Tomato Bucket Gardening

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Tomato Bucket Gardening

Post#1 » Wed Aug 13, 2008 9:37 pm

Great stuff.
Cut and repaste this in your own site and the pics will come up.

Tomato Bucket Gardening

Ok so you like tomatoes and ya don't have a lot of space.
Look up, to the side
of the house or a pole anything you can hang a bracket on .

A sunny spot , a house or a pole to screw a bracket to
A five gallon Pail and lid
A 2 inch hole saw (used to put in locks )
A Drill/ screw gun
3 coffee filters
a knife
a magic marker
2 small bags of potting soil
Othro grow plant food
Three tomatoes plants
Getting started
Turn the bucket upside down
Take your magic Marker and draw a Peace Sign
in the center of the three leggs draw a line this is where you will drill
Careful when you drill when the holesaw take the first bite you will know it.
This is how the bottom of the bucket should look should look
Next put a hole in the center of the Lid.
Your Done with the hole saw.
Take your tomato plant and put a hat on it hahaha
no make a slice through the coffee filter gently pull it over the leave and stalks
tuck it into the dirt.
Next turn the plant upside down and gently put the leaves and stalks through
the bottom of the bucket ( the coffee filters help keep the dirt from pulling through )
Fill the bucket with top soil 1/2 way . your done just hang it
Well that was pretty basic , if you need complex you can call it Vertical Gardening Technology .

Face it , It's basic . what you put in you get out . Plant food is ok so is egg shells
copper pennies . iron nails , coffee grinds. The food you buy in the store is dead
not the case when you grow your own .

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