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*** Israel US Spying - LOTS of GREAT Links...***

Post#1 » Sat Apr 09, 2005 6:24 pm

Fox News 4-Part Story On Israeli Spying In The US
YouTube.com 3-5-6
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAoe26Ma ... fox%20news

These are the videos AIPAC lobbied FOX News to remove from their website. Since then,. AIPAC has found itself embroiled in yet another espionage case, this time involving an operative inside the very Pentagon office from which many of the now discredited claims abut Iraq's WMD.

FOX News threatened this website to force the removal of these videos, but they appear here at this outside website for those of you unaware that on 9-11, the largest foreign spy ring ever uncovered in the US was in the process of being rounded up, and that evidence linking these arrested Israeli spies to 9-11 has been classified by the US Government.


Israel US Spying Start here:
http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/israe ... index.html

then go here:

Israeli US Spying

The Israel Espionage Probe - Does It Matter?

Israel-Pentagon Link Confirmed

Superb Chronology Of The Israeli Pentagon Spy Case

uspected Pentagon Spy Reportedly Served In Israel

Superb Chronology Of The Israeli Pentagon Spy Case

Suspected Pentagon Spy Reportedly Served In Israel

Israel Caught Spying Against Its Cash Cow Again

Latest Israeli Spy Story Makes No Sense

The Pentagon's Repeat Offenders
http://washingtontimes.com/upi-breaking ... -1916r.htm

Israeli Pentagon Spy - Jewish Neocon Feith Hired Suspect

Alleged Israeli Spy Named

Who Can You Trust?

Vanunu - No Need For A Jewish State

The Mossad Seductress Who Trapped Vanunu

Israel's Failed Assassination Attempt On US Ambassador

Hunt On For Israeli Spy Ring In Australia

Finest US Senate That Israeli Money Can Buy

Those 5 Israelis Seen Videotaping The WTC On 911

Clintons' Pardoned Buddy Spied For Israel

Mossad And Moving Companies - Masterminds Of Global Terrorism?

Fox News Series On Israeli Spying In America

Is Israel Really America's Friend?

Israeli Mossad Spies Accused Of Posing As Canadians


Proof Israel/Richard Perle Dictating War On Iraq?

Bush Must Say 'No' To Israeli Nuclear Blackmail - LaRouche

When The War Hits Home

Another View Of Nuclear Israel And The Middle East Arms Race

wenty Things We've Learned Nearly A Year After 911

US Air Force Says Israel Has 400 Atomic And Hydrogen Bombs

Israeli Spy Scandal Deepens - Spies Or Students?

Mossad, Mossad - Coming Soon To A Town Near You!

Of Tooth Fairies And Suicide Bombers

Bali, Australia And The Mossad

Lurking Behind The 911 Smokescreen

ossad Prime Source of Warnings

The Israeli 'Art Student' Mystery

Israeli Spies Exposed

French Say US Has Busted Yet Another Big Israeli Spy Ring

Tracking Isreali Spying In The US - Extensive Chronology

The 'Isreal Art Student' Papers

Was 911 A Mossad 'False Flag' Operation?


Israeli 'Art' Deportees Were IDF Intel, Intercept, Explosives Experts

Israeli 'Art Students' Suspected Of Spying In South Florida

French Say US Has Busted Yet Another Big Israeli Spy Ring

Fox News Pulls Its Four-Part Israeli US Phone Spying Series

Netanyahu Secretly Visits Arch Spy Jonathan Pollard In Prison

Espionage Against America - FBI Probes Major Israeli US Spy Ring

Fox News Pulls Its Four-Part Israeli US Phone Spying Series

JINSA Behind Drive To Cover-Up Israeli Spy Scandal

Israel Linked To Illegal Nuclear Device Smuggling From US

The Greatest Betrayal

Strange Symbiosis - Isreal And Anti-Semitism

Israeli News Reports On TheFox Series Of Israel Spying On US

Fox News Pulls Its Four-Part Israeli US Phone Spying Series

Were The 911 Hijackers Really Arabs? Maybe Not

EIR Blows Israeli Spies' Cover In September 11 Case

FBI Discovers Biggest Spy Operation In US History - Scores Israelis Held

What Was Israel's Role In 911? - Fox News Revelations Ominous

WORLDWIDE Israeli Phone Call Data Control


All US Phone Call Records & Billing Done In Israel

Israeli Eavesdropping On White House Telephones

FBI Probed Israeli White House Espionage During Clinton Term

Et Tu, Israel? - Did The Israelis Have Advance Warning?

Fox Israeli US Spy Series Pt 1

Fox Israeli US Spy Series Pt 2

Fox Israeli US Spy Series Pt 3

Sharon Spy Network? EIR First To Reveal Israel Spy Teams In US

JDL Bombing Suspect Not The Outcast Being Portrayed

American Foreign Policy?

Militant Jewish Activists Deny LA Bomb Plot

Israeli's Plan To Kill US Congressman, Blow Up Mosque Thwarted

60 Israelis Accused Of Spying On US Govt Being Held - '911 Tie-Ins'

Mossad Agents Arrested In Attempt To Bomb Mexican Congress


Now its time for a little Quiz:

Which country alone in the Middle East has nuclear weapons?

Which country alone in the Middle East has nuclear powered and nuclear armed submarines?

Which country in the Middle East refuses to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and bars international inspections?

Which country in the Middle East seized the sovereign territory of other nations by military force and continues to occupy it in defiance of United Nations Security Council resolutions?

Which country alone in the Middle East is well known to have chemical, biological and nuclear weapons of mass destruction?

Which country in the Middle East routinely violates the international borders of another sovereign state with warplanes and artillery and naval gunfire?

What country in the Middle East has for years sent assassins into other countries to kill its political enemies (a practice sometimes called exporting terrorism)?

In which country in the Middle East have high-ranking military officers admitted publicly that unarmed prisoners of war were executed?

What country in the Middle East refuses to prosecute its soldiers who have acknowledged executing prisoners of war?

What country in the Middle East created 762,000 refugees and refuses to allow them to return to their homes, farms and businesses?

What country in the Middle East refuses to pay compensation to people whose land, bank accounts and businesses it confiscated?

In what country in the Middle East was a high-ranking United Nations diplomat assassinated?

In what country in the Middle East did the man who ordered the assassination of a high-ranking U.N. diplomat later become prime minister?

What country in the Middle East blew up an American diplomatic facility in Egypt and attacked a U.S. ship, the USS Liberty, in international waters, killing 34 and wounding 171 American sailors?

What country in the Middle East employed a spy, Jonathan Pollard, to steal classified documents and then gave some of them to the Soviet Union?

What country at first denied any official connection to Pollard, then voted to make him a citizen and has continuously demanded that the American president grant Pollard a full pardon?

What Middle East country allows American Jewish murderers to flee to its country to escape punishment in the United States and refuses to extradite them once in their custody?

What Middle East country preaches against hate yet builds a shrine and a memorial for a murderer who killed 29 Palestinians while they prayed in their Mosque?

What country on Planet Earth has the second most powerful lobby in the United States, according to a recent Fortune magazine survey of Washington insiders?

Which country in the Middle East fires missiles and rockets into crowded city streets filled with unsuspecting civilians and road traffic to attempt to kill the passengers in a single vehicle?

Which country in the Middle East deliberately targeted a U.N. Refugee Camp in Qana, Lebanon and killed 103 innocent men, women, and especially children?

Which country in the Middle East is in defiance of 69 United Nations Security Council resolutions and has been protected from 29 more by U.S. vetoes?

Which country in the Middle East receives more than one-third of all U.S. aid yet is the 16th richest country in the world?

Which country in the Middle East receives U.S. weapons for free and then sells the technology to the Republic of China even at the objections of the U.S.?

Which country in the Middle East routinely insults the American people by having its Prime Minister address the United States Congress and lecturing them like children on why they have no right to reduce foreign aid?

Which country in the Middle East had its Prime Minister announce to his staff not to worry about what the United States says because "We control America?"

What country in the Middle East was cited by Amnesty International for demolishing more than 4000 innocent Palestinian homes as a means of ethnic cleansing?

Which country in the Middle East has just recently used a weapon of mass destruction, a one-ton smart bomb, dropping it in the center of a highly populated area killing 15 civilians including 9 children?

Which country in the Middle East routinely kills young Palestinian children for no reason other than throwing stones at armored vehicles, bulldozers, or tanks?

Which country in the Middle East signed the Oslo Accords promising to halt any new Jewish Settlement construction, but instead, has built more than 270 new settlements since the signing?

Which country in the Middle East has assassinated more than 100 political officials of its opponent in the last 2 years while killing hundreds of civilians in the process, including dozens of children?

Which country in the Middle East regularly violates the Geneva Convention by imposing collective punishment on entire towns, villages, and camps, for the acts of a few, and even goes as far as demolishing entire villages while people are still in their homes?
What Middle East country's spies in New York were arrested and immediately ordered to be released after being caught filming and dancing during the 9/11 attacks?

What country in the Middle East has been caught with spies in the Pentagon and the White House, being coddled and hidden by members of the American administration and military?

What country in the Middle East wants another country to pay $2.2 billion to relocate its own illegal settlers from lands it does not own?

Can you believe this county is America's closest ally in the middle east, it's our closest ally, period and receives over $4 Billion in military equipment/ammunition and cash from America, A YEAR?

Did you know that non-Jewish Israelis cannot buy or lease land in Israel?

Did you know that Palestinian license plates in Israel are color coded to distinguish Jews from non-Jews?

Did you know that Jerusalem, both East and West, is considered by the entire world community, including the United States, to be occupied territory and NOT part of Israel?

Did you know that Israel allots 85% of the water resources for Jews and the remaining 15% is divided among all Palestinians in the territories? For example in Hebron, 85% of the water is given to about 400 settlers, while 15% must be divided among Hebron's 120,000 Palestinians.

Did you know that Israel currently occupies territories of two sovereign nations (Lebanon and Syria) in defiance of United Nations Security Council resolutions?

Did you know that Palestinian refugees make up the largest portion of the refugee population in the world?

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All US Phone Call Records And Billing Done In Israel

Post#2 » Sat Apr 09, 2005 6:24 pm


All US Phone Call Records And Billing Done In Israel - Part 2
Carl Cameron Investigates

BRIT HUME, HOST: Last time we reported on the approximately 60 Israelis who had been detained in connection with the Sept. 11 terrorism investigation. Carl Cameron reported that U.S. investigators suspect that some of these Israelis were spying on Arabs in this country, and may have turned up information on the planned terrorist attacks back in September that was not passed on.

Tonight, in the second of four reports on spying by Israelis in the U.S., we learn about an Israeli-based private communications company, for whom a half-dozen of those 60 detained suspects worked. American investigators fear information generated by this firm may have fallen into the wrong hands and had the effect of impeded the Sept. 11 terror inquiry. Here's Carl Cameron's second report.


CARL CAMERON, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Fox News has learned that some American terrorist investigators fear certain suspects in the Sept. 11 attacks may have managed to stay ahead of them, by knowing who and when investigators are calling on the telephone. How?

By obtaining and analyzing data that's generated every time someone in the U.S. makes a call.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What city and state, please?

CAMERON: Here's how the system works. Most directory assistance calls, and virtually all call records and billing in the U.S. are done for the phone companies by Amdocs Ltd., an Israeli-based private elecommunications company.

Amdocs has contracts with the 25 biggest phone companies in America, and more worldwide. The White House and other secure government phone lines are protected, but it is virtually impossible to make a call on normal phones without generating an Amdocs record of it.

In recent years, the FBI and other government agencies have investigated Amdocs more than once. The firm has repeatedly and adamantly denied any security breaches or wrongdoing. But sources tell Fox News that in 1999, the super secret national security agency, headquartered in northern Maryland, issued what's called a Top Secret sensitive compartmentalized information report, TS/SCI, warning that records of calls in the United States were getting into foreign hands - in Israel, in particular.

Investigators don't believe calls are being listened to, but the data about who is calling whom and when is plenty valuable in itself. An internal Amdocs memo to senior company executives suggests just how Amdocs generated call records could be used. "Widespread data mining techniques and algorithms.... combining both the properties of the customer (e.g., credit rating) and properties of the specific 'behavior.'" Specific behavior, such as who the customers are calling.

The Amdocs memo says the system should be used to prevent phone fraud. But U.S. counterintelligence analysts say it could also be used to spy through the phone system. Fox News has learned that the N.S.A has held numerous classified conferences to warn the F.B.I. and C.I.A. how Amdocs records could be used. At one NSA briefing, a diagram by the Argon national lab was used to show that if the phone records are not secure, major security breaches are possible.

Another briefing document said, "It has become increasingly apparent that systems and networks are vulnerable.Such crimes always involve unauthorized persons, or persons who exceed their authorization...citing on exploitable vulnerabilities."

Those vulnerabilities are growing, because according to another briefing, the U.S. relies too much on foreign companies like Amdocs for high-tech equipment and software. "Many factors have led to increased dependence on code developed overseas.... We buy rather than train or develop solutions."

U.S. intelligence does not believe the Israeli government is involved in a misuse of information, and Amdocs insists that its data is secure. What U.S. government officials are worried about, however, is the possibility that Amdocs data could get into the wrong hands, particularly organized crime. And that would not be the first thing that such a thing has happened. Fox News has documents of a 1997 drug trafficking case in Los Angeles, in which telephone information, the type that Amdocs collects, was used to "completely compromise the communications of the FBI, the Secret Service, the DEO and the LAPD."

We'll have that and a lot more in the days ahead - Brit.

HUME: Carl, I want to take you back to your report last night on those 60 Israelis who were detained in the anti-terror investigation, and the suspicion that some investigators have that they may have picked up information on the 9/11 attacks ahead of time and not passed it on.

There was a report, you'll recall, that the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, did indeed send representatives to the U.S. to warn, just before 9/11, that a major terrorist attack was imminent. How does that leave room for the lack of a warning?

CAMERON: I remember the report, Brit. We did it first internationally right here on your show on the 14th. What investigators are saying is that that warning from the Mossad was nonspecific and general, and they believe that it may have had something to do with the desire to protect what are called sources and methods in the intelligence community. The suspicion being, perhaps those sources and methods were taking place right here in the United States.

The question came up in select intelligence committee on Capitol Hill today. They intend to look into what we reported last night, and specifically that possibility - Brit.

HUME: So in other words, the problem wasn't lack of a warning, the problem was lack of useful details?

CAMERON: Quantity of information.

HUME: All right, Carl, thank you very much.


From David A. Doane

I have worked in the telecommunications operational software systems (OSS) business for a number of years. AMDOCS does have a significant market share of the local phone billing through their contracts with the "Baby Bells", BUT does not "own" this market, and, there are a number of other significant players in the cellular and long distance. For example all AT&T long distance calls go through a billing system built by CONVERGYS (a long time supplier to AT&T). Many very big companies are involved in this billing space of the total OSS market.

AND (and this is a very big and), most of the installed billing systems are nut managed by AMDOCS. When a system is installed it is managed by the telecom customer. One thing Telecommunications companies are VERY serious about is owning the billing service, because in the final analysis that is the only contact that most end users have with the phone company, therefore it is the perceived point of value. Some Telecoms contract out the actual printing and mailing of the bill and some of the software companies provide this service (AMDOCS is one that does).

The bottom line is that there are points in the billing process that third parties MAY get a hold of the call detail records, BUT it is VERY unlikely that one company can have a large enough share to undermine the system or mine for data. The only place that this is possible is with government telecom contractors and that should be looked into seriously.

Below is a short list of the software companies that play in this space.

Abiliti Solutions
Apogee Networks
The Billing College
Billing World and OSS Today
The Board Room
Checkfree i Solutions
ComArch Group
Comm Soft
Communications Data Group
Comporium Data Services
Comptel Corporation
CTI Group
Daleen Technologies
DST Innovis
Engel Consulting Group
EUR Systems
European Communications
Exstream Software
Financial Statement Services
Fujitsu Consulting
Group 1 Software
Hewlett-Packard Company
High Deal, Inc.
Info Directions
Infotech Solutions
Intec Telecom Systems PLC
Intrado Inc.
Isis Papyrus America Inc.
KPMG Consulting Inc.
Lucent Technologies
Mail2000, A UPS Company
Metavante Corporation
Moore BCS
nTels Co.
OSG Billing Services
Output Technology Solutions
Platinum Communications, Inc.
Portal Software
Quintrex Data Systems
Schlumberger Sema
Service Level Corporation
Smarten U.S.
SMS Consulting
SunTec Business Solutions
Teleflex Systems, Inc.
TeleStrategies, Inc.
The Tower Group
Times Ten Performance Software
TSI Telecommunication Services
United Support Systems
USHA Communications Technology
Vertex Inc.
Vestcom International
Vibrant Solutions
XACCT Technologies





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more links back to israel...and its dual assets

Post#3 » Thu Apr 14, 2005 5:46 pm

As the WTC burned and crumpled, Mossad agents danced, celebrated and filmed the atrocity

Flight 77 is what really ties Zakheim to 9/11

Dov Zakheim's Homeland Security biz and the remote control of aircraft

Zionist Commando Daniel Lewin Orchestrated The 9-11 Terrorist Attacks

More Evidence of Zionist Controlled Voting Machines

Russia Proves 'Peak Oil' is a Misleading Zionist Scam

US Concentration Camps To Be Built By Israelis

Irangate: The Israel Connection
http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Ronal ... _TICC.html

Bolshevism is Jewish
http://www.jrbooksonline.com/HTML-docs/ ... jewish.htm

Talmud presented to Library of Congress
http://www.libertyforum.org/showflat.ph ... o=21∂=

Zionist Terrorist Groups
http://www.wsws.org/articles/2003/jun20 ... -j21.shtml

Reestablished Sanhedrin Convenes to Discuss Temple

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Post#4 » Sat Sep 24, 2005 5:52 pm

Israel and pro zionist American jews are THE biggest threat to our country and our countrys freedoms as we know them.


By Richard Walker

Grand jury indictments handed down on Aug. 4 against a senior Pentagon official and two Washington-based lobbyists linked to Israel paint a grim picture of a much wider espionage ring involving unidentified high level U.S. and Israeli government officials, diplomats and spies.

AFP has obtained a copy of that grand jury indictment. The three at the center of the case are: Lawrence Anthony Franklin, who held a top secret security clearance and worked under the prominent neocon, Douglas Feith, within the office of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld; Steven J. Rosen, formerly director of foreign policy issues at American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC); and Keith Weisman, a senior Middle East analyst in the same Washington-based lobby group.

AIPAC is the most powerful lobby in Washington. This year, Condoleezza Rice was just one of many figures from the Bush administration to attend its annual convention. More than half of Congress was also in attendance. Rosen appears from the indictments to have been the prime mover in a conspiracy which began in 1999 but did not directly involve Franklin until three years later.

As far back as 1978, Rosen held a U.S. government secret security clearance because of his work with the Rand Corporation. Based on that clearance, Rosen was later granted top secret clearance by the CIA. However that was terminated in 1982 when he ceased work at Rand and joined AIPAC in Washington as its director of foreign policy issues.

The grand jury indictment states that in his executive capacity at AIPAC, he primarily lobbied “officials within the Executive Branch of the U.S. government.”

However, it was not until 1993 that Weisman entered the picture when he was hired by AIPAC to work on Middle East affairs under the tutelage of Rosen.

According to the grand jury, in April 1999 Rosen and Weisman began their spying operations by “cultivating relationships and using their contacts within the U.S. government and elsewhere to gather sensitive U.S. government information, including classified information relating to the national defense” which they then passed to people connected to Israel’s intelligence and diplomatic services.

In the second week of April 1999, Rosen told an unnamed “foreign official (FO-1)” that he had picked up an “extremely sensitive piece of codeword protected intelligence” that related to terrorist activities in Central Asia.

Two months later, Weisman met the same foreign official to tell him he had learned from “three different sources” of a classified FBI file on the Khobar Towers bombing. Later that year, Rosen and Weisman met with a high level U.S. government official not named in the grand jury indictment papers. They learned from that official about classified U.S. strategy options concerning Iran. The two spies then took the information and secretly discussed it with members of the U.S. media.

It appears from a careful reading of the grand jury charges that Rosen and Weisman were not only extracting information from within the U.S. government but were also plying the U.S. media with some of it, possibly to influence U.S. public opinion and bring it into line with Israel’s Iran policy which was directed at fomenting a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

It has long been Israel’s policy to compel the United States to confront Iran which Israel sees as one of its most dangerous enemies in the Middle East. Many neo-cons within the Bush administration, with strong ties to Israel, have long argued that after Iraq, the United States should force regime change in Iran and Syria.

It is clear from the indictments that before Franklin entered the picture and became part of the Rosen-Weisman espionage conspiracy, other U.S. government officials discussed classified matters with the two AIPAC lobbyists.

For example, the indictments lay out episodes in which Rosen and Weisman got information from U.S. officials referred to as “USGO 1 & 2” and Defense Department officials, identified as “DOD Employee A & B,” and how, on one occasion, they passed that information to an unnamed “foreign national.”

It was not until August 2002, however, that Franklin, who was then working on classified Middle East policy matters within the Department of Defense, came to the attention of the two Israeli spies.

Before Franklin and Rosen met, Franklin told Rosen in a phone call that he had seven or eight issues he wanted to discuss with him and “they were not limited to Iran.” The obvious implication from that is that Franklin either knew who Rosen was or was directed by someone else in the Pentagon to link up with him.

The first meeting between Rosen and Franklin happened over breakfast in an Arlington restaurant on Feb. 7, 2003, and the unnamed Defense employee, “Employee B,” was also present, as well as Weisman.

During breakfast, Franklin told the two AIPAC lobbyists about a classified strategy paper on U.S.-Iran policy. Franklin very quickly became attached to Rosen and Weisman to the extent that two days later he discussed with Rosen his prospects for a job on the National Security Council (NSC) and how that would place him “by the elbow” of Bush.

He asked Rosen to “put in a good word” for him to which Rosen replied: “I’ll do what I can.”

On March 13, 2003, after Franklin faxed a classified document to Rosen, Rosen met with two officials from the Israeli embassy in Washington and discussed the information Franklin had provided. Rosen also leaked material from the document to two members of the media.

Three months later, at Weisman’s request, Franklin acquired for him a copy of a CIA document. One of the most intriguing aspects of the indictment is that Franklin not only met Rosen and Weisman but some of their contacts from the Israeli embassy, especially an unidentified individual referred to as “Foreign Official 3—FO-3.”

In one section of the indictment papers, while in no way minimizing Franklin’s role, the grand jury pointed out that it was the strategy of the “conspirators”—presumably Rosen, Weisman, Israeli diplomats and others—to “develop a trustworthy relationship” and also to “foster an environment” in which Franklin “felt free to disclose classified information.” In other words, a web was cleverly woven to entrap Franklin.

Sometimes, Franklin and FO-3 met at the Pentagon Officers Athletic Club beside the Pentagon and, as a rule, their discussions centered on Iran, its nuclear policy and the strategies being adopted by various U.S. government agencies to deal with Iran.

According to the grand jury, after one such meeting on May 23, 2003, Franklin returned to his desk in the DOD and drafted a memo to his superiors “incorporating suggestions being made by FO-3.” Therefore, Franklin acted as a conduit for the Israeli government to secretly shape U.S. foreign policy particularly toward Iran, and other countries in the Middle East.

Franklin and FO-3 became such close buddies that Franklin asked him for, and received, a letter to help his daughter in her travels to Israel and other parts of the Middle East.

It was FO-3, according to the grand jury, who suggested to Franklin that he meet with a former member of Mossad who was running a think tank in Israel. Franklin agreed and met the person in the Pentagon cafeteria where they discussed Iran’s nuclear program.

On May 18, 2004, Franklin again met FO-3 and handed him classified information regarding Iranian activities in Iraq. Three week later, again in the Pentagon, Franklin met FO-3 who was accompanied by another person from the Israeli embassy and they discussed Iraq.

For the remainder of that month, the FBI monitored his meetings with Rosen and Weisman and their meetings with FO-3 from the Israeli embassy.

Having snagged Franklin, FBI agents did not leave the two AIPAC lobbyists on too long a leash. On Aug. 3, 2004, the FBI interviewed the two lobbyists about Franklin.

A major question left unanswered by the indictment of the trio is whether the espionage inquiry will stop there. While members of the Israeli embassy can claim diplomatic immunity, no such immunity will be available to other unnamed U.S. government officials alleged to have passed classified materials to Rosen and Weisman before Franklin
came on board.

It will also be hard for AIPAC to claim it knew nothing about the activities of Rosen and Weisman, especially when the indictments include a reference to Weisman passing materials to AIPAC colleagues.

It will also be difficult for Israel to claim that it does not spy on the United States or covertly try to influence U.S. foreign policy.

As for the Bush administration and the neo-cons within it who have argued that Israel is America’s best ally, the grand jury indictments tell a different story.

Click here to download a copy of the federal indictment of Defense official Larry Franklin and members of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee for spying on the United States.

(Issue #34, August 21, 2005)

Not Copyrighted. Readers can reprint and are free to redistribute - as long as full credit is given to American Free Press - 645 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Suite 100 Washington, D.C. 20003

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PNAC-Is America in the Clasp of Zionism?

Post#5 » Tue Oct 25, 2005 10:33 pm

Is America in the Clasp of Zionist?

Neocons in Washington

After moving into the White House, George Bush placed a number of
founding members of 'The Project for the New American Century' (PNAC)
also known as 'Neocons' in important positions from which they have
been exerting maximum pressure on U.S. domestic and foreign policies.
The main thrust of these policies has been to implement PNAC's white
paper on "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and
Resources for the New Century" issued in September 2000. The results
of these policies have so far been negative. The national debt is
projected to reach $11 trillion by 2010. The U.S. relationship with
France and Germany is at its lowest ebb in history. The German
Marshall Fund statistics recently released shows that the "gap between
American and European attitudes is widening and that Europeans
increasingly disapprove of the American position as the sole
superpower. "The quagmire in Afghanistan and Iraq shows no sign of
abatement. The draconian measures of the Patriot Act (drafted before
9/11 and subsequently rushed through Congress) are slowly usurping
hard-earned civil liberties. American strategic interests in the
Muslim world have once again been sucker-punched by Israel in the
Palestine-Israeli conflict and much of the U.S. body politic remains
oblivious to its corrosive effect upon American society. The spotlight
being directed on Syria and Iran by the Neocons is showing
unmistakable similarities with parallels to the row over Saddam
Hussain's phantom WMDs and Al Qaeda's presence in Iraq.

Since America has not enhanced its long-term interests through these
policies the question is 'who is the real beneficiary?' Is President
George W. Bush his own man or is there someone else pulling his
strings? Is it puppeteers Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld? Karl Rove
and Condoleezza Rice? Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle? Big Oil or
old-time religion? Do they all have a common worldview, philosophy or
a common agenda to promote? What is the common thread between them?

One common factor among the Neocons that seems to stands out is Leo
Strauss, a Jewish political philosopher-king who taught the works of
Plato, Nietzsche and Hobbes for two decades at the University of
Chicago. According to his profile published in the Executive
Intelligence Review in March 2003 Strauss is seen as the "Fascist
Godfather of the Neo-Cons." In its September/October 2003 issue,
Adbuster Magazine notes of Leo Strauss that he believed in the
efficacy and usefulness of "noble lies" in politics to keep the
uncomprehending masses in line; that the strong are fit to rule; the
weak ought, in turn, to be ruled; that it is important and necessary
for political entities to use force and fraud to prosper; and that
"nationalism requires an external threat - and if one cannot be found,
it must be manufactured." Strauss, the article notes, "produced a
small army of devoted pupils who have greatly influenced the thinking
of neo-conservatives."

Many of the major players who have ascended to the pinnacle of power
under the presidency of George Bush are admirers of Leo Strauss and as
such they have brought Straussian ideals with them. Paul Wolfowitz,
the deputy secretary of defense tops the list. Other Straussians in or
around the administration include Abram Shulsky, director of the
Pentagon's Office of Special Plans, Bill Kristol (son of Irving
Kristol, one of the first neo-cons) the editor of Rupert Murdoch's the
weekly Standard. Other powerful "insiders" of PNAC who have a lock on
policy making in the Bush administration include Dick Cheney, Donald
Rumsfeld, Eliot Abrams, Dov Zakheim, John Bolton, Richard Perle, and
James Woolsey, former CIA director. Adbuster Magazine further notes
that many of the major players who are occupying the White House are
also descendants of the Jewish-American New York intellectuals who
veered from the radical left (anti-Stalinist Trotskyism of the 1920s
and '30s) to the radical right (hence the "neo"). In between, they
were allies of McCarthy in the fight against communism, and later
joined the Reagan administration.

These ideologues and power-politicians have enshrined the central
tenets of Straussian creed in the "National Security Strategy of the
United States of America," the official policy of the U.S.
administration published in September 2002. It is virtually identical
to various white papers of the PNAC and to the 1981 policy proposal of
Ariel Sharon to reorganize the balance of power in the Middle East
through change of regimes.

In April 2003, writing in Ha'aretz Israel's leading daily newspaper
about the war against Iraq, Ari Shavit, noted: "that ardent faith was
disseminated by a small group of 25 or 30 neo-conservatives, almost
all of them Jewish, almost all of them intellectuals... People who are
mutual friends and cultivate one another and are convinced that
political ideas are a major driving force of history." Joining in this
observation, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman noted that "This
is a war of an elite." Laughing: "I could give you the names of 25
people - all of whom are at this moment within a five-block radius of
this office - who, if you had exiled them to a desert island a year
and a half ago, the Iraq war would not have happened.

Here we see uncanny similarities between Straussian thought and the
decision to go to war in Iraq by the neo-conservative pro-Israeli
nexus of the Bush administration. Following in the footsteps of
"philosopher kings" Mr. Wolfowitz and his fellow Straussians were
obviously telling 'noble lies' to justify invading Iraq when it was no
threat to the United States. In whose interest, then, were they lying?
Could it be that they were lying to use America's might -- against its
own interests -- to secure Israeli hegemony in the Arab world. Let's
explore further.

We know that barely one week after September 11 2001, the hawks around
Donald Rumsfeld urged the president to tackle Osama bin Laden, Saddam
Hussein, and go after Hizbollah, Syria and Iran. As the Financial
Times in its issue of November 4, 2003 reports they defined "a threat
to Israel is a threat to the United States. Under the guise of the war
on terror, their argument went, America should identify its interests
with those of Israel - or, to be more precise, with the way the
current leadership in Israel defines those interests."

