Isolationism as possible solution for Patriots

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Isolationism as possible solution for Patriots

Post#1 » Mon Jun 27, 2005 1:37 am

Since we freedom-loving people are willing and have drawn the line in the sand, it is vital that we have remedies and practical applications to test our ideas and beliefs. I propose that we as like-minded constitutional preservationists all flock to a collection of several states in decent numbers thereby affecting politics at the local level and supplanting the "treasonous" scumbags with candidates of our choosing; imagine, say, 30,000 folk migrating from different states to inhabit one or two states to influence local politics and "aerosolizing" the atomosphere with Christian patriot principals! I know that most folk may have a problem leaving their respective beloved homes and states but if it meant that you would never have to work for anyone but yourselves via online networking as well as community organization, and being on the same block with other liberty-conscious folk then WOW! What a concept!!! Like we now for instance have lil Vermont on lock then comes nearby New England states moving southernly or Westernly as an example. We all provide for ourselves via micro-broadcasting, information exchange, survival techniques, farming, and providing basic necessities for each other. Since we are not friends of socialism, we would see to it that individual liberty and sovereignty are stressed with the support of a community that loves to do commerce without being regulated by big government or community dictatorial oversight. In time, more and more folk would come over and join forces which may for instance include three states or more now clustered and vigilantly watched and protected by our minutemen; the Citizenry! Now folk will say, "But hey, they could spray chemtrails over our areas if we're all bundled together in a collection of states" Or nuke us. "It's better we be spread about". But guess what folks? We also would have militia intelligence and resources that would minimize such attempts for we are naturally distrustful of the so-called central federal government.
Furthermore, being spread out means that you are the only one on your block that believes the feds carried out the attacks on 911. Unless you go some miles down to find another patriot. Too much trouble for time is running out.. they are closing in on us and I will not say any more than that. Privacy is an issue in the age of Echelon. So can't give away all the stuff crazy rant for the day...don't pay me no mind.. :P

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check out free state project - FSP

Post#2 » Sun Jul 03, 2005 9:34 pm

a bunch of them have been moving into New Hempshire.
a smaller group is moving into Wyoming
and i just heard that a christian oriented group is starting to move into South Carolina.

we are playing at the FSP event this summer, called the Porcupine Festival

at the end of July... You should come check it out, you will meet a bunch of like minded people.

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Post#3 » Mon Jul 04, 2005 4:09 am

I highly recommend Mr. Cooper's book " Behold A Pale Horse". He's a free thinker, for sure.

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So let it be done!

Post#4 » Wed Aug 03, 2005 11:53 pm

Cool Beans!. I have also heard about the move into S. carolina and New Hamsphire. It is the best alternative to a tyrannical government out of control and ready to rip apart this republic at any moment. There is a lot a fearmongering going on that addresses not a thing by way of solutions and will only lead to your hiding under the bed or lying prostrate for the stampeding foot! I was in contact with Mr. William Cooper and sent him money for his broadcasts and am trained for the coming battle thanks to years of work and research conducted by him and my team of Super-her0 patriots- former Vet-Seals types of cats. We took an oath to uphold the Constitution to the death and will not waver from such commitment. So let's get some work done together.. Nothing romantic 'bout 'dis thing here man!

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