Learn a foreign language and earn money at the same time

If you got one that helps save time, money, frustration with anything , and feel it might help others, then please share with us and take credit them.
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Learn a foreign language and earn money at the same time

Post#1 » Sun Mar 02, 2003 1:01 pm

What an odd combination, eh? I stumbled upon this by accident.

I do an early morning (up at 4am) paper route, and I realize that I'm just kind of spinning my wheels listen to the radio while driving the route (I bicycle it in warmer weather).

There are foreign language courses that require no reading whatsoever, they are called "Pimsleur Audio." They go through the language real slow and use a lot of repetition. You can get the Pimsleur courses from Amazon, but watch out. They have a full length course and a "short course." The short course is OK, but if you can afford it, get the full length course. In many cases there will be a second course after your first one, I know they have an advanced Pimsleur for Mandarin Chinese, which is what I am learning right now.

Why Chinese? Because I'm afraid we are going to have to deal with them. America is going to fall, and the Chinese are just waiting for that so they can take over. I'm not happy about it, I like open spaces and uncrowded lands, but our treasonous government is leading us to the slaughter.

I'm hoping the Chinese will cut a deal with American patriots for a piece of land to keep for ourselves.

I would suggest you learn Chinese or Egyptian Arabic, because our government is putting us in conflict and harm's way with people who speak those languages and we should be ready to talk to them if we find oursleves in a position to have to deal with them. Egyptian Arabic is a good start because the other dialects of Arabic like Syrian and Iraqi are similar, but Egyptian Arabic is the "lingua franca" of the Arab dialects. You won't learn how to read it from Pimsleur, but that's OK.

As far as learning to read Chinese or Arabic, there are plenty of books on Amazon for that too, and it will be much easier once you have a speaking knowledge of the language.

There's also European languages. I am fluent in Russian and if I wasn't, that's what I'd be learning. The Slavs are wonderful people. I'd live over in Russia if I could get a job there, and play Russian folk music with the peasants and grow turnips out in the "Golden Ring" countryside.


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