Glenn Beck is no martyr - no hes really a zio-stoolie

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Glenn Beck is no martyr - no hes really a zio-stoolie

Post#1 » Wed Apr 13, 2011 5:43 pm

Glen Beck as in Beckerstyn? Judeo-Mason-Mormon
confused cat he is. cant say Joo, yet he touches upon them CONSTANTLY.
Someday. someday, the men of this country will get their balls back, and get the israeli monkey off of Americas back once and for all.

Zionism is a political symptom of the cancer that is Judaism. Christ railed against it in His day, yet, most Christian leaders and Christians themselves give it pass. They know not what they do because of the successful brainwashing and programming by the Talmudvision.

After many years and decades, I am finally seeing this changing, not only in the world, but here in America, where the mind control has been deep. Rejoice America, Freedom comes soon.

Glenn Beck is no martyr

The Hoffman Wire
Dedicated to Freedom of the Press, Investigative Reporting and Revisionist History

Michael A. Hoffman II: Editor.



Michael Hoffman | April 13, 2011

Lately we have observed "anti-Zionist" and even supposed "anti-Talmud"
right wingers blame "the Jews" for Glenn Beck's derogation at Fox News.
With blind guides like these Beck-sympathizers leading us, is it any
wonder we're losing the battle for hearts and minds? These alleged
"anti-Talmudic Conservatives Christians" are beyond obtuse. When Nikita
Krushchev sacked Lavrenty Beria, did it make Beria less of a
Communist? Beck is no less a Zionist because Fox News has distanced
itself from him.

Because Beck's apocalyptic mystification of history and politics is
viewed as an increasingly buffoonish, demoagogic detraction from the
sophisticated, professional public relations image the Zionist power
structure wishes its talking heads to project, he has been moved off
center stage. Big deal. We're supposed to weep for our poor, persecuted
populist oracle who has been viciously repressed by his masters.

Mr. Beck is a case-hardened Zionist
(, just like "Christian
Conservative" Sarah Palin (who wore not a cross, but a hexagram
[so-called "Star of David"] on her recent rear-end kissing tour of
"Israel"). Beck is being transfered to the John Hagee circuit; in other
words, to be used as the sideshow Israeli propagandist, not the main
attraction. Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes believe that the
mystic-Mormon Beck is not as professional in his demeanor and
presentation as he should be. In response to this tactical move, right
wingers have declared Beck to have been martyred by "the Jooze."

The right wing has a terminal disease: from Ronald Reagan to Glenn Beck,
they worship their executioners. Even right wing supposed experts on
Judaism have fallen for the false opposition mirage projected by the
rabbinic, pillar of chesed/pillar of gevurah, Temple of permissible
Left/Right ideology, which has been imposed on the political framework
of the West ever since the masonic French Revolution. Having suckered-in
for this hallucination, right wing reverends proclaim Beck to be part of
the noble opposition to the Temple!

It's five minutes to midnight on the clock of destiny and most of those
who have appointed themselves as our guides and visionaries don't have a
clue. You want to weep? Weep for the hypnotic right wