Jew Fear Getting Out of Hand...

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Jew Fear Getting Out of Hand...

Post#1 » Fri Nov 23, 2012 5:24 pm

This jew fear is spreading like the plague. Not only is the "common person" (for the lack of a better term at the moment, in my writing of passion) cowering to their talmudvisions needs, but also the so called "alternative networks", to the point that we now need the alternative to the alternative.

First we have Alex Jones helping that fear, by screaming "Israel could not have pulled off these attacks" when it comes to 9/11, making PERFECTLY sure that anybody that thinks outside the square they live in, crawl back into their shell. How dare they think for themselves or even BEGIN to think that the mossad boys cheering on the falling towers had ANYTHING to do with what took place on that fateful day?!!? And now we have other networks, telling their hosts that they should "tone down their ju rhetoric" because hate mail is coming in. Even IF it is the truth that the host is speaking.

We are living in a human world dominated by demons and devils and I don't know about the rest of you, but as I was growing up, I was told that demons and devils are evil and that good would always prevail against both, because light is always overpowering to darkness. Now that may sound like a childhood tale, but just as the dark lords seek to brainwash the masses with TV, where demons and devils are glamorised, they also warn us in plain sight of what is to come. It's a part of their sick little game.

I am soon to expose the networks that stifle free speech. How can I do such a thing? Easy, I was a host on these networks and I know what was said, where it was said and who said it. So don't be a stranger to this forum, because you are soon to hear some hard hitting truth and shocking facts about those networks you may have come to love and trust.

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