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Mike Brown Steam Engines and Alternative Energy Products

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The never ending usefulness of the Steam Engine is making rounds again. Cheap, affordable, and NECESSARY NOW!!

Mike Brown Steam Engines and Alternative Energy Products
Our 1-horsepower Steam Engine:


Our 3-horsepower Steam Engine:



Close-up views of our steam engine parts


The horizontal mill steam engine of yesteryear was the 350 Chevy of the nineteenth century: the most common engine known to man. This engine and its larger cousins had a thousand and one uses, from grinding grain, pumping water, running electrical generators, and more.

This steam engine is capable of putting out enough power to drive a 500-watt generator, depending on the pressure from your boiler. When the neighbors run out of gasoline and diesel fuel you will still have power from wood, trash, coal or whatever else is available.

The exhaust of this engine will also provide 40,000 BTUs of heat, ideal for steam heating your cabin, providing a heat source for the alcohol still described in our junkyard still book, heating hot water for cooking and other uses.

Our 2-cylinder 3 horsepower steam engine will provide 1500 watts of electrical power and over 100,000 BTUs of exhaust heat.

The 2-cylinder steam engine has an advantage over the 1-cylinder steam engine in that it is "self-starting." If the piston is at top or bottom dead center on the 1-cylinder steam engine, the engine will not rotate until the flywheel is turned by hand. The 2-cylinder steam engine never has both pistons at top or bottom dead center and will always rotate when steam is applied.


3 horsepower steam engine being bench tested


Information on our 20-Horsepower Piston-Valve Steam Engine

Prices on books, prints, and videos include shipping and handling.

For any products listed, send a check or money order to:

Mike Brown
P.O. Box 4884-N
Springfield, MO 65808

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Getting Started With Steam

The Mike Brown 1-Cylinder 1 Horsepower Steam Engine

Made in the USA

The price of our 1 horsepower, 50 pound cast iron and aluminum horizontal mill engine is $1,195.00. (It comes unpainted. We suggest painting yours to protect it from rust. Painting requires disassembly.)

This engine is shipped F.O.B. Springfield, Missouri via UPS (you pay the shipping).


The Mike Brown 2-Cylinder 3 Horsepower Steam Engine
Made in the USA

Many of the parts of our 2-cylinder 3 horsepower steam engine are interchangeable with our 1-cylinder 1 horsepower steam engine. The flywheel has a groove cut in it for a belt to power a generator, water pump, or other device. On a 2-cylinder engine the flywheel sits between the cylinders. It will require 20 pounds of wood per hour.

Retail price: $2,395.00 F.O.B. Springfield, Missouri
Delivery time approximately ten days

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