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Post#1 » Mon Feb 24, 2003 1:20 pm

Don't know if anyone was aware of this, but cattails can be eaten. Yeah, the "hot-dog-on-a-stick"-looking things that you see growning in roadside ditches. Very good vegetable. Try to find them young, and only eat the root section, not the brown part on the top of the stalk. However, if you see one that is fluffy and white on top, it is inedible.

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Post#2 » Fri Feb 28, 2003 10:08 pm

Yes they can be. An older couple I know in Maine canned every type of wild food that could be (so that when the end came they could feed all the hungry people). I have a jar of cattails in my pantry, but have never been hungry enough to open the jar up. :-) There is also fiddleheads which is basicly ferns that are young and tender (early early crop). Actually these folks canned the tops of the cattails when they would be very young and tender (again early spring). I will try to write the lady at some point and ask her more info on them if you like.....
I also know some folks here in OR that gather wild foods too (like shrooms... Which I did this summer, for a day lol! It was fun hiking around the woods getting dirty!).

Hope this helps...
God bless

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