally in the United States.
The two men were driving at high speed in a Ryder rental truck, which they claimed had
been used to ?deliver furniture.? The next day, police discovered traces of TNT and RDX
military-grade plastic explosives inside the passenger cabin and on the steering wheel of
the vehicle. The FBI then announces that the tests that showed explosives were ?false
positived? by cigarette smoke, a claim test experts say is ridiculous. Based on an alibi
provided by a woman, the case is closed and the Israelis are handed over to INS to be
sent back to Israel. One week later, the woman who provided the alibi vanishes.

2003 The Police Chief of Cloudcroft stops a truck speeding through a school zone. The
drivers turn out to be Israelis with expired passports. Claiming to be movers, the truck
contains junk furniture and several boxes. The Israelis are handed over to immigration.
The contents of the boxers are not revealed to the public.

2003 Israel deploys assassination squads into other countries, including the United
States. The US Government does not protest.

2004 Police near the Nuclear Fuel Services plant in Tennessee stop a truck after a three
mile chase, during which the driver throws a bottle containing a strange liquid from the
cab. The drivers turn out to be Israelis using fake Ids. The FBI refuses to investigate
and the Israelis are released.

2004 Two Israelis try to enter Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, home to eight Trident
submarines. The truck tests positive for explosives.

The above is taken from a WRH Report?. it can be read HERE

Jerusalem honors convicted spy Pollard on 9,000th day of incarceration
A message urging Obama to free Pollard will be projected onto Jerusalem city walls;
Dozens of protesters call for Pollard?s immediate release.
The Jerusalem municipality will dim lights that illuminate the walls surrounding the old
city on Tuesday evening, as a gesture of solidarity with convicted spy Jonathan Pollard,
who has been incarcerated in the United States for almost a quarter-century.

Pollard was arrested in 1986 as he tried to seek asylum in the Israeli Embassy in
Washington. He was convicted of espionage for Israel and was sentenced to life

As part of Tuesday?s event, a special message calling upon U.S. President Barack Obama to
release Pollard will be projected onto the darkened city walls.

Dozens of Pollard supporters demonstrated earlier Tuesday under the Metarim Bridge for
the second consecutive day, calling for his immediate release.

Since Pollard?s conviction, the U.S. has steadfastly refused to shorten his sentence or
grant him a pardon, despite requests by Israeli prime ministers, ministers, and MKs.

According to the official version of events, Israel immediately apologized to the U.S.
after Pollard was arrested and claimed that a ?rogue agency? had been behind the
espionage activity. Since then, a decision was made in Israel that no espionage
activities will be undertaken on U.S. soil.

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