Pussy Riot.. A jew creation to be used vs PUTIN

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Pussy Riot.. A jew creation to be used vs PUTIN

Post#1 » Thu Aug 23, 2012 12:40 am

I love this post by Israel Shamir. Man this jew is an honest jew and calls it out to the detriment of our masters.... da jews.

PUSSY RIOT... stop calling yourselves a band.... You are performance artists, and bad ones at that.

By Israel Shamir – August 22, 2012

Universally admired, Pussy Riot (or PR for short) have been promoted as superstars. But what are they? A rock or punk group they are not. A British journalist marvelled: they produce no music, no song, no painting, nada, rien, nothing. How can they be described as “artists”? This was a severe test for their supporters, but they passed it with flying honours: that famous lover-of-art, the US State Department, paid for their first ever single being produced by The Guardian out of some images and sounds.

We are able to stomach obscenity and blasphemy; I am a great admirer of Notre Dame de Fleurs by Jean Genet, who combined both. However, the PR never wrote, composed or painted anything of value at all. Chris Randolph defended them in Counterpunch by comparing them with “the controversial Yegor Letov”. What a misleading comparison! Letov wrote poetry, full of obscenity but it still was poetry, while the PR have nothing but Public Relations.

Hell-bent on publicity, but artistically challenged, three young women from Russia decided – well, it sounds like a limerick. They stole a frozen chicken from a supermarket and used it as dildo; they filmed the act, called it “art” and placed it on the web. (It is still there) Their other artistic achievements were an orgy in a museum and a crude presentation of an erect prick.

Even in these dubious pieces of art their role was that of technical staff: the glory went to a Russian-Israeli artist Plucer-Sarno of Mevasseret Zion, who claimed the idea, design and copyright for himself and collected a major Russian prize. The future PR members got nothing and were described by Plucer as “ambitious provincials on the make”, or worse.

Lately they have tried to ride on a bandwagon of political struggle. That was another flop. They poured a flood of obscene words on Putin – in Red Square, in subway (underground) stations – with zero effect. They weren’t arrested, they weren’t fined, just chased away as a nuisance. And they did not attract the attention of people. It is important to remember that Putin is an avowed enemy of Russian oligarchs, owners of the major bulk of Russian media and providers of the Moscow literati, so they print on a daily basis so much anti-Putin invective, that it’s lost its shock value. You can’t invent a new diatribe against Putin – it has been already said and published. And Putin practically never interferes with the freedom of the press.

My foreign journalist friends are usually amazed by the unanimity and ferocity of the anti-Putin campaign in Russian media. It can be compared with the attacks on G W Bush in the liberal papers in the US, but in the US, there are many conservative papers that supported Bush. Putin has practically no support in the mainstream media, all of it owned by media barons. A valuable exception is TV, but it is expressly apolitical and provides mainly low-brow entertainment, also presented by anti-Putin activists like Mlle Xenia Sobtchak. So PR failed profoundly to wake up the beast.

Eventually the young viragos were mobilised for an attack on the Church. By that time they were willing to do anything for their bit of publicity. And the anti-Church campaign started a few months ago, quite suddenly as if by command. The Russian Church had 20 years of peace, recovering after the Communist period, and it was surprised by ferocity of the attack.

Though this subject calls for longer exposition, let us be brief. After the collapse of the USSR, the Church remained the only important spiritual pro-solidarity force in Russian life. The Yeltsin and Putin administrations were as materialist as the communists; they preached and practiced social Darwinism of neo-Liberal kind. The Church offered something beside the elusive riches on earth. Russians who lost the glue of solidarity previously provided by Communists eagerly flocked to the alternative provided by the Church.

The government and the oligarchs treated the Church well, as the Church had a strong anti-Communist tendency, and the haves were still afraid of the Reds leading the have-nots. The Church flourished, many beautiful cathedrals were rebuilt, many monasteries came back after decades of decay. The newly empowered church became a cohesive force in Russia.

As it became strong, the Church began to speak for the poor and dispossessed; the reformed Communists led by the Church-going Gennadi Zuganov, discovered a way to speak to the believers. A well-known economist and thinker, Michael Khazin, predicted that the future belongs to a new paradigm of Red Christianity, something along the lines of Roger Garaudy’s early thought. The Red Christian project is a threat to the elites and a hope for the world, he wrote. Besides, the Russian church took a very Russian and anti-globalist position.

This probably hastened the attack, but it was just a question of time when the global anti-Christian forces would step forward and attack the Russian Church like they attacked the Western Church. As Russia entered the WTO and adopted Western mores, it had to adopt secularization. And indeed the Russian Church was attacked by forces that do not want Russia to be cohesive: the oligarchs, big business, the media lords, the pro-Western intelligentsia of Moscow, and Western interests which naturally prefer Russia divided against itself.

This offensive against the Church began with some minor issues: the media was all agog about Patriarch’s expensive watch, a present from the then President Medvedev. Anti-religious fervour was high among liberal opposition that demonstrated against Putin before the elections and needed a new horse to flog. A leading anti-Putin activist Viktor Shenderovich said he would understand if the Russian Orthodox priests were slain like they were in 1920s. Yet another visible figure among the liberal protesters, Igor Eidman, exclaimed,“exterminate the vermin”- the Russian Church – in the rudest biological terms.

The alleged organiser of the PR, Marat Gelman, a Russian Jewish art collector, has been connected with previous anti-Christian art actions which involved icon-smashing, imitation churches of enemas. His – and PR’s problem was that it was difficult to provoke reaction of the Church. PR made two attempts to provoke public indignation in the second cathedral of Moscow, the older Elochovsky Cathedral; both times they were expelled but not arrested. The third time, they tried harder; they went to St Savior Cathedral that was demolished by Lazar Kaganovich in 1930s and rebuilt in 1990s; they added more blasphemy of the most obscene kind, and still they were allowed to leave in peace. Police tried their best to avoid arresting the viragos, but they had no choice after PR uploaded a video of their appearance in the cathedrals with an obscene soundtrack.

During the trial, the defence and the accused did their worst to antagonize the judge by threatening her with the wrath of the United States (sic!) and by defiantly voicing anti-Christian hate speeches. The judge had no choice but to find the accused guilty of hate crime (hooliganism with religious hate as the motive). The prosecution did not charge the accused with a more serious hate crime “with intent to cause religious strife”, though it could probably be made to stick. (It would call for a stiffer sentence; swastika-drawers charged with intent to cause strife receive five years of jail).

Two years’ sentence is quite in line with prevailing European practice. For much milder anti-Jewish hate talk, European countries customarily sentence offenders to two-to-five years of prison for the first offence. The Russians applied hate crime laws to offenders against Christian faith, and this is probably a Russian novelty. The Russians proved that they care for Christ as much as the French care for Auschwitz, and this shocked the Europeans who apparently thought ‘hate laws’ may be applied only to protect Jews and gays. The Western governments call for more freedom for the anti-Christian Russians, while denying it for holocaust revisionists in their midst.

The anti-Putin opposition flocked to support PR. A radical charismatic opposition leader, the poet Eduard Limonov wrote that the opposition made a mistake supporting PR, as they antagonise the masses; the chasm between the masses and the opposition grows. But his voice was crying in the wilderness, and the rest of the opposition happily embraced the PR cause, trying to turn it into a weapon against Putin. The Western media and governments also used it to attack Putin. A Guardian editorial called on Putin to resign. Putin called for clemency for PR, and the government was embarrassed by the affair. But they were left with no choice: the invisible organisers behind PR wanted to have the viragos in jail, and so they did.

Commercially, they hit jackpot. With support of Madonna and the State Department, they are likely to leave jail ready for a world tour and photo ops at the White House. They registered their name as a trade mark and began to issue franchises. And their competitors, the Femen group (whose art is showing off their boobs in unusual places) tried to beat PR by chopping down a large wooden cross installed in memory of Stalin’s victims. Now the sky is the limit.

In August, vacation season, when there is not much hard news and newspaper readers are at the seashore or countryside, the PR trial provided much needed entertainment for man and beast. Hopefully it will drop from the agenda with the end of the silly season, but do not bet on it.

Israel Shamir reports from Moscow, his email is adam@israelshamir.net

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Israel Shamir

Israel Shamir is a critically acclaimed and respected Russian Israeli writer. He has written extensively and translated Joyce and Homer into Russian. He lives in Jaffa, is a Christian, and an outspoken critic of Israel

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Russian police pursuing other members of Pussy Riot

Post#2 » Thu Aug 23, 2012 12:42 am

The Jewsmedias propaganda version of the event.

http://news.yahoo.com/russian-police-pu ... tml?_esi=1

Russian police pursuing other members of Pussy Riot

ReutersBy Steve Gutterman and Alissa de Carbonnel | Reuters – Mon, Aug 20, 2012


Related Content

Members of the female punk band "Pussy Riot" (R-L) Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Yekaterina Samutsevich and Maria Alyokhina sit in a glass-walled cage after a court hearing in Moscow, August 17, 2012. REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov

Members of the female punk band …

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian police are hunting for more members of the Pussy Riot punk rock band, a spokeswoman said, signaling further pressure on the group despite an international outcry over jail terms for three women who protested in a church against Vladimir Putin.

The Russian president's critics condemned the court proceeding that yielded the two-year prison sentences on Friday as part of a clampdown on a protest movement and reminiscent of show trials of dissidents in the Soviet era.

Police said on Monday they were searching for other members of the group over the February protest at Moscow's Christ the Saviour Cathedral, but had not yet identified the suspects.

They did not say how many people they were looking for, nor whether they faced arrest and charges. Five members of the anonymous feminist punk group stormed the church altar in brightly colored balaclavas, mismatched dresses and wielding an electric guitar, but only three were arrested and tried.

Although the search was launched before Friday's verdict, the determination of police to pursue other Pussy Riot members suggested the Kremlin would keep the heat on the band despite the furor over the punishment imposed on the three young women.

A lawyer for Pussy Riot, Mark Feigin, said he believed police knew the identity of the other two women and had video surveillance footage of them walking into the church.

He said the search handed police a tool to put pressure on any of Pussy Riot's 10 plus members continuing its protest. "If you put some unidentified persons on the wanted list, then you can arrest whoever you want in a balaclava," he said.

In an interview last week, other members of Pussy Riot - their faces hidden behind colorful masks like those worn during the "punk prayer" - said the trial had only strengthened their resolve to stage new protests.

On Friday, the band released a new song entitled "Putin is Lighting the Fires of Revolution."

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, 22, Maria Alyokhina, 24, and Yekaterina Samutsevich, 30, were convicted of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred over their performance of a "punk prayer" urging the Virgin Mary to rid Russia of Putin.

A police spokeswoman said other unidentified members of Pussy Riot were being sought under a criminal case that was now separate from that against the three performers who were tried.


Tolokonnikova's husband, Pyotr Verzilov, said Pussy Riot members remaining at large want "normal lives" and painted the police statement as part of a wider Kremlin crackdown on opponents who hope to stage mass street protests in the autumn.

"Putin likes the taste of repression," he told Reuters.

Tolokonnikova, Alyokhina and Samutsevich said they had sought to protest against Putin's close ties with the Russian Orthodox Church and had not set out to offend believers.

Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek, whose works are being read by Samutsevich in jail, said the trial showed Russia's system of power was "immensely fragile" and likened Pussy Riot to dissident poets in the era of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

"The greatest appreciation for poetry in Stalinism was that you could have been shot for a poem," Zizek said in Moscow.

The United States, European Union and several nations have called the sentences disproportionate, and Washington has urged Russian authorities to "review" the case.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, asked about the Western criticism, warned against interference in judicial affairs and said people should not "go into hysterics" about the case. He denied accusations that the trial was politically motivated and said the women could still appeal.

"Let's not draw hasty conclusions or go into hysterics."

Putin himself, an ex-KGB spy who returned to the presidency for a third term on May 7 after a four-year spell as prime minister, said before the sentences were pronounced that the women did "nothing good" but should not be judged too harshly.

They have already been in jail for about five months, meaning they will serve another 19 but could be freed if Putin were to pardon them. The Orthodox Church signalled it would accept such a move by appealing, belatedly, for mercy.

Madonna denounced on Saturday the jail terms imposed on the three women. She said they were being sent to a "penal colony for ... a 40-second performance extolling their political opinions".

(Writing by Steve Gutterman and Alissa de Carbonnel, editing by Timothy Heritage and Mark Heinrich)

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Post#3 » Thu Aug 23, 2012 12:44 am

More on this from another perspective.
goto the link to see the pictures


The VOINA Art-Group («War»). Actions 2006-2012
Voina is a revolutionary group of Russian artists that engages in radical street protest actions. Conceptions are worked out by Oleg Vorotnikov (a.k.a. "Vor" - the chief ideologist), Natalia Sokol (a.k.a. "Kozlyenok" - the chief coordinator), Leonid Nikolayev (a.k.a. Crazy Lenya) and Alex Plutser-Sarno (the chief media artist, the author of the group’s media art and texts). The group is not supported by any of Russian curators, nor gallerists. The group doesn't cooperate with none of the state or private institutions. More than 20 of criminal cases have been brought against the group. In 2010-2011 Vorotnikov and Nikolayev were detained in jail for 3.5 months under accusation of inciting hatred towards the police by means of their art actions. They were released from custody, as artist Banksy bailed them out. At the present moment both Vorotnikov and Sokol are wanted by the police. Voina activists have experienced dozens of arrests, searches, assaults and batteries committed by Russian cops. The latest arrest was made on October 18, 2011 when the group was filmed by the German TV journalists.

114.24 КБ
Photo of the 65-meters-high graffiti from the action "Dick captured by KGB!". The Voina art-group. 2010

E-mail of the Voina art-group: a(а)plutser:ru
Blog: http://plucer.livejournal.com
Site: http://en.free-voina.org/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/free_voina_en).
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/people/Yana-Sar ... 2891643263

Since July, 21 2011 Oleg Vorotnikov, the founding father of the Voina group, is wanted by Interpol. He was put on the international wanted list by the Russian corrupted cops. On September 21, 2011 the worldwide solidarity «Voina Wanted» action for the persecuted artist started in Vienna.

Some of the group's actions:

December 31, 2011 at 23:25
"Cop's auto-da-fe, or Fucking Prometheus".

On Voina activists climbed over the fence to the yard of the police station No.71 in St. Petersburg to hold an auto-da-fe for a police prisoner transport truck. The prison-on-wheels was set on fire with Molotov cocktails and totally burned down. Oleg Vorotnikov, Leonid Nikolayev, Natalia Sokol and other activists took part in the action. Cops didn't succeed in arresting any of them.
Alexei Plutser-Sarno's statement: "*Dear Russians, this action is a modest gift to all of you from the Voina Group. It's a gift to all political prisoners of Russia: Philip Kostenko, Sergei Udaltsov, Taisia Osipova, Sergei Mokhnatkin, Vladimir Bukovsky and many others. We dedicate this action to the deceased heroic political prisoners Sergei Magnitsky, Anatoly Marchenko, Kronid Lyubarsky, Alexander Ginzburg, Andrei Sinyavsky, Yuri Galanskov, Yuli Daniel. Let's destroy all prisons! Freedom to all political prisoners! Feds don't fuck us - we fuck feds! Happy New Year, comrades!*"
Photos - http://plucer.livejournal.com/531761.html

<h2><b>Palace Revolution / “Beg for mercy, cop!”</b></h2>

<center><img src=" /></center>
On the night of September 15th, on the eve of the Biblical Judgment Day, in the center of St. Petersburg, Voina overturned 7 police cars with drunk corrupted cops inside.
Alexei Plutser-Sarno, the group’s media artist, proclaimed: “On the Judgement Day cop has to kneel down and beg us, workers of fine arts, for forgiveness. The God's punishment is coming. Repent your sins, two-faced dirty dealin' cops!”. This action was a demand to reform the corrupted Ministry of Home Affairs.
On November 15th, 2010 because of the “Palace Revolution” action two Voina leaders, Oleg Vorotnikov and Leonid Nikolayev were illegally arrested by the Center for Extremism Prevention in Moscow. They were accused of of “hooliganism, committed on the motive of hatred and enmity to a social group,” namely, the police. After 3.5 months of detention, Oleg and Leonid were bailed off by street-artist Banksy who paid 10.000 USD for each. He sold his “Choose your weapon” prints and gave £80,000 to the Voina Group . Now that money is used to help Russian political prisoners.

Media-Art (photo+video+text): http://plucer.livejournal.com/297581.html
Video: hhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uBQBtnkmec
Photo archive: http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/ebitessami/album/119291/ и

How to snatch a chicken. The tale of how one Cunt fed the whole of the group Voina.

The action “How to snatch a chicken” (“The tale of how one Cunt fed the whole of the group Voina”) took place on the 20th of July, 2010 in St. Petersburg. It was published on the 24 of July, on the 182nd birthday of the great Russian writer and revolutionary Nikolay Chernyshevsky, who, because of his artworks, spent 27 years in prison, penal servitude and internal exile. The action contains the hidden cites from Leo Tolstoy, Daniil Kharms, the tale “The Chicken Ryaba” and the Oleg Kulik’s installation “Tolstoy and the Chickens”.
The action was carried out as a part of the project “Voina in the supermarket!”. That’s why the group came into the supermarket “Nakhodka” in the Orenburgskaya street.There it had sex with the frozen Chicken. The public symbolic dead Chicken immersion into the vagina was held under the slogan "Bezblyadno!" (i.e. “Without whoring!”).

In the course of the action the Voina activists chanted the untranslatable obscene verses by the activist Plucer. As a result of the action the group proclaimed: “In Ancient Russia the word “whore” meant “lie” and “deception”. Nowadays Russia is the millions of “whores” of both sexes, who lost their moral and ethical principles; who deceive and kill each other. The Voina group will symbolically fuck Russian two-faced cop-whores and their Kremlin prostitutes!”. The action was held under the general slogan: “Let’s fucking hit at the pornography and fascism with the Chicken Ryaba!”
Media-Art (photo+video+text): http://plucer.livejournal.com/281211.html
Video: http://www.livevideo.com/video/D15EC9A5 ... icken.aspx
http://www.liveleak.com/e/fef_1279895437 (without English subtitles)
Photo archive: http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/ebitessami/album/108859

Dick captured by KGB / Voina’s 65-metres-high Cock

On the night of June 14th, 2010, on the Che Guevara birthday, Voina painted an enormous phallus on the Liteiny drawbridge in St Petersburg several minutes before it started rising.
The Voina activists poured the paint from the cans, while running from the bridge security. It took them only 23 seconds to create the gigantic Dick. Since there was nothing the guards could do to stop the bridge from opening, at 1 a.m. the phallus – 65 m tall, 27 m across, weighting 4000 tonnes– slowly erected just opposite the headquarters of the KGB's successors, the Federal Security Service. It could be seen from everywhere in the center of St Petersburg. Three Voina activists were beaten by the bridge guard; one of them, Leonid Nikolayev, was arrested.
Alex Plutser-Sarno, the Voina activist, defined the genre of the action as a “sketch in the open air” or a “street sketch”. Alex proclaimed that the Dick was turned on not only by the main KGB office, but by the whole hierarchy of power in Russia. And it also was a protest against the heightened security measures expected at the International Economic Forum, held from June 17 in Saint Petersburg, the hometown of both Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
The Dick graffiti was a monumental “Fuck you!” to the Russian corrupted authorities.

The entry about this action in plucer’s LiveJournal (the main information source of the group) was banned by the moderators (http://plucer.livejournal.com/259696.html). At the point of suspension there were about 3 thousand comments and a half a million views of this entry. At the same time the You Tube video of the action was closed. It had about 300 thousand views at that moment.
Media-Art (photo+video+text): http://plucer.livejournal.com/265584.html
Photo archive: http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/trenirofki/album/105507/?
http://www.wonderhowto.com/wonderment/r ... e-0117172/

Crazy Leo on top of Feds!

Part 1

Crazy Leo is Our President!

(15-21 May, 2010) - http://plucer.livejournal.com/252735.html : For a week Crazy Leo with 3 blue buckets (under bigger one there are smaller blue buckets) on his head goes on the oncoming traffic lane, imitating the car-killer of the KGB. Blue buckets symbolize the special blue signal flasher on the tops of the State cars. The action was held as a protest against the violation of the Russian citizen’s rights (on the roads).
Media-Art (photo+text): http://plucer.livejournal.com/252735.html

Part 2

Judges, go fuck yourselves!

(22 May, 2010) - http://plucer.livejournal.com/253505.html : Crazy Leo imitates a bloody car accident and crashes into the black car-killer of the KGB. He leaps onto the car bonnet, its top and slides down from it. The KGB officer is following Lenya, heats Lenya and knocks the blue bucket from his head. But under first bucket there is another smaller one. The action was held as a protest against the violation of the Russian citizen’s rights (on the roads).
Media-Art (photo+video+text): http://plucer.livejournal.com/253505.html
Photo: http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/trenirofki/album/101399

Part 3

(28 May, 2010) The KGB officers without uniform without introduction kidnap Crazy Leo, put the handcuffs on his arms and a bag onto his head.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWtQDz-W ... r_embedded

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