In his book The Samson Option, Seymour Hersh spells out Sharon's
master plan for changing regimes in the Arab world. He notes that, "in
the early fall of 1981 Sharon called for Israel to broaden its
national security interest 'to include beyond Middle East and Red Sea,
states like Turkey, Iran and Pakistan, and regions such as the Persian
Gulf and central and northern Africa.' Sharon was telling his nation
that Israel's national security now depends on its ability to
influence events in a huge area that stretches from Kenya in the south
to Turkey, and from Mauritania in the west to Pakistan." Who is better
suited to bring about these changes than the United States?

It seems that the tragic events of 9/11 gave a context and a permit to
these neo-cons a free rein to unleash their foreign/military campaigns
as outlined in one of PNAC's major reports, written in 2000. In
unleashing these campaigns the Neocons have taken the first step in
the most radical reshaping of the Middle East since the First World
War. In doing so they knew that, "the process of transformation, even
if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent
some catastrophic and catalyzing event -- like a new Pearl Harbor." To
sustain their campaigns the neocons continue to utilize fear and hyped
patriotism and a permanent war on terrorism as the basis for their
policy agenda. The main objective of this policy, at this juncture,
has uncanny resemblance to the Israeli agenda as spelled out in
Sharon's master plan - regime change in Arab world and de-fang
Pakistan and Iran. After bringing about regime changes in Afghanistan
and Iraq, and cornering Pakistan, the next critical move of the Bush
administration for reorganizing the balance of power in the Middle
East seems to be directed against Iran and Syria. Syria and Iran are
the two remaining countries that stand in the way of Israeli hegemony
in the area.

In its May 9, 2003 issue, the Financial Times notes that Douglas
Feith, a Straussian pro-Israeli "neo-con" and number three at the
Pentagon as under secretary of defense for policy, and his fellow
neocons "are working hard on the Bush agenda." The same article notes
that, Douglas Feith is working closely with Reza Pahlavi, son of
Iran's late Muhammad Reza Shah Pahalvi, to restore monarchy in Iran.
To bring Reza Pehlavi under the protection of American forces in Iran
would be like bringing Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan and Ahmad Chalabi
in Iraq. In this eerie replay of the Iraqi campaign, Israel has
cranked up a formidable array of pro-Israeli "neo-cons" to "run
interference for it in Washington and to blacken the current
government in Tehran."

As for Syria, an unrelenting Washington-sponsored campaign of
vilification and demonization is already under way. The Syria
Accountability Act, approved 33 to 2 by a House committee on October 8
seems to be the replaying of opening scene to the buildup of war in

To properly understand the Syria Accountability Act, one has to go
back to a 1996 document, "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing
the Realm," drafted by a team of advisers to Benjamin Netanyahu in his
run for Prime Minister of Israel. The authors included current Bush
advisers Richard Perle and Douglas Feith. "Syria challenges Israel on
Lebanese soil," he wrote, calling for "striking Syrian military
targets in Lebanon, and should that prove insufficient, striking at
select targets in Syria proper." Commenting on the recent Israeli air
strike in Syria, Perle told the Washington Post that "it will help the
peace process, adding that the United States itself might have to
attack Syria." Only months ago we were told that the "road to peace in
Jerusalem runs through Baghdad." Perhaps because the resistance to the
US occupation in Iraq is getting tougher every day, we are now told
that the twisted road to peace runs through Damascus. Another "noble
lie" we presume.

It is not only the blatant lies that can be misled; doctored facts can
be more misleading in worse manner than any lie ever could. For
example all regional conflicts and freedom struggles by Chechens,
Colombians, Palestinians, Moros, Kashmiris, and Iraqi resistance
against US occupation have now been painted with the same brush and
conveniently labeled as "terrorism." Prior to 9/11 these people were
considered as "insurgents, rebels, guerillas, separatists,
mujahadeens, freedom fighters, etc." By labeling these people as
"terrorists" are we not using doctored facts to demonize them and
mislead the world public opinion against their struggle?

Manufacturing "noble lies" can be seen also in the 'Joint Declaration
of the Jerusalem Summit' (Oct. 10-12, 2003) of international Zionists.
It was attended, among others, by Richard Perle, Daniel Pipes,
Ambassador Alan Keyes and hundreds of Evangelical Christians from the
United States, representatives from Sweden, the EU Parliament, India,
France, Slovenia, and Serbia. US Senator Sam Brownback spoke to the
Summit by satellite emphasizing that Christian and Jewish synergy
could accomplish much in the political realm, and that the Biblical
road map would be the one that would emerge triumphant. In its
declaration the Jerusalem Summit proclaimed that it is "the ideology
of radical Islam which represents the third major totalitarian threat
to civilization following Fascism and Communism."

This declaration has a familiar echo of Straussian philosophy -
"nationalism requires an external threat - and if one cannot be found,
it must be manufactured." Using the efficacy and usefulness of lies in
politics, Islam and Muslims are being portrayed as the new enemy. By
repeating this lie long enough these Neocons hope to convince the
Americans and the world that it is in the interest of the United
States to support the master plan as spelled out by Sharon. The
majority of the Europeans are not buying this lie. As published on
AFP's website on November 3, according to the latest "Eurobarometer"
poll requested by European Union, some 59% of Europeans replied "yes"
when asked whether or not Israel presents a threat to peace in the

America should not let Israel define its interests. It is neither
logical nor strategic. The expanding Israel/India/Evangelical
Christians nexus supported by the Neocons in Washington is likely to
prove catastrophic for America, the European Union, Muslim countries
and the world at large. Once Israel achieves its uncontested hegemony
in the Middle East; it may even pose a challenge to EU and American
interests in the Muslim world and Africa. At a minimum, it would
unmistakably fuel more resentment in the Muslim world against America,
further strain transatlantic relations and could even paralyze the
United Nations. Warning against the Washington Neocons and the PNAC
agenda, Bernard Weiner has correctly noted that "the PNAC boys are
dangerous ideologues playing with matches, and the U.S. is going to
get burned even more in years to come, unless their hold on power is
broken. The only way to accomplish this, given the present
circumstances, is to defeat their boss at the polls in 2004, thus
breaking the Hard Right momentum that has done, and is doing, such
great damage to our reputation abroad and to our country internally,
especially to our Constitution."

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The Israeli Spy Ring

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The Israeli Spy Ring


Counterspin Audio Report on the Israeli Spy Ring
Starts @ 7:36
http://stream.realimpact.org/rihurl.ram ... &start=%25

"Israel does not spy on the United States of America."
-- Mark Regev, a spokesman at the Israeli embassy in Washington

Prior to 9/11, the FBI had discovered the presence of a massive spy ring inside the United States run by the government of Israel. This seems a harsh gratitude from a nation which obtains 10% of its annual budget from the American taxpayer, $3+ billion a year. Over the years, American taxpayers have been required to send Israel more than four times what the US spent to go to the moon.
What Israel has done in return was to set up government subsidized telecommunications companies which operate here in the United States. One of these companies is Amdocs, which provides billing and directory assistance for 90% of the phone companies in the USA. Amdocs' main computer center for billing is actually in Israel and allows those with access to do what intelligence agencies call "traffic analysis"; a picture of someone's activities based on a pattern of who they are calling and when. Another Israeli telecom company is Comverse Infosys, which subcontracts the installation of the automatic tapping equipment now built into every phone system in America. Comverse maintains its own connections to all this phone tapping equipment, insisting that it is for maintenance purposes only. However, Converse has been named as the most likely source for leaked information regarding telephone calls by law enforcement that derailed several investigations into not only espionage, but drug running as well. Yet another Israeli telecom company is Odigo, which provides the core message passing system for all the "Instant Message" services. Two hours before the attacks on the World Trade Towers, Odigo employees received a warning. Odigo has an office 2 blocks from the former location of the World Trade Towers. "I think there is very compelling evidence that at least some of the terrorists were assisted not just in financing -- although that was part of it -- by a sovereign foreign government... It will become public at some point when it's turned over to the archives, but that's 20 or 30 years from now."http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/9-11_ ... odigo.html

-- Senator Graham as quoted in Senator: At Least One Foreign Country Assisted the 9/11 Terrorists

Let us be clear here. There is nothing benign about Israel spying on the United States. When Jonathan Pollard stole our nuclear secrets (which your taxes paid to develop) and sent them to Israel, Israel did not hesitate to trade those secrets to the USSR in exchange for increased emigration quotas.

The implication of these facts is that the billions of our tax dollars sent to Israel (while women and children sleep in America's alleys and eat out of trash bins) have bought and paid for a monstrous phone tracking and phone tapping system that can eavesdrop on almost any phone call in America. Even the White House phones were open to such tapping by listening in on the other end outside the White House itself.

This actually happened. The Ken Starr report on Whitewater describes how Bill Clinton informed Monica Lewinsky that their phone sex conversations had been recorded. At the same time, Clinton ordered the FBI to cease the hunt for an Israeli mole known to be operating inside the White House itself!

So here we have a foreign nation able to listen in on most phones at will, using taps that cannot be found because they are built into the phone system itself, and willing to use the information gleaned from those calls to blackmail Americans into any desired course of action.

This may well be what Ariel Sharon meant when he stated that the Jewish people control America.

That the information gleaned from these phone taps is being used to coerce the behavior of key individuals in the US Government and media is illustrated by the manner in which the government and the media have handled this scandal of the largest spy ring ever uncovered inside the United States, and of phone taps on all of our phones. They are downplaying it. Actually, burying it is a better word.

Fox News, alone of all the media, actually ran the story as a four part broadcast, and put the story up on its web site. Then, without explanation, Fox News erased the story from their web site

and have never mentioned it again. CNN followed by "Orwellizing"
http://www11.cnn.com/2001/US/09/28/inv. ... index.html

their report of the two hour advance warning of the WTC attacks sent to Odigo employees. But far more telling is the admission made by a US Official in part one of the Fox News report that hard evidence existed linking the events of 9/11 not to Arab Muslims, but to some of the more than 200 Israeli spies arrested both before and after 9/11, but that this evidence had been CLASSIFIED.
"Investigators within the DEA, INS and FBI have all told Fox News that to pursue or even suggest Israeli spying ... is considered career suicide."

-- Carl Cameron, as quoted in The Spies Who Came In From The Art Sale
http://atlanta.creativeloafing.com/2002 ... apper.html

Since then, any and all mention of the Israeli spy ring and phone tapping scandal has resulted in a barrage of shrill screams of "hate" and "anti-Semite", two well worn and frankly over used devices to try to silence discussion on any topic unfavorable to the nation which owns the spy ring in question.

The story of the uncovering of the largest spy ring ever discovered inside the United States should be the story of the century, if indeed the US media is looking out for the best interests of the American people. That this spy ring helped drug smugglers evade investigators should be a major scandal, if indeed the US media is looking out for the best interests of the American people. That the spy ring includes companies able to track and tap into any phone in America, including the White House, should be a cause celebre', if indeed the US media is looking out for the best interests of the American people.
But they are not. The media is trying to bury this story. They are spiking it, erasing it from their web sites in a chilling real-life Orwellian rewriting of history.

The actions of the US media are those of people trying to protect this spy ring and those that the spy ring worked for. "While I agree with you, if I say anything about US geopolitical interests with Israel, I might as well clean off my desk."

-- Unnamed reporter as quoted in American Media Censorship and Israel

The actions of the US media are those of traitors to the American people.

"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information."

-- US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.

Hundreds of Mossad Agents Caught
Running Wild in America!
More holes in US electronic security

The story on Israeli spying inside the focused on three companies, Amdocs, which provides billing and directory assistance for most American phone companies, Comverse Infosys, which installs and mainstains telephone tapping equipment for US law enforcement, and Odigo, which provides services for the various "Instant Message" systems on your computer. All three companies are owned by Israel and have strong ties to the Israeli Defense Force.

Both Amdocs and Comverse Infosys were implicated in the sale of telephone data which compromised US investigations into drug running, and Comverse Infosys phone taps are suspected of being the means by which Bill Clinton's phone sex sessions were recorded, as reported in the Ken Starr Report. Odigo, which had offices near the World Trade Towers, is the company which received a two hour advance warning of the attacks of 9-11.

Now, in a chilling real life version of the plotline from "The Net", it turns out that the majority of the firewalls on US corporate and government computer systems are provided by just one company, Checkpoint Systems, which like Amdocs, Comverse Infosys, and Odigo, is headquartered in Israel.

Israelis trapped in terror roundups cause worry at home, anger at U.S

Nearly 100 Israelis arrested in U.S. since September 11 attacks
http://www.israelinsider.com/channels/d ... p_0117.htm

Arrest of Jewish Defense League Officers
http://www.todaysalternativenews.com/in ... lues[1]=80

Israeli's Arrested As Spies in America
http://www.todaysalternativenews.com/in ... lues[1]=80

The art of spying on your "friends"

Evidence of six hijacking teams
http://www.guardian.co.uk/wtccrash/stor ... 25,00.html

US to Deport the Mysterious 5 Israelis?
http://www.guardian.co.uk/wtccrash/stor ... 25,00.html

Dancing Israelis at George Washington bridge?

See also:

Israeli Spying on the US: a Long History

The Complete Collection of Articles About the Israeli Spy Ring Scandal
http://www.blythe.org/nytransfer-subs/2 ... 5_Israelis_

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Israel Is Spying In And On The U.S.? Part 1

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Israel Is Spying In And On The U.S.? Part 1

BRIT HUME, HOST: It has been more than 16 years since a civilian working for the Navy was charged with passing secrets to Israel. Jonathan Pollard pled guilty to conspiracy to commit espionage and is serving a life sentence. At first, Israeli leaders claimed Pollard was part of a rogue operation, but later took responsibility for his work.

Now Fox News has learned some U.S. investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S., who may have known things they didn't tell us before September 11. Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron has details in the first of a four-part series.

Published: 12/12/01 FOX News. Part 1 of a 4 part series: Part 2- Part 3 - Part 4
These items have since been removed from the FOX News web site:

Carl Cameron Investigates Part 1 - Israel Is Spying In And On The U.S.?

Author: Carl Cameron

Part I:
BRIT HUME, HOST: It has been more than 16 years since a civilian working for the Navy was charged with passing secrets to Israel. Jonathan Pollard pled guilty to conspiracy to commit espionage and is serving a life sentence. At first, Israeli leaders claimed Pollard was part of a rogue operation, but later took responsibility for his work.

Now Fox News has learned some U.S. investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S., who may have known things they didn't tell us before September 11. Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron has details in the first of a four-part series.


CARL CAMERON, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Since September 11, more than 60 Israelis have been arrested or detained, either under the new patriot anti-terrorism law, or for immigration violations. A handful of active Israeli military were among those detained, according to investigators, who say some of the detainees also failed polygraph questions when asked about alleged surveillance activities against and in the United States.

There is no indication that the Israelis were involved in the 9-11 attacks, but investigators suspect that they Israelis may have gathered intelligence about the attacks in advance, and not shared it. A highly placed investigator said there are "tie-ins." But when asked for details, he flatly refused to describe them, saying, "evidence linking these Israelis to 9-11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information."

Fox News has learned that one group of Israelis, spotted in North Carolina recently, is suspected of keeping an apartment in California to spy on a group of Arabs who the United States is also investigating for links to terrorism. Numerous classified documents obtained by Fox News indicate that even prior to September 11, as many as 140 other Israelis had been detained or arrested in a secretive and sprawling investigation into suspected espionage by Israelis in the United States.

Investigators from numerous government agencies are part of a working group that's been compiling evidence since the mid '90s. These documents detail hundreds of incidents in cities and towns across the country that investigators say, "may well be an organized intelligence gathering activity."

The first part of the investigation focuses on Israelis who say they are art students from the University of Jerusalem and Bazala Academy. They repeatedly made contact with U.S. government personnel, the report says, by saying they wanted to sell cheap art or handiwork.

Documents say they, "targeted and penetrated military bases." The DEA, FBI and dozens of government facilities, and even secret offices and unlisted private homes of law enforcement and intelligence personnel. The majority of those questioned, "stated they served in military intelligence, electronic surveillance intercept and or explosive ordinance units."

Another part of the investigation has resulted in the detention and arrests of dozens of Israelis at American mall kiosks, where they've been selling toys called Puzzle Car and Zoom Copter. Investigators suspect a front.

Shortly after The New York Times and Washington Post reported the Israeli detentions last months, the carts began vanishing. Zoom Copter's Web page says, "We are aware of the situation caused by thousands of mall carts being closed at the last minute. This in no way reflects the quality of the toy or its salability. The problem lies in the operators' business policies."

Why would Israelis spy in and on the U.S.? A general accounting office investigation referred to Israel as country A and said, "According to a U.S. intelligence agency, the government of country A conducts the most aggressive espionage operations against the U.S. of any U.S. ally."

A defense intelligence report said Israel has a voracious appetite for information and said, "the Israelis are motivated by strong survival instincts which dictate every possible facet of their political and economical policies. It aggressively collects military and industrial technology and the U.S. is a high priority target."

The document concludes: "Israel possesses the resources and technical capability to achieve its collection objectives."


A spokesman for the Israeli embassy here in Washington issued a denial saying that any suggestion that Israelis are spying in or on the U.S. is "simply not true." There are other things to consider. And in the days ahead, we'll take a look at the U.S. phone system and law enforcement's methods for wiretaps. And an investigation that both have been compromised by our friends overseas.

HUME: Carl, what about this question of advanced knowledge of what was going to happen on 9-11? How clear are investigators that some Israeli agents may have known something?

CAMERON: It's very explosive information, obviously, and there's a great deal of evidence that they say they have collected — none of it necessarily conclusive. It's more when they put it all together. A bigger question, they say, is how could they not have know? Almost a direct quote.

HUME: Going into the fact that they were spying on some Arabs, right?

CAMERON: Correct.

HUME: All right, Carl, thanks very much.


(In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. Information Clearing House has no affiliation whatsoever with the originator of this article nor is Information Clearing House endorsed or sponsored by the originator.)

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Israeli Spying: The Mother of all Scandals

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Israeli Spying: The Mother of all Scandals
http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/mothe ... ndals.html

Once again, Israel has been caught with spies at the highest levels of the US Government.
At the heart of the investigation are two people who work at The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a powerful pro-Israel lobby in Washington. The FBI investigation, headed up by Dave Szady, has involved wiretaps, undercover surveillance and photography that CBS News was told document the passing of classified information from the mole, to the men at AIPAC, and on to the Israelis.

CBS sources say that last year the suspected spy, described as a trusted analyst at the Pentagon, turned over a presidential directive on U.S. policy toward Iran while it was, "in the draft phase when U.S. policy-makers were still debating the policy." This put the Israelis, according to one source, "inside the decision-making loop" so they could "try to influence the outcome." [CBS News]

Once again Israel denies wrongdoing, or faced with incontrovertible evidence (in this case one of the spies has reportedly cooperated with the FBI) dismisses the spying with the claim that such spying is harmless, because Israel and the United States are such good friends.

Well, let us take a closer look at that idea of “harmless espionage” by recalling Israel’s most famous failed spy, Jonathan Pollard.

Jonathan Pollard is an American of Jewish descent, born in Galveston Texas, who established a career as an intelligence analyst for the US Navy. There have been many theories offered as to why Pollard decided to betray his country of birth to the Jewish state, but that Pollard did betray his country of birth to Israel is beyond all doubt. Pollard’s defense was that he did not spy so much against the United States, only that he spied for Israel, sending them documents that in his opinion the US should have shared with Israel anyway.

That it was never Pollards job to decide what documents Israel should have was apparently irrelevant. Pollard arrogated that authority to himself. From his position of trust within the US Navy, Pollard delivered over 1000 classified documents to Israel for which he was well paid. Included in those documents were the names of over 150 US agents in the Mideast, who were eventually “turned” into agents for Israel.

But by far the most egregious damage done by Pollard was to steal classified documents relating to the US Nuclear Deterrent relative to the USSR and send them to Israel. According to sources in the US State Department, Israel then turned around and traded those stolen nuclear secrets to the USSR in exchange for increased emigration quotas from the USSR to Israel. Other information that found its way from the US to Israel to the USSR resulted in the loss of American agents operating inside the USSR. Casper Weinberger, in his affidavit opposing a reduced sentence for Pollard, described the damage done to the United States thus, "[It is] difficult to conceive of a greater harm to national security than that caused by... Pollard's treasonous behavior."

This should end the suggestion that Israel’s spies are harmless. They are not. The United States’ nuclear deterrent cost an estimated five trillion taxpayer dollars during the 50s and 60s to build and maintain, and less than $100,000 for Pollard to undermine. Israel waited 13 years to admit Pollard had been spying for them, and now lobbies for his release, having granted him Israeli citizenship.

Pollard is hardly the only Israeli spy operating in the United States. He just had the misfortune to get caught. Here are just a few examples of the Israeli spy operations that have been detected.

1947. Information collected by the ADL in its spy operations on US citizens is used by the House Select Committee on Unamerican Activities. Subcommittee Chair Clare Hoffman dismisses the ADL’s reports on suspected communists as “hearsay."

1950 John Davitt, former chief of the Justice Department's internal security section notes that the Israeli intelligence service is the second most active in the United States after the Soviets.

1954 A hidden microphone planted by the Israelis is discovered in the Office of the US Ambassador in Tel Aviv.

1956 Telephone taps are found connected to two telephones in the residence of the US military attaché in Tel Aviv.

1954 "The Lavon Affair". Israeli agents recruit Egyptian citizens of Jewish descent to bomb Western targets in Egypt, and plant evidence to frame Arabs, in an apparent attempt to upset US-Egyptian relations. Israeli defense minister Pinchas Lavon is eventually removed from office, though many think real responsibility lay with David Ben-Gurion.

1965 Israel apparently illegally obtains enriched uranium from NUMEC Corporation. (Washington Post, 6/5/86, Charles R. Babcock, "US an Intelligence Target of the Israelis, Officials Say.")

1967 Israel attacks the USS Liberty, an intelligence gathering vessel flying a US flag, killing 34 crew members. See "Assault on the Liberty," by James M. Ennes, Jr. (Random House). In 2004, Captain Ward Boston, Senior Legal Counsel for the Navy’s Court of Inquiry into the attack swears under oath that President Lyndon Johnson ordered the investigation to conclude accident, even though the evidence indicates the attack was deliberate. Given the use by Israel of unmarked boats and planes, and the machine-gunning of USS Liberty’s lifeboats, the most likely explanation is that USS Liberty was to be sunk with all hands, with evidence left to frame Egypt for the sinking. This would have dragged the US into the war on Israel’s side.

1970 While working for Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson, Richard Perle is caught by the FBI giving classified information to Israel. Nothing is done.

1978, Stephen Bryen, then a Senate Foreign Relations Committee staffer, is overheard in a DC hotel offering confidential documents to top Israeli military officials. Bryen obtains a lawyer, Nathan Lewin, and the case heads for the grand jury, but is mysteriously dropped. Bryen later goes to work for Richard Perle.

1979 Shin Beth [the Israeli internal security agency] tries to penetrate the US Consulate General in Jerusalem through a “Honey Trap”, using a clerical employee who was having an affair with a Jerusalem girl.

1985 The New York Times reports the FBI is aware of at least a dozen incidents in which American officials transferred classified information to the Israelis, quoting [former Assistant Director of the F.B.I.] Mr. [Raymond] Wannal. The Justice Department does not prosecute.

1985 Richard Smyth, the owner of MILCO, is indicted on charges of smuggling nuclear timing devices to Israel (Washington Post, 10/31/86).

1987 April 24 Wall Street Journal headline: "Role of Israel in Iran-Contra Scandal Won't be Explored in Detail by Panels"

1992 The Wall Street Journal reports that Israeli agents apparently tried to steal Recon Optical Inc's top-secret airborne spy-camera system.

1992 Stephen Bryen, caught offering confidential documents to Israel in 1978, is serving on board of the pro-Israeli Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs while continuing as a paid consultant -- with security clearance -- on exports of sensitive US technology.

1992 "The Samson Option," by Seymour M. Hersh reports, “Illicitly obtained intelligence was flying so voluminously from LAKAM into Israeli intelligence that a special code name, JUMBO, was added to the security markings already on the documents. There were strict orders, Ari Ben-Menashe recalled: "Anything marked JUMBO was not supposed to be discussed with your American counterparts."

1993. The ADL is caught operating a massive spying operation on critics of Israel, Arab-Americans, the San Francisco Labor Council, ILWU Local 10, Oakland Educational Association, NAACP, Irish Northern Aid, International Indian Treaty Council, the Asian Law Caucus and the San Francisco police. Data collected was sent to Israel and in some cases to South Africa. Pressure from Jewish organizations forces the city to drop the criminal case, but the ADL settles a civil lawsuit for an undisclosed sum of cash.

1995 The Defense Investigative Service circulates a memo warning US military contractors that "Israel aggressively collects [US] military and industrial technology." The report stated that Israel obtains information using "ethnic targeting, financial aggrandizement, and identification and exploitation of individual frailties" of US citizens.

1996 A General Accounting Office report "Defense Industrial Security: Weaknesses in US Security Arrangements With Foreign-Owned Defense Contractors" found that according to intelligence sources "Country A" (identified by intelligence sources as Israel, Washington Times, 2/22/96) "conducts the most aggressive espionage operation against the United States of any US ally." The Jerusalem Post (8/30/96) quoted the report, "Classified military information and sensitive military technologies are high-priority targets for the intelligence agencies of this country." The report described "An espionage operation run by the intelligence organization responsible for collecting scientific and technologic information for [Israel] paid a US government employee to obtain US classified military intelligence documents." The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (Shawn L. Twing, April 1996) noted that this was "a reference to the 1985 arrest of Jonathan Pollard, a civilian US naval intelligence analyst who provided Israel's LAKAM [Office of Special Tasks] espionage agency an estimated 800,000 pages of classified US intelligence information."

The GAO report also noted that "Several citizens of [Israel] were caught in the United States stealing sensitive technology used in manufacturing artillery gun tubes."

1996 An Office of Naval Intelligence document, "Worldwide Challenges to Naval Strike Warfare" reported that "US technology has been acquired [by China] through Israel in the form of the Lavi fighter and possibly SAM [surface-to-air] missile technology." Jane's Defense Weekly (2/28/96) noted that "until now, the intelligence community has not openly confirmed the transfer of US technology [via Israel] to China." The report noted that this "represents a dramatic step forward for Chinese military aviation." (Flight International, 3/13/96)

1997 An Army mechanical engineer, David A. Tenenbaum, "inadvertently" gives classified military information on missile systems and armored vehicles to Israeli officials (New York Times, 2/20/97).

1997 The Washington Post reports US intelligence has intercepted a conversation in which two Israeli officials had discussed the possibility of getting a confidential letter that then-Secretary of State Warren Christopher had written to Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat. One of the Israelis, identified only as “Dov”, had commented that they may get the letter from "Mega”, the code name for Israel’s top agent inside the United States.

1997 US ambassador to Israel, Martin Indyk, complains privately to the Israeli government about heavy-handed surveillance by Israeli intelligence agents.

1997 Israeli agents place a tap on Monica Lewinsky’s phone at the Watergate and record phone sex sessions between her and President Bill Clinton. The Ken Starr report confirms that Clinton warned Lewinsky their conversations were being taped and ended the affair. At the same time, the FBI’s hunt for “Mega” is called off.

2001 It is discovered that US drug agents’ communications have been penetrated. Suspicion falls on two companies, AMDOCS and Comverse Infosys, both owned by Israelis. AMDOCS generates billing data for most US phone companies and is able to provide detailed logs of who is talking to whom. Comverse Infosys builds the tapping equipment used by law enforcement to eavesdrop on all American telephone calls, but suspicion forms that Comverse, which gets half of its research and development budget from the Israeli government, has built a back door into the system that is being exploited by Israeli intelligence and that the information gleaned on US drug interdiction efforts is finding its way to drug smugglers. The investigation by the FBI leads to the exposure of the largest foreign spy ring ever uncovered inside the United States, operated by Israel. Half of the suspected spies have been arrested when 9-11 happens. On 9-11, 5 Israelis are arrested for dancing and cheering while the World Trade Towers collapse. Supposedly employed by Urban Moving Systems, the Israelis are caught with multiple passports and a lot of cash. Two of them are later revealed to be Mossad. As witness reports track the activity of the Israelis, it emerges that they were seen at Liberty Park at the time of the first impact, suggesting a foreknowledge of what was to come. The Israelis are interrogated, and then eventually sent back to Israel. The owner of the moving company used as a cover by the Mossad agents abandons his business and flees to Israel. The United States Government then classifies all of the evidence related to the Israeli agents and their connections to 9-11. All of this is reported to the public via a four part story on Fox News by Carl Cameron. Pressure from Jewish groups, primarily AIPAC, forces Fox News to remove the story from their website. Two hours prior to the 9-11 attacks, Odigo, an Israeli company with offices just a few blocks from the World Trade Towers, receives an advance warning via the internet. The manager of the New York Office provides the FBI with the IP address of the sender of the message, but the FBI does not follow up.

2001 The FBI is investigating 5 Israeli moving companies as possible fronts for Israeli intelligence.

2001 JDL’s Irv Rubin arrested for planning to bomb a US Congressman. He dies before he can be brought to trial.

2002 The DEA issues a report that Israeli spies, posing as art students, have been trying to penetrate US Government offices.

2002 police near the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station in southern Washington State stop a suspicious truck and detain two Israelis, one of whom is illegally in the United States. The two men were driving at high speed in a Ryder rental truck, which they claimed had been used to "deliver furniture." The next day, police discovered traces of TNT and RDX military-grade plastic explosives inside the passenger cabin and on the steering wheel of the vehicle. The FBI then announces that the tests that showed explosives were “false positived” by cigarette smoke, a claim test experts say is ridiculous. Based on an alibi provided by a woman, the case is closed and the Israelis are handed over to INS to be sent back to Israel. One week later, the woman who provided the alibi vanishes.

2003 The Police Chief of Cloudcroft stops a truck speeding through a school zone. The drivers turn out to be Israelis with expired passports. Claiming to be movers, the truck contains junk furniture and several boxes. The Israelis are handed over to immigration. The contents of the boxers are not revealed to the public.

2003 Israel deploys assassination squads into other countries, including the United States. The US Government does not protest.

2004 Police near the Nuclear Fuel Services plant in Tennessee stop a truck after a three mile chase, during which the driver throws a bottle containing a strange liquid from the cab. The drivers turn out to be Israelis using fake Ids. The FBI refuses to investigate and the Israelis are released.

2004 Two Israelis try to enter Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, home to eight Trident submarines. The truck tests positive for explosives.

This brings us to the present scandal. Two years into an investigation of AIPAC’s possible role as a spy front for Israel, Larry Franklin, a mid-level Pentagon Analyst is observed by the FBI giving classified information to two officials of AIPAC suspected of being Israeli spies. AIPAC hires lawyer Nathan Lewin to handle their legal defense, the same lawyer who defended suspected Israeli spy Stephen Bryen in 1978.

Larry Franklin worked in the Pentagon Office of Special Plans, run by Richard Perle, at the time Perle (who was caught giving classified information to Israel back in 1970) was insisting that Iraq was crawling with weapons of mass destruction requiring the United States to invade and conquer Iraq. There were no WMDs, of course, and Perle has dumped the blame for the “bad intelligence” on George Tenet. But what is known is that the Pentagon Office of Special Plans was coordinating with a similar group in Israel, in Ariel Sharon’s office.

With two suspected Israeli spies (at least) inside the office from which the lies that launched the war in Iraq originated, it appears that the people of the United States are the victims of a deadly hoax, a hoax that started a war.

The leaking of the investigation of AIPAC to the media on August 28th, 2004 gave advance warning to other spies working with Franklin. The damage to the FBI’s investigation was completed when United States Attorney General John Ashcroft ordered the FBI to stop all arrests in the case. Like the Stephen Bryen case and the hunt for “Mega”, this latest spy scandal seems destined by officials who have their own secret allegiances to protect, barring a massive public outcry.

The organization at the heart of the latest spy investigation, AIPAC, wields tremendous influence over the US Congress. Through its members and affiliated PACs, AIPAC directs a huge flow of campaign cash in favor of, and occasionally against, Senators and Representatives solely on the basis of their willingness to support Israel. As an example, in 2002, U.S. Rep. Artur Davis, D-Birmingham received so much help from pro-Israeli pacs that 76% of his campaign budget came from OUTSIDE the state of Alabama, mostly from New York.

Let me repeat that. A Congressman AIPAC wanted elected received more money from pro-Israel groups outside his state than from his own constituents inside his state. Who is that Congressman going to be thinking of when he votes in Congress?

So here is the mother of all scandals.

For two years, the FBI has suspected AIPAC of spying for a foreign country, and for those two years (and for decades before) that group suspected of spying for Israel has been reshaping the US Congress for the benefit of a foreign government.

And THAT is the mother of all scandals.

Think about that as billions of your tax dollars flow to Israel while your roads and schools crumble and decay and services are cut.

Think about that as the coffins come home with your loved ones inside.

Think about that when you and a million of your fellow citizens march down the streets of America opposing wars built on lies and deceptions and wonder why the government just doesn’t want to listen to you any more.

See also: Is Israel Blackmailing America?

What Really Happened

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Israelis were 9-11 short sale stock buyers, betting on WTC

Post#9 » Sat Mar 11, 2006 11:45 am

Israelis were 9-11 short sale stock buyers, betting on WTC terror strikes, story killed
http://angelofthewest.tripod.com/id49.h ... sale_stock

Source: Angel of the West
Published: January 1, 2001 Author:
For Education and Discussion Only. Not for Commercial Use.

Between August 26 and September 11, 2001, a group of speculators, identified by the American Securities and Exchange Commission as Israeli citizens, sold "short" a list of 38 stocks that could reasonably be expected to fall in value as a result of the pending attacks. These speculators operated out of the Toronto, Canada and Frankfurt, Germany, stock exchanges and their profits were specifically stated to be "in the millions of dollars."

Short selling of stocks involves the opportunity to gain large profits by passing shares to a friendly third party, then buying them back when the price falls. Historically, if this precedes a traumatic event, it is an indication of foreknowledge. It is widely known that the CIA uses the Promis software to routinely monitor stock trades as a possible warning sign of a terrorist attack or suspicious economic behavior. A week after the Sept.11 attacks, the London Times reported that the CIA had asked regulators for the Financial Services Authority in London to investigate the suspicious sales of millions of shares of stock just prior to the terrorist acts. It was hoped the business paper trail might lead to the terrorists.

Investigators from numerous government agencies are part of a clandestine but official effort to resolve the market manipulations There has been a great deal of talk about insider trading of American stocks by certain Israeli groups both in Canada and Germany between August 26 and the Sept.11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Lynne Howard, a spokeswoman for the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), stated that information about who made the trades was available immediately. "We would have been aware of any unusual activity right away. It would have been triggered by any unusual volume. There is an automated system called 'blue sheeting,' or the CBOE Market Surveillance System, that everyone in the business knows about. It provides information on the trades - the name and even the Social Security number on an account - and these surveillance systems are set up specifically to look into insider trading. The system would look at the volume, and then a real person would take over and review it, going back in time and looking at other unusual activity."

Howard continued, "The system is so smart that even if there is a news event that triggers a market event it can go back in time, and even the parameters can be changed depending on what is being looked at. It's a very clever system and it is instantaneous. Even with the system, though, we have very experienced and savvy staff in our market-regulations area who are always looking for things that might be unusual. They're trained to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Even if it's offshore, it might take a little longer, but all offshore accounts have to go through U.S. member firms - members of the CBOE - and it is easily and quickly identifiable who made the trades. The member firm who made the trades has to have identifiable information about the client under the 'Know Your Customer' regulations (and we share all information with the Securities and Exchange Commission.)"

Given all of this, at a minimum the CBOE and government regulators who are conducting the secret investigations have known for some time who made the options puts on a total of 38 stocks that might reasonably be anticipated to have a sharp drop in value because of an attack similar to the 9/11 episode. The silence from the investigating camps could mean several things: Either terrorists are responsible for the puts on the listed stocks or others besides terrorists had foreknowledge of the attack and used this knowledge to reap a nice financial harvest from the tragedy. More here

Related Links:


FBI Fury As Men With Nuke Plans,Valid Israeli Passports Escape


Zionist Circles Benefit From WTC Collapse
http://www.americanfreepress.net/Censor ... t_From.htm

Up In Smoke - Israeli View On Larry Silverstein
http://www.haaretzdaily.com/hasen/pages ... ntrassID=0

Israeli Spy Ring and 911

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From AIPAC to Check Point

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The real scandal isn't what information Larry Franklin gave to Israel via AIPAC. Franklin worked in the very office from which many of the now discredited claims about Iraq's WMDs were coming. So the real scandal is what disinformation Israel supplied through AIPAC to Franklin, to trick the American people into war on Iraq.

From AIPAC to Check Point
http://www.globes.co.il/serveen/globes/ ... 42&fid=980

Is Check Point’s problem over Sourcefire caused by a hostile Washington bureaucracy?

Ran Dagoni, Washington 9 Mar 06 18:55
The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) held its Policy Conference in Washington this week.

There were long speeches and discussions about the problems of the day (nuclear proliferation, Iran, and the rise of Hamas), as well as about the “strong alliance” between Israel and the US.

As in the past, this strength was seen in the impressive presence of senior administration official and Congresspersons, including Vice President Richard Cheney, who praised Israel’s contribution to US security interests, and promised reciprocation in the form of constant support.

However, mingling in the crowded hallways of the Washington convention center that hosted the event gave one the impression that the threat of a mushroom cloud in Middle Eastern skies in the coming years bothered the thousands of participants far less than the clear and present danger to AIPAC: the pending trial of two senior officials, Steven J. Rosen, who was responsible for foreign affairs and was a strong figure in the lobby, and Keith Weissman, a former Middle East analyst.

Rosen and Weissman are suspected of “receiving classified information” without being authorized to do so, and passing it onto Israeli and other diplomats, as well as other crimes. They are not actually being charged with espionage, but these are still crimes could put them into federal prison for many years.

In an act of self-preservation, AIPAC fired the two men last year, shortly after they were exposed as supporting actors in a bureaucratic drama about the leak of information in the Bush administration, known as the “Pentagon mole affair”. The mole was Defense Department Iran analyst Lawrence Franklin, who leaked to Rosen and Weissman juicy details from a presidential document about Iran and the threat that Iranian agents might kill Israelis in northern Iraq.

AIPAC feared that Rosen and Weissman would refuse to fall on their swords for the sake of the lobby, even though AIPAC offered them generous six-figure sums to finance their defense. The road the two men are expected to take is the one paved by Franklin. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison, but his sentence was slashed in exchange for cooperating with the prosecution.

If Rosen and Weissman decide to buy their freedom with confidential information about goings-on at AIPAC - and Washington sources believe that they will do so - AIPAC as we know it is liable to disappear, and this could have a decisive effect on US-Israeli relations.

However, beyond AIPAC’s real distress, the affair reveals another worrying problem in US-Israeli relations. What exactly led to the capture of Rosen and Weissman? Is AIPIC under surveillance? Not necessarily. Former and current intelligence officials told “The New York Times” says, “The two men may have stumbled into an American intelligence operation involving electronic monitoring of Israeli interests in the US”. The working assumption in Washington is that all embassies in the capital are exposed to surveillance, but it is not clear whether the surveillance of “Israeli interests” was limited to the embassy.

Some say that the entire affair is another sign that beneath the tight US-Israeli ties bubbles a constant US fear about Israeli espionage. Former AIPAC director of legislative affairs Douglas Bloomfield says this fear existed even before the Jonathan Pollard affair, but Pollard’s arrest in 1985 almost certainly drove US defense establishment figures to view Israel not only as an ally, but also as an adversary.

Flare-ups between Israel and the US over Washington’s allegations that Israel sold weapons and technology, some including US inputs, to China merely fanned the coals of hostility of these officials.

You don’t have to be excessively paranoid to see a link between the way Israel is perceived in some corners in Washington and the bureaucratic obstacles placed in the way of the acquisition of Sourcefire by Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHKP) last week. One of the Maryland-based IT security company’s products, Snort, is part of the intrusion prevention and detection technology systems used by the US Department of Defense and other entities in the US.

Ostensibly, the obstacles are anchored in national interest security considerations: a (rare) 45-day investigation into the security aspects of the transfer of control of sensitive technology to foreign hands. But when one examines the obstacle in light of well-publicized accusations spread by anonymous government sources against a few Israeli technology companies a few years ago, fear arises that Check Point ought to prepare not only to allay the regulator’s legitimate concerns, but also to deal with in-built hostility on the part of certain administration officials towards Israel, especially towards a particular sector of Israeli technology companies.

In May 2000, reports began appearing in the US media linking Amdocs Ltd. (NYSE: DOX) to the wiretapping of government communications. “Insight”, a magazine of the right-wing “Washington Times” group, cited “scores” of sources, including intelligence sources, who claimed that the FBI was convinced that Amdocs, a contractor for upgrading the White House’s telephony system, had listed to conversations in the president’s residence.

The reports was echoed widely, until “The New York Times” quoted two FBI sources as saying that Amdocs was clear of all suspicion. Nonetheless, the conclusion about Amdocs’s innocence only came after a year-long investigation. There were enough FBI officials to whom the allegations against the Israeli technology company seems likely enough to warrant such a lengthy investigation.

In December 2001, two months after the September 11 terrorist attacks, reports reemerged, again citing “federal sources”, about the involvement of Israeli technology companies in US espionage activities. In a series of shows, “Fox News” correspondent Carl Cameron claimed that, in the late 1990s, the FBI and other agencies had investigated Amdocs “more than once”. In 1999, the US National Security Agency (NSA) warned that electronic records telephone calls in the US had reached Israeli hands, according to Cameron.

In another report, Cameron said Comverse Technology Inc. (Nasdaq: CMVT) subsidiary Comverse Infosys, a provider of surveillance equipment to US law enforcement agencies, was itself conducting secret wiretapping through a back door in the equipment it installed.

This was not a marginal report or a loony medium. Fox is the leading television news channel, with twice as many viewers as CNN. Nor is Cameron small fry. He is now “Fox News” chief White House correspondent. Nor is “Fox News” hostile towards Israel; on the contrary, it is considered the most pro-Israel television news channel in the US. This may explain why it erased Cameron’s reports from its website a few days after they were broadcast. The reports can now only be found in electronic archives.

The reports disquieted Israeli diplomats at the time. They believed that there was a hard core of officials at the Defense Department, FBI, and other agencies, who bore bitter resentment of what they saw as Israeli intelligence operations in the US, rightly or wrongly. This assessment has not changed, and the same figures are probably involved.

As for Israel’s Embassy in Washington, embassy spokesman David Segal said on Friday, “We have no comment on the matter.”

Published by Globes [online], Israel business news - www.globes.co.il - on March 9, 2006

© Copyright of Globes Publisher Itonut (1983) Ltd. 2006

Next article: Merger bonus for Amdocs?

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September 13, 2001 -- Three men who celebrated as the Twin Towers crumbled are facing deportation, The Post has learned. The men, described as illegal immigrants from the Middle East, were arrested Tuesday afternoon in a white Chevy van near the Meadowlands based on a tip from witnesses who saw them "cheering" and "jumping up and down" in Liberty State Park after the attack, a source said.

Witnesses took the plate number and the FBI sent out an alert to area cops, reading: "Vehicle possibly related to New York terrorist attack . . . Three individuals with van were seen celebrating after initial impact and subsequent explosion."

Port Authority cops nabbed the three as they drove along Route 3 in East Rutherford in the van, which had the words "Urban Moving Systems" painted on it. After grilling the men and searching the van in vain for explosives, the FBI turned the men over to the Immigration and Naturalization Service for deportation.

The feds declined to release the men's identities or nationalities. "The agency has decided it will not make any comments about this at this time," said INS spokesman Kerry Gill. Officials at "Urban Moving" claimed to be unaware of what had happened.

Wednesday, September 12, 2001

Eight hours after terrorists struck Manhattan's tallest skyscrapers, police in Bergen County detained five men who they said were found carrying maps linking them to the blasts. The five men, who were in a van stopped on Route 3 in East Rutherford around 4:30 p.m., were being questioned by police but had not been charged with any crime late Tuesday.

However, sources close to the investigation said they found other evidence linking the men to the bombing plot. "There are maps of the city in the car with certain places highlighted," the source said. "It looked like they're hooked in with this. It looked like they knew what was going to happen when they were at Liberty State Park."

Sources also said that bomb-sniffing dogs reacted as if they had detected explosives. The FBI seized the van for further testing, authorities said. Sources said the van was stopped as it headed east on Route 3, between the Hackensack River bridge and the Sheraton hotel. As a precaution, police shut down Route 3 traffic in both directions after the stop and evacuated a small roadside motel near the Sheraton.

Sources close to the investigation said the men said they were Israeli tourists, but police had not been able to confirm their identities. Authorities would not release their names. East Rutherford officers stopped the van after the FBI's Newark Office broadcast an alert asking surrounding police departments to look for a white Chevrolet van, police said.

"We got an alert to be on the lookout for a white Chevrolet van with New Jersey registration and writing on the side," said Bergen County Police Chief John Schmidig. "Three individuals were seen celebrating in Liberty State Park after the impact. They said three people were jumping up and down."

East Rutherford officers summoned the county bomb squad, New Jersey state troopers, and FBI agents, who waited alongside the van as prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney's Office tried to obtain a warrant to search the van late Tuesday, Schmidig said. The FBI alert, known as a BOLO or "Be On Lookout," was sent out at 3:31 p.m. It read:

"Vehicle possibly related to New York terrorist attack. White, 2000 Chevrolet van with New Jersey registration with 'Urban Moving Systems' sign on back seen at Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ, at the time of first impact of jetliner into World Trade Center. "Three individuals with van were seen celebrating after initial impact and subsequent explosion. FBI Newark Field Office requests that, if the van is located, hold for prints and detain individuals."

State police Col. Barry W. Roberson confirmed the traffic stop at a late night news briefing at state police headquarters in Trenton. He would not elaborate, however. A business traveler staying at the Homestead Studio Hotel said she watched state troopers drive the suspects away in a procession of state police cars about 5 p.m. "First, they told us we could hang out in the lobby, but then they told us to leave," the traveler said.

At 10 p.m., the hotel guest said she could see at least two police officers searching through the van while a crowd of other officers kept their distance.

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The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9-11

Post#12 » Fri Jun 09, 2006 2:24 am

The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9-11

As the world watched in disbelief and asked the question...

Click for full size image

...Mossad operatives were seen dancing with joy.

A Mossad surveillance team made quite a public spectacle of themselves on 9-11.
The men set up cameras by the Hudson River and trained them on the twin towers. (1)

Police received several calls from angry New Jersey residents claiming "middle-eastern" men with a white van were videotaping the disaster with shouts of joy and mockery. (2)

"They were like happy, you know … They didn't look shocked to me" said a witness. (3)
[T]hey were seen by New Jersey residents on Sept. 11 making fun of the World Trade Center ruins and going to extreme lengths to photograph themselves in front of the wreckage. (4)

Witnesses saw them jumping for joy in Liberty State Park after the initial impact (5). Later on, other witnesses saw them celebrating on a roof in Weehawken, and still more witnesses later saw them celebrating with high fives in a Jersey City parking lot. (6)

The FBI sent out an alert to area cops, reading: "Vehicle possibly related to New York terrorist attack . . . Three individuals with van were seen celebrating after initial impact and subsequent explosion." (7)
"It looked like they're hooked in with this. It looked like they knew what was going to happen when they were at Liberty State Park." (8)

One anonymous phone call to the authorities actually led them to close down all of New York's bridges and tunnels. The mystery caller told the 9-1-1 dispatcher that a group of Palestinians were mixing a bomb inside of a white van headed for the Holland Tunnel. Here's the transcript from NBC News:
Dispatcher: Jersey City police.
Caller: Yes, we have a white van, 2 or 3 guys in there, they look like Palestinians and going around a building.
Caller: There's a minivan heading toward the Holland tunnel, I see the guy by Newark Airport mixing some junk and he has those sheikh uniform.
Dispatcher: He has what?
Caller: He's dressed like an Arab. (9)

(*Writer's note: Why would this mystery caller specifically say that these "Arabs" were Palestinians? How would he know that? Palestinians usually dress in western style clothes, not "sheikh uniforms")
Based on that phone call, police then issued a "Be-on-the-Lookout" alert for a white mini-van heading for the city's bridges and tunnels from New Jersey.

When a van fitting that exact description was stopped just before crossing into New York, the suspicious "middle-easterners" were apprehended. Imagine the surprise of the police officers when these terror suspects turned out to be Israelis!

According to ABC’s 20/20, when the van belonging to the cheering Israelis was stopped by the police, the driver of the van, Sivan Kurzberg, told the officers:
"We are Israelis. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are your problem." (10)

Why did he feel that Palestinians were a problem for the NYPD?

The police and FBI field agents became very suspicious when they found maps of the city with certain places highlighted, box cutters (the same items that the hijackers supposedly used), $4700 cash stuffed in a sock, and foreign passports. Police also told the Bergen Record that bomb sniffing dogs were brought to the van and that they reacted as if they had smelled explosives. (11)
The FBI seized and developed their photos, one of which shows Sivan Kurzberg flicking a cigarette lighter in front of the smouldering ruins in an apparently celebratory gesture. (12)

The Jerusalem Post later reported that a white van with a bomb was stopped as it approached the George Washington Bridge, but the ethnicity of the suspects was not revealed. Here's what the Jerusalem Post reported on September 12, 2001:
American security services overnight stopped a car bomb on the George Washington Bridge. The van, packed with explosives, was stopped on an approach ramp to the bridge. Authorities suspect the terrorists intended to blow up the main crossing between New Jersey and New York, Army Radio reported. (13)

TCM Breaking News reported that the van was laden down with tonnes of explosives (14).

What's really intriguing is that ABC's 20/20 (15), the New York Post (16), and the New Jersey Bergen Record (17) all clearly and unambiguously reported that a white van with Israelis was intercepted on a ramp near Route 3, which leads directly to the Lincoln Tunnel.

But the Jerusalem Post, Israeli National News (Arutz Sheva) (18), and Yediot America, (19) all reported, just as clearly and unambiguously, that a white van with Israelis was stopped on a ramp leading to the George Washington Bridge, which is several miles north of the Lincoln Tunnel.
It appears as if there may actually have been two white vans involved, one stopped on each crossing. This would not only explain the conflicting reports as to the actual location of the arrests, but would also explain how so many credible eye-witnesses all saw celebrating "middle-easterners" in a white van in so many different locations. It also explains why the New York Post and Steve Gordon (lawyer for the 5 Israelis) originally described how three Israelis were arrested but later increased the total to five.

Perhaps one van was meant to drop off a bomb while the other was meant to pick up the first set of drivers while re-crossing back into New Jersey? If a van was to be used as a parked time-bomb on the GW Bridge, then certainly the drivers would need to have a "get-away van" to pick them up and escape. And notice how the van (or vans) stayed away from the third major crossing -the Holland Tunnel- which was where the police had originally been directed to by that anti-Palestinian 9-1-1 "mystery caller". A classic misdirection play.

From there, the story gets becomes even more suspicious. The Israelis worked for a Weehawken moving company known as Urban Moving Systems. An American employee of Urban Moving Systems told the The Record of New Jersey that a majority of his co-workers were Israelis and they were joking about the attacks.
The employee, who declined to give his name said: "I was in tears. These guys were joking and that bothered me." These guys were like, "Now America knows what we go through." (20)

A few days after the attacks, Urban Moving System's Israeli owner, Dominick Suter, dropped his business and fled the country for Israel. He was in such a hurry to flee America that some of Urban Moving System's customers were left with their furniture stranded in storage facilities (21).

It was later confirmed that the five detained Israelis were in fact Mossad agents (22). They were held in custody for 71 days before being quietly released. Some of the movers had been kept in solitary confinement for 40 days. (23)
[S]everal of the detainees discussed their experience in America on an Israeli talk show after their return home.

Said one of the men, denying that they were laughing or happy on the morning of Sept. 11, "The fact of the matter is we are coming from a country that experiences terror daily. Our purpose was to document the event." (24)

How did they know there would be an event to document on 9-11?

It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to connect the dots of the dancing Israeli Mossad agents - here's the most logical scenario:
1. The Israeli "movers" cheered the 9-11 attacks to celebrate the successful accomplishment of the greatest spy operation ever pulled off in history.

2. One of them, or an accomplice, then calls a 9-1-1 police dispatcher to report Palestinian bomb-makers in a white van headed for the Holland Tunnel.

3. Having thus pre-framed the Palestinians with this phone call, the Israeli bombers then head for the George Washington Bridge instead, where they will drop off their time-bomb van and escape with Urban Moving accomplices.

4. But the police react very wisely and proactively by closing off ALL bridges and tunnels instead of just the Holland Tunnel. This move inadvertently foils the Israelis' misdirection play and leads to their own capture and 40 day torture.

5. To cover up this story, the U.S. Justice Department rounds up over 1000 Arabs for minor immigration violations and places them in New York area jails. The Israelis therefore become less conspicuous as the government and media can now claim that the Israelis were just immigration violators caught in the same dragnet as many other Arabs.

6. After several months, FBI and Justice Department "higher-ups" are able to gradually push aside the local FBI agents and free the Israelis quietly.

Osama bin Laden was immediately blamed for the 9-11 attacks even though he had no previous record of doing anything on this scale. Immediately after the Flight 11 hit World Trade Center 1
CIA Director George Tenet said "You know, this has bin Laden's fingerprints all over it." (25)

The compliant mainstream media completely ignored the Israeli connection. Immediately following the 9-11 attacks the media was filled with stories linking the attacks to bin Laden. TV talking-heads, "experts", and scribblers of every stripe spoon-fed a gullible American public a steady diet of the most outrageous propaganda imaginable.

We were told that the reason bin Laden attacked the USA was because he hates our "freedom" and "democracy". The Muslims were "medieval" and they wanted to destroy us because they envied our wealth, were still bitter about the Crusades, and were offended by Britney Spears shaking her tits and ass all over the place!

But bin Laden strongly denied any role in the attacks and suggested that Zionists orchestrated the
9-11 attacks. The BBC published bin Laden's statement of denial in which he said:
"I was not involved in the September 11 attacks in the United States nor did I have knowledge of the attacks. There exists a government within a government within the United States. The United States should try to trace the perpetrators of these attacks within itself; to the people who want to make the present century a century of conflict between Islam and Christianity. That secret government must be asked as to who carried out the attacks. ... The American system is totally in control of the Jews, whose first priority is Israel, not the United States." (26)

You never heard that quote on your nightly newscast did you?
[A] number of intelligence officials have raised questions about Osama bin Laden's capabilities. "This guy sits in a cave in Afghanistan and he's running this operation?" one C.I.A. official asked. "It's so huge. He couldn't have done it alone." A senior military officer told me that because of the visas and other documentation needed to infiltrate team members into the United States a major foreign intelligence service might also have been involved. (27)

Bin Laden is not named as the perpetrator of 9-11 by the FBI:

When asked why there is no mention of 9/11 on Bin Laden’s Most Wanted web page, [Rex Tomb, Chief of Investigative Publicity for the FBI] said, “The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Usama Bin Laden’s Most Wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11.” (29)

To date, the only shred of “evidence” to be uncovered against bin Laden is a barely audible fuzzy amateur video that the Pentagon just happened to find "lying around" in Afghanistan. How very convenient, and how very fake. (30)

There is no evidence, be it hard or circumstantial, to link the Al Qaeda "terrorist network" to these acts of terror, but there is a mountain of evidence, both hard and circumstantial, which suggests that Zionists have been very busy framing Arabs for terror plots against America.

One final point - at 09:40 on 9-11 it was reported that the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine claimed responsibility for the attacks (31). This claim was immediately denied by the DFLP leader Qais abu Leila who said it had always opposed "terror attacks on civilian targets, especially outside the occupied territories." (32)

9-11 CNN streamed RealVideo item mentioning a Palestinian claim of responsibility

Why would a Palestinian organisation comprising of less than 500 people (33) make the suicidal move of immediately claiming responsibility for the attacks?
Sharon and the other Israeli leaders aspire to fulfil what the goals of the political Zionist movement have been since its origin a century ago: to turn all of historic Palestine into an exclusively Jewish state. A central tenet of the Zionist ideology is expressed in the racist slogan, "A land without people for a people without a land." (34)

The implication of Palestinians in the 9-11 attacks would have handed Zionists a golden opportunity to achieve the above because all Palestinians would have been labelled terrorists.
"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information."

US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring.

Mossad Logo
"By way of deception, thou shalt do war"
Motto of the Mossad

See also:

Israel and 9/11 - Index of What Really Happened
Zionist Circles Benefit From WTC Collapse

What Really Happened

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Evidence that shows Mossad/CIA/Jews were responsible

Post#13 » Mon Jul 24, 2006 3:36 am

zionazi apologist ..."There is 0 evidence that shows Mossad/CIA/Jews were responsible."

On the contrary there are loads of evidence pointing to Mossad/Israel being responsible for 911. Try these for a few:

So in regards to 911 we find the Israelis involved with many things. Strange wouldn’t you say that we don’t find Russians, Saudis, Italians, Pakistanis or even Africans involved with events related to 911 as Israelis. Isn’t it just coincidental that the people involved just happens to be Israelis. Here is a partial listing and involvement with events surrounding 911 that Israelis were involved with that no other country in the world including the U.S. can match. Not only numerous but each involvement is quite significant in importance:

1. It was Israelis who were caught watching the WTC burn and crumble and celebrating it with joy. When the Lakers beat Sacramento for the NBA crown they celebrated. Why? Because their efforts were successful! The event, which was the championship game, they won. The Israelis, according to eye witnesses who saw them on top of the van were ecstatic. They were joyful and why you ask? Because of America’s misery, America’s lost and thousands of innocent lives perishing. But to the Israelis this was success. They were ecstatic with joy because they too won the championship game!

To show that this joy was not local only to the 5 Israelis, look at what was said by and about their leaders:

Reactions from the Israeli side to the September attack:

Ehud Sprinzak, terrorism expert at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, said "From the perspective of Israelis, it is the most important public relations act ever committed in our favor."

The attack "was good for the Israelis," "It is very good", said Benjamin Netanyahu...before he caught himself and amended his statement.

In an interview with Le Monde, Ami Ayalon, former Head of the Israeli Militia for Israel, stated: "Since September 11, our leaders have been euphoric."

The reason why the Israelis failed lie detector tests is because the truth that they could not admit was we planned this. We pulled it off. We successfully created a Pearl Harbor incident to get the stupid goyim fully in bed with us. And just like we did in the time of Christ we are going to do today. We will get our media fully in bed with us to blame someone else for the crime. Yeah we were caught in the Lavon Affair, USS Liberty, etc. But we are ready now. The stakes are too high. “Yippee Aye Yay we are successful. Come on Gershowitz let’s dance!!!”

2. It was Israelis whose van was stopped and maps and other paraphernalia were found leading the FBI to believe that they had definite involvement with 911.

3. It was the Israeli owner of the Moving van company that immediately shutdown his business, put his house up for sale and fled to Israel when his employees were caught. Aren’t these drastic actions and shouldn’t we want to know why the owner behaved that way?

4. It was Israelis who were caught spying on the US and lived in the same vicinity as the supposed “hijackers”.

5. It was Israelis who were part of a spy ring that Carl Cameron reported about in Foxx News saying that government officials stated that they had “tie-ins” to 911. By the way this news was suppressed and the story taken off the Foxx News website. The people responsible for that were JINSA (the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs). JINSA President and CEO David Steinmann is also a director of CAMERA (Committee for Accurate Middle East Reporting in America), the group that actually staged the e-mail, fax, letter, and phone call mobilization that squeezed Fox TV, to the point that they removed the transcripts of the four Carl Cameron segments from their own web site. I wonder why these American Israelis will be interested in doing such a thing?

6. It was Israelis who the following was reported about by U.S. government authorities when the Israeli spies were found: “An Israeli government spokesman reported a few days ago the news of arresting a number of Israelis by the US intelligence bodies in Florida. This might seem strange but what is more significant is the deliberate ignorance by the Israeli government of the reason for the arrests. The Israelis did not even mention the reason or the case for which their subjects were detained. The point is that a big quantity of the Anthrax germ was held with the Israelis when they were arrested. Moreover, the detainees had 15 charts of the New York Trade Center and eight charts of the Pentagon building which were attacked on September 11th. This is in addition to other six charts of the White House, which was among the would-be targets of the September 11th attacks. According to discreet US reports, the charts found with the Israelis had accurately drawn the Pentagon building and the World Trade Center and defined their geometric projections, as well as, precisely depicted the many floors. Further, some data included in the charts define the itineraries of civil passenger planes and their destinations!!!...”

7. It was Israelis who the Jerusalem Post reported about that 4000 were missing or expected to be dead as a result of doing business and working at the WTC on 911.

8. It was the Israeli general counsel Alon Pinkas who reported that out of the 4000 Israelis dead or missing actually only one was killed, a visitor. The statistics of this happening is IMPOSSIBLE. The only reason this could happen is if somehow Israelis were warned ahead of time about the planes crashing into the WTC. The natural question to ask is, are there any evidence of prior warnings of the impending WTC attacks given to anyone in the world? If there is let’s narrow the list down to see if any warnings happen to be given to Israelis. Well it just so happens that there were prior warnings and the only people in the world to receive them were Israelis!!!!

9. It was Israelis who received Odigo warnings two hours before the planes struck the WTC buildings. This was reported both in the Ha’aertz and Washington Post newspapers. This is proof positive that someone who cares for the lives of Israelis knew that planes were going to be crashed into the WTC ahead of time and wanted to make sure Israelis were not killed. I am sure the identity of that person was not Bin laden. This succinctly explains why only one Israeli got killed on 911 although the number was expected to be as much as 4000.

10. It was Israelis who were armed with 9mm pistols, nine grenades, explosives, three detonators and 58 bullets and caught in Mexico in an attempt to blow the Mexican Congress up on October 10, 2001, one month after 911. Curiously these Israelis were found with Pakistani passports in their possession. The Israelis were booked for conspiracy to destroy a building by means of an explosive by the Mexican police. If they were successful in blowing up the Mexican Congress then like 911 it would have been blamed on Muslim terrorists. They got caught red-handed here and only God knows how many other incidents that innocent Muslims are being blamed for that were really done by Israelis.

11. General Gul, who at one time was a close ally of the U.S. and a staunch supporter of western values, who could have blamed 911 on his Russian or Indian enemies but instead choose to blame 911 on Israelis. This former director of the Pakistani Intelligence Service said un-categorically about 911 that “The Israeli Mossad and its American associates are the obvious culprits.” Why did he just happen to also blame Israelis? Why didn’t he blame India or Russia who were far worse enemies to Pakistan than Israel? This was a man who was close to the American Secret Service leaders and their ally. How come he seems to know what Vreeland and other CIA operatives worldwide knew about 911?

12. The news about the impending attacks was known by even low ranking CIA agents like Delmart Vreeland. To prove it he wrote what was going to happen in August, 2001 in a sealed envelope while in prison in Canada and had his guards open the envelope on September 14th. Lo and behold he accurately predicted the attacks of 911. If he knew about this I am certain that many others in the CIA especially at higher levels knew about it also. As such this was a deliberate planned action set up to create a Pearl Harbor type event to cause the American government to take actions that the planners of this event wanted. With the complicity of the Israeli controlled news media the finger was solidly pointed on OBL, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. They did not allow any suspicion to be pointed anywhere else. How convenient!!!

As an example of the many reports throughout the world implicating Israeli involvement in 911, here is a partial text of one from Canada’s Stern-Intel on September 17, 2001:

”A US military intelligence source revealed details of an internal intelligence memo that points to the Israeli Mossad intelligence service having links to the World Trade Centre and Pentagon attacks.”

13. The U.S. Army School for Advanced Military Studies (SAMS), wrote this about the Israeli Mossad which was reported about on September 10, 2001 one day before 911:

"Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act."

BINGO! The very next day an “Arab act” took place against the U.S. and no suspicion or investigation was done based on this credible report from SAMS. As I said the finger was so firmly pointed against Bin Laden that even intelligent people were so suffocated by the Israeli press that no other questions were entertained.

14. It was a Zionist owned company, Metals Management, and a life time Jewish Zionist Mayor of N.Y. who were responsible for so quickly removing the steel evidence from the WTC such that no investigation could be done on whether or not the WTC steel beams melted from heat or due to bombs going off that caused the WTC to crash. Dr. Frederick W. Mowrer from the Fire Engineering department at the University of Maryland told the New York Times: "I find the speed with which important evidence has been removed and recycled to be appalling."

15. Although the planes used to crash into the WTC could have flown from La Guardia, Kennedy, or some nearer airport, they chose to fly from Boston’s Logan airport which was much further away from the WTC. Doing this lengthened the time to the destination making it easier for NORAD to intercept the planes. Why this was done? It was because an Israeli company, ICTS International, controlled airport security at Boston Logan airport.

16. An abnormal amount of put stock options were purchased against United and American Airlines right before 911. Gee whiz I wonder why British Airways, Southwest Airlines, Continental or other Airlines did not have abnormally large amounts of put stock options purchases also? Why did it just so happen to be from the two airlines that were involved with the 911 incident? It was reported that many Israelis and even an ex-CIA director from Deutsche bank made huge profits on the purchase. One person made as much as $2,500,000.00 on the deal and when last reported did not come to pick up his money. How did all these people know that American and United Airlines stocks will drop so dramatically in value the next day??? I ask the same question as Michael Shore does in the following paragraph, Why? Also why did this story just drop from the media and no follow up was done? Another example of the media in cahoots with the planners of 911 to deflect attention from the obvious and keep the Americans firmly fixated on OBL as the only possibility for 911.

It would seem easy enough for the FBI and CIA to go to the stockbrokers where these trades were made and find out who made them. This is probably the closest link that can be established to someone who was involved in 911 but neither the FBI nor CIA is, apparently, pursuing this. Why?

17. When Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hizbollah and other Palestinian groups commits an act of freedom against the brutal Israeli regime, no matter how small the numbers they kill of the enemy they take responsibility for it. That has been their pattern for a long time. Now the largest attack killing the most amount of “the enemy” Americans, instead of OBL boasting about it and even cheering like the Israelis did at the WTC he says the following: “I have already said that I am not involved in the 11 September attacks in the United States. As a Muslim, I try my best to avoid telling a lie. I had no knowledge of these attacks, nor do I consider the killing of innocent women, children and other humans as an appreciable act…”

This is quite significant because as successful as this act was it would have been something for OBL to boast about but instead he condemns it and distances himself from it. Very unlikely behavior for someone guilty and who would normally gloat at such a major accomplishment. The U.S. government claimed that it had proof which they never showed any of us. They claimed that they showed it to the Pakistani President but he also recently came out with a statement claiming that he believes that there is no way that OBL could have pulled off 911. What happened to the proof?

With all this evidence of Israeli involvement, corrupt U.S. government officials involvement and media complicity in covering and even dropping information that should be pursued and thoroughly investigated I ask the question why, why in the hell is any of this not being investigated? This is a mountain of evidence. Other evidence not discussed but also valid is how an Israeli company abruptly broke it’s lease with the WTC, incurring huge costs just weeks before 911, the many reports showing evidence that the WTC was blown up from within explaining how the buildings fell, no video or stills of any of the hijackers at Logan Airport, how did the U.S. government identify so quickly the identities of the hijackers and was able to fix the blame on OBL just a few hours after the event, the fact that 7 of the hijackers identified are still alive today, the many false reports about terrorists identities like the one recently of a Pakistani man who never left Pakistan in his life having his picture publicly broadcasted in the media, and I could go on and on.

The only logical conclusion that a reasonable person can arrive at is this: The 9-11 attacks, the anthrax murders, and numerous other foiled terror plots, were planned, orchestrated, financed, carried out, and covered up by the forces of ISRAEL. What other logical explanation can there be?

What we have been told officially about 911 has more holes in it than aged cheese. It just does not add up. Yet serious actions are being taken against innocent Muslims and thousands of lives are being lost and even more are being harassed and persecuted. Why isn’t our government investigating the huge pile of evidence pointing to the Israelis and why aren’t relations between the U.S. and Israel cooled? Why? Why? Why?

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Top Secret Israeli Codes Broken By US, Russia?

Post#14 » Mon Jul 24, 2006 3:48 pm

What does it matter if they have. They arent doing jack shit of
JEWS GONE WILDING in the ME. Here is a nation that acts as a vandal to those around them. Israeli leaders are some of the most fucking insane idiots on the planet. They need to be tried for Crimes against humanity with the likes of Jorge BUSHit Runny Cumsfeld, and Penis Cheney.

Top Secret Israeli Codes Broken By US, Russia?
The Voice Of The White House

WASHINGTON, DC -- "The information I am about to discuss has been discreetly circulating in Certain Circles (certainly not the White House) inside the Beltway for at least a month now and since it is about to be revealed elsewhere, I am going to discuss it.

Hitherto, I have kept very quiet about it because I certainly wouldn't want to reveal it so that more and more devastating information can emerge into the light of day.

Some months ago, we learned that the top Israeli military, intelligence and diplomatic codes had been very effectively broken by a group of cryptanalysis experts both here and in the Russian Republic.

(How strange that there is now cooperation, if unofficial, between the two former enemies!)

In the United States, all I can say is that the code-breakers are not the NSA or the CIA. The latter are far too pro-Israel because many of their top executives are Jewish and the former has other things to do.

At the same time that Israel's political, diplomatic and military secrets are circulating around the Beltway, and for a certainty, into at least two of the Embassies on Massachusetts Avenue, other very clandestine programs have pinpointed very strategic areas *inside* Israel to include, but are certainly not limited to: Sigint centers, repositories of very sensitive weaponry to include nuclear items and CW/BW stockpiles, major military communications centers, hidden command bunkers and hardened security bunkers in Tel Aviv for high level Israeli officials, fuel stores for the military including gas and oil reserves, high-level military and governmental telephone exchanges and other vital infrastructure targets.

In Washington, the very highest level communications to and from the Israeli Embassy and certain important Israeli official commissions are being read and transcribed on a daily basis and excerpts of these have been, and are being, read by a number of people here and abroad ( and for a certainty also in various Arab Embassies here.)

It is known, here at least, that a number of Russian Jews, now employed in highly sensitive positions in Israel, have been transmitting certain information of a top level nature to Moscow and some, but *not *all, of this is coming to the United States (but certainly not officially !) The main reason? Family still inside Russia and the fact that the U.S. shares top level data with Israel and by tapping into this, the Russians can much more easily break certain codes and read satellite pictures.

Many messages contain directives to the Ambassador as to what is to be conveyed to a completely sympathetic President and Secretary of State, their very private responses, directives to intelligence operatives controlled from the Embassy, a significant number of references, often double coded, as to Isreal-sympathetic U.S. government officials, both appointed and elected. Not all of these are Jewish, by the way.

Classified information, much at the very highest level, is pouring into the Israeli Embassy, evaluated by them , coded and responses sent back to Tel Aviv?and being read as soon as it is received and sent out!

With the full cooperation and even encouragement of the President, Israel has been preparing a coup d'main against Arab commandos both in Lebanon and Gaza and has been planning, again with the full cooperation of the White House, to use these "terrorist attacks" (deliberately provoked) on them to move militarily into Syria and "completely crush" the government there which they view as working with Iran to infiltrate deadly, long range missiles into Lebanon to attack vital targets deep inside Israel.

There also has been the intention of Israel to involve the United States in a sneak attack on Tehran using tactical nuclear weapons. The President finds himself in a position wherein he completely sympathizes with Israel's determination to crush any kind of Arab activism in the Middle East because he feels that these same activists are also Iran sponsored and are responsible for the casualties in Iraq.

The idea under discussion, according to the extracts, is for this to happen just before the U.S. midterm elections in November, to give Bush and the Republicans a desperately needed boost in public opinion.

Our military, which is behind these code-breaking schemes, is bitterly opposed to any extension of hostilities in the area because their troops would then be fully engaged with military, rather than irregular, units and we simply do not have enough equipment or personnel on the ground to deal with it.

The military feels that if significant numbers of our troops were to be overrun and killed or wounded by a massive Arab military campaign, the Army and Marines would be effectively neutralized for some time to come and utterly unable to cope with any national or global crisis that would undoubtedly be instigated by any one of our growing list of enemies. These perceive that America is pinned down in a no-win guerrilla war in Iraq and that it would be virtually impossible, for example, to send American troops into Mexico in the event of a left-wing coup there or into Venezuela to remove the obnoxious left-wing and Bush-hating Chavez.

Israeli leaders have been closeted with many of their American counterparts in the hopes of a joint action against both Syria and Iran but logistics are against them. (Mossad people regularly meet in Langley with their CIA counterparts to exchange information) The Israelis are shocked to discover the quantity and quality of the rocketry (and other weapons) being used against them and since Bush, at their foolish request, has agreed to give them a free hand in blasting Lebanon, there is a growing and very serious military belief that the war will suddenly escalate and Israel will not only attack Lebanon with ground troops but will use siezed areas in that country to launch a military attack on Syria which they see as a surrogate for Iran. Nuclear war is a specific probability at this juncture.

An attack on Iran, problematical thought it might be, is not to be taken lightly because Israel is determined to "neutralize" (read "exterminate") both states as major threats to their existence. There seems to be growing frustration on Israel's leaders part about the possible inability of the U.S. to intervene on their side in such a blitzkrieg.

Iran is far better armed that most observers realize and the deliberate refusal of Bush to use his office to force a cease fire will. In all probability, lead to an unforeseen escalation of combat in Lebanon that will result in terrible damage and high death tolls but he has repeatedly demonstrated that such matters are of absolutely no consequence to him or his top advisors.


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Post#15 » Mon Oct 09, 2006 12:10 pm

Warren Royal
Sept. 2006

We spoke earlier about the five celebrating Israeli "movers", (Mossad
agents), who were arrested and placed in solitary confinement for weeks
after they
were spotted in a white van suspected of attempting to blow up the George
Washington Bridge. We also reviewed how the Israeli owner of Urban Moving
Systems -
Dominick Suter - then suddenly abandoned his "moving company" and fled for
Israel on 9-14. But there were still more Israeli "movers" and other
whose actions raise serious suspicions. Even more suspicious is how they are

always quietly released and deported.

In October of 2001, three more Israeli "movers" were stopped in Plymouth, PA

because of their suspicious behavior. These "movers" were seen dumping
furniture near a restaurant dumpster! When the restaurant manager approached
driver, a "Middle Eastern" man later identified as Moshe Elmakias fled the
The manager made note of the truck's sign which read "Moving Systems
Incorporated" and called the police. When the police spotted the truck, two
Israelis - Ayelet Reisler and Ron Katar began acting suspiciously. The
police searched the truck and found a video. The Israelis were taken into
and the video tape was played at the police station. The video revealed
footage of Chicago with zoomed in shots of the Sears Tower. The police
alerted the FBI and it was also discovered that the Israelis had falsified
logs and phony paperwork on them. (1) They were also unable to provide a
and telephone number for the customer that they claimed to have been working

for. These Israelis were up to some sort of dirty business, and you can be
it had nothing to do with moving furniture. These Israeli spies may have had

a dark sense of humor. The name of their "moving company" actually contained

the word MOSSAD embedded inside. Moving Systems Incorporated? Moving Systems


On October 10, 2001, CNN made a brief mention of a foiled terrorist bomb
in the Mexican Parliament building. They promised to bring any further
developments of this story to their viewers, but the incident was never
heard of
again in America. But the story appeared in bold headlines on the front page
the major Mexican newspapers (2) and was also posted on the official website
the Mexican Justice Department. (3) Two terror suspects were apprehended in
the Mexican Chamber of Deputies. Caught red-handed, they had in their
possession a high powered gun, nine hand grenades, and C-4 plastic
explosives (great
stuff for demolishing buildings!) Within days, this blockbuster story not
disappeared from the Mexican press, but the Israelis were quietly released
deported! The two terrorists were Salvador Gerson Sunke and Sar ben Zui. Can

you guess what their ethnicity was? Sunke was a Mexican jew and Zui was a
colonel with the Israeli special forces (MOSSAD). (4)

The story in El Diario de Mexico went on to reveal that the Zionist
terrorists had fake Pakistani passports on them. Can you say "false flag
The probable motive of this particular botched terrorist operation was to
involve oil rich Mexico in the "War on Terrorism". (The War on Israel's
would be a more accurate description). Mexico is no military power, but the
psychological trauma of an "Arab" attack on Mexico would surely have induced
to provide unlimited cheap oil to her American "protector". With cheap oil
flowing to America at low prices from Mexico, the US could better afford to
off relations with the oil rich Arab states in general and Saudi Arabia in
particular. That's why the planners chose 15 Saudi identities to steal for
9-11 operation.

Many Mexicans expressed shock at the release of the two Israelis. But when
you learn that Mexico's Secretary of Foreign Relations is a Zionist named Jorge

Gutman, it's not surprising! *The Zionist tentacles reach even into Mexico!*La
*Voz de Aztlan* (Mexican-American news service), in it's excellent
report revealed:

"*La Voz de Aztlan* has learned that the Israeli Embassy used heavy handed
measures to have the two Israelis released. Very high level emergency
took place between Mexican Secretary of Foreign Relations Jorge Gutman,
Macedo de la Concha and a top Ariel Sharon envoy who flew to Mexico City
specially for that purpose. Elías Luf of the Israeli Embassy worked night
and day
and their official spokeswoman Hila Engelhart went into high gear after many

hours of complete silence. What went on during those high level meetings no
knows, but many in Mexico are in disbelief at their release." (5)

In November of 2001, 6 more suspicious Israelis were detained in an
unspecified mid-eastern state. They had in their possession box cutters, oil
plans, and nuclear power plant plans. (6) The local police called in the
and Immigration officials took over the scene and released the men without
calling the FBI. The Jerusalem Post, the Miami Herald, (7) and the Times of
(8) all carried this amazing story and all revealed how furious FBI
were that these terror suspects with nuclear power plant plans were allowed
to go free. Of course, the corruption riddled FBI would only have caved into

Zionist pressure from the Justice Department's Criminal Division boss,
Chertoff, and also from the ADL's "partner", FBI boss Robert Mueller - who
would no doubt have found a way to eventually release those Israeli terror
suspects too.

In December, 2001, the *Los Angeles Times* published the story of how two
jewish terrorists were arrested by the FBI for plotting to blow up the
office of US
Congressman of Arab descent - Darrell Issa (R-CA), and a California mosque.
(9) Irv Rubin and Earl Kruger of the Jewish Defense League (JDL) were
with conspiracy to destroy a building by means of explosives. This story got

brief national coverage but quickly disappeared too. These Zionists sure
blowing up buildings and killing innocent people don't they?

In May of 2002, yet another moving van was pulled over in Oak Harbor,
Washington near the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station. Fox News reported that
the van
was pulled over for speeding shortly after midnight. The passengers told the

police they were delivering furniture, but because it was so late at night,
police weren't buying the story. A bomb sniffing dog was brought in and the
dog detected the presence of TNT and RDX plastic explosives in the truck
stuff for demolishing buildings!) Both Fox News (10) and the Ha'aretz
newspaper of Israel (11) reported that the two "movers" were Israelis.

In December, 2002, Ariel Sharon made the amazing claim that Al-Qaeda agents
were operating inside of Israel. But when Palestinian authorities
the suspects, they turned out to be Palestinian traitors impersonating
agents for the MOSSAD! From the Sydney Morning Herald of Austrailia:

*"Palestinian security forces have arrested a group of Palestinians for
collaborating with Israel and posing as operatives of Osama bin Laden's
terrorist network, a senior official said yesterday. ..The arrests come two
after Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon charged al-Qaeda militants were
operating in Gaza and in Lebanon.

It was considered a surprise because the Gaza Strip is virtually sealed off
by Israeli troops. The hardline Israeli leader also charged other members of

the terror group were cooperating with Lebanon's Shi'ite militia Hizbollah"*(12)

You know, if Sharon wasn't so dangerous, I'd almost be amused by his

According to *FOX news*, *throughout late 2000 and 2001, a total of 200
spies were arrested. (13) It was the largest spy ring to ever be uncovered
the history of the United States.* The *Washington Post* also reported that
of these Israelis were arrested in connection with the 9-11 investigation.
(14) US. Carl Cameron of FOX News Channel did a excellent four part,
televised, series of investigations into this blockbuster scandal. *But FOX
pulled the investigative series after Zionist groups complained to FOX
FOX even went so far as to remove the written transcripts of the series from

its website! In it's place was posted a chilling, Orwellian message which
reads: "This story no longer exists." (15)* Fortunately for the sake of
the FOX transcripts were copied onto to many other websites and all four
are available for your review. (see footnotes.)

The FOX series and other mainstream news media sources revealed that many of

these Israelis were army veterans with electronics and explosives expertise.

Many of them failed lie detector tests. FBI agents told FOX that some of
past investigations were compromised because suspects had been tipped off by

Israeli wiretapping specialists. It was discovered that Israeli companies
as Comverse and Amdocs have the capability to tap American telephones (great

for blackmailing all those wife-cheating politicians!) FBI agents also told
they believed the Israelis had advance knowledge of the 9-11 attacks. (which

certainly would explain why no Israelis died in the WTC) Still another US
official informed FOX that some of the detained Israelis actually had links
9-11, but he refused to describe the nature of those links. The FBI official
FOX's Carl Cameron:

*"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9-11 is classified. I cannot tell you
about the evidence that has been gathered. It is classified information."*(16)
(emphasis added)

Then there was that small army of Israeli "art students" who were arrested
for trying to sneak into secured US Federal buildings and staking out 36
Department of Defense sites. Some of these suspicious "art students" even
showed up
at the homes of Federal employees. (17) Ron Hatchett, a Department of
analyst, told Channel 11, KHOU news in Houston that he believed that the
students" were gathering intelligence for future attacks. Here's an excerpt
from the October 1, 2001 KHOU investigative report by Anna Werner:

*"Could federal buildings in Houston and other cities be under surveillance
foreign groups? That's what some experts are asking after federal law
enforcement and security officials - nationally and in Houston - described
for the 11
News Defenders a curious pattern of behavior by a group of people claiming
be Israeli art students."
"Hatchett says they could be doing what he would be doing if he were a
terrorist, sizing up the situation: *"We need to know what are the entrances
to this
particular building. We need to know what are the surveillance cameras that
are operating. We need to know how many guards are at this operation, when
they take breaks?" *Says Hatchett: This is not a bunch of kids selling

"A former Defense Department analyst, Hatchett believes groups may be
gathering intelligence for possible future attacks. *"Some organization,
thinking in
terms of a potential retaliation against the U.S. government could be
out potential targets and ? looking for targets that would be vulnerable."
And a source tells the Defenders of another federal memo, stating that
besides Houston and Dallas, the same thing has happened at sites in New
Florida, and six other states, and even more worrisome, at 36 sensitive
of Defense sites. *"One defense site you can explain," *says Hatchett, *"well
was just a serendipitous, ??.. Thirty-six? That's a pattern."* (18) [ *6 X 6
* - Dan ]

A Federal memo stated that these "art students" may have had ties to an
"Islamic terror group". More likely, they were the "Islamic terror group"!
the bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946, and how the "Arab terrorists"
were actually Irgun terrorists? Remember the Zionist terrorists caught in
with Arab passports? Remember the official motto of the Mossad - By Way of
Deception Thou Shalt Do War. Are you getting the picture? Can you say "false

flag operations"?

In a follow up report a few days later, KHOU Channel 11 revealed that Dallas

was also targetted:

"11 News reported how people claiming to be "Israeli art students" might be
trying to sneak into federal buildings and defense sites, and even doing
surveillance. And at least one expert said he thought it could all be
for an attack. Well, now federal sources say they are not ruling out that
all of
this could be connected with the hijackings on September 11, because of
events in another Texas city.

In Dallas, the so-called students hit early this year at the city's FBI
building, the Drug Enforcement Administration and at the Earle Cabell
building, where guards found one student wandering the halls with a floor
plan of
the building.

So the Dallas INS went on the alert, finding and arresting 15 people in
March. Thirteen claimed to be Israelis and two are professed Colombians. But

according to sources, once again their passports were phony. And another
source says some of those arrested also appeared to have lists of federal
employees and their home addresses.

All 15 "students" have now been deported. Now, since our first story ran
Sunday night, some viewers called who said that they've been visited by
people who
claim to be Israeli students selling art." (19)

Absolutely mind boggling! Why were Israeli explosives experts, posing as
students" roaming the halls of US Federal buildings? Why were Israeli army
vets, armed with explosives and detonators, roaming the halls of the Mexican

Congress? Why were Israeli "movers" caught in vans with explosives residue ?

Might some of these shady characters have once also "roamed the halls" of
World Trade Center prior to 9-11? Why aren't "60 minutes", "Nightline",
and the rest of the Zionist media aggressively pursuing the story behind the

Israeli "art students" and "movers" with 1/1,000th the zeal that they
Martha Stewart over allegations of insider trading (who cares?), or
the zeal that they pursued the Catholic Church over an occasional pedophile
priest? (funny how we never hear about the documented cases of pedophile
or 1/100,000th the zeal that they pursue the Muslim bogeyman on a daily
basis? Something smells rotten here!

One would think that these intriguing mysteries would have great TV audience

appeal, especially in light of the fact that the Oklahoma Federal building
blown up in 1995 by the since executed Timothy McVeigh (dead men tell no
tales), and a "John Doe # 2" of "Middle-Eastern appearance", who was never
down or pursued despite numerous eye-witness accounts and despite an FBI All

Points Bulletin which clearly described him as such.

Of America's major networks, only FOX News made a meager attempt to
investigate these mysteries, but FOX was quickly silenced by Zionist
pressure. This
alone is evidence of criminal activity! Before his excellent work was
FOX's Carl Cameron reported this amazing bit of information:

*"Investigators within the DEA, INS, and FBI have all told FOX News that to
pursue or even suggest Israeli spying is considered career suicide."* (20)
(emphasis added)

Did you catch that? If a Federal investigator dares to "even suggest"
spying, he has committed "career suicide"! And if a journalist like FOX's
Cameron dares to bring this scandal to light, he is told to shut his mouth.
they persist, they may even be called "anti-Semitic" - a label which has
as the kiss of death for many a career. This means that Zionist Mafia can do

whatever it wants, whenever it wants, and however it wants - including
orchestrating, financing, executing, and covering up the true story of
events in the
Middle East, the 9-11 massacre, and the ensuing "War on Terrorism" (war on
Israel's enemies).

Now do you remember the Mossad's "warning" about the 200 "Al-Qaeda
terrorists" said to have been preparing major attacks in the US? (21) At the
time of
this writing, we are one year into the largest investigation in American
and not one of these 200 "terrorists" has yet to be uncovered. (22) But 200
Israeli spies were uncovered, among them many military members, electronics
experts, wiretapping and phone tapping specialists, and explosives experts
the skill to bring down tall buildings. (23) Logic and common sense leads to

the conclusion that the "200 Al Qaeda terrorists" were in reality, 200
terrorists sent to frame the Arabs for terrorist attacks and drag America
a war.

On December 11, 2002, Senator Bob Graham (D-FL), a leading member of the
Senate Intelligence Committee, appeared as a guest on the PBS Newshour with
Ifill. Graham surprised Ifill by expressing his belief that a foreign
government or governments had to have funded and supported the hijackers.
Here's part
of the exchange:

IFILL: "Are you suggesting that you are convinced that there was a state
sponsor behind 9/11?"

GRAHAM: *"I think there is very compelling evidence that at least some of
terrorists were assisted not just in financing ? although that was part of
? by a sovereign foreign government and that we have been derelict in our
to track that down, make the further case, or find the evidence that would
indicate that that is not true and we can look for other reasons why the
terrorists were able to function so effectively in the United States."
IFILL: *"Do you think that will ever become public, which countries you're
talking about?"
Now listen to Graham's bombshell.........:

GRAHAM: *"It will become public at some point when it's turned over to the
archives, but that's 20 or 30 years from now. And, we need to have this
information now because it's relevant to the threat that the people of the
States are facing today."* (24) (emphasis added)

Senator Graham is suggesting that US intelligence knows which foreign
government helped the terrorists, but the government isn't going to tell us
another 30 years! Given the current state of anti-Muslim war hysteria being
promoted by the media and government, common sense dictates that if an Arab
government was ever discovered to have sponsored 9-11, we'd be seeing the
night and day on the controlled media, and hearing about it non-stop from
all the
President's warmongers as well as the Israeli-occupied US Congress and
This alone is evidence that no Arab government was involved in 9-11.

It can't be an Arab government. Why would any Arab government sponsor
"Al-qaeda", an organization dedicated to overthrowing what it sees as
US-backed Arab governments? What Arab government would have incentive to
America- its best oil purchasing customer? What Arab government would have
ability to shield itself from US media exposure? What Arab government would
be so
suicidal, so hell-bent on its own destruction, as to attack a mighty nuclear

superpower like the United States? So who, if not an Arab government could
the chief sponsor of 9-11? Again, let's go back to FOX News quoting an FBI
official. Pay close attention to the specific language used:

*"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9-11 is classified. I cannot tell you
about the evidence that has been gathered. It is classified information."*(25)
(empasis added)

*In order for evidence "linking these Israelis to 9-11" to become
the evidence has to have existed in the first place*! Furthermore, but it
have been very, very serious stuff indeed. Only the really ugly stuff merits

the distinction of being "classified!"

It may be possible that the good Senator doesn't know himself which country
or countries are involved. Graham may still be under the delusion that it's
Arab government. Or, perhaps he's a disgusted patriot just trying to throw a

subtle shot at Israel in his own little way, without actually having to
"career suicide" as so many other anti-Zionist politicians have in the past.

History will reveal the truth one day, just as it did for Pearl Harbor. The
trouble is, by that time, no one will care about 9-11 and this phony war
"War on
Terrorism" anymore. The American attention span does not reach "20-30
It's closer to 20-30 minutes, about the length of an average Dan Rather,
Jennings, or Tom Brokaw infomercial. If even that!

History always repeats itself. But who will teach this history to the
American people when the Zionists control the information industry? The
Zionist Mafia
and their ass-kissing careerist henchmen in media, government, academia, and

business have all of the bases covered.


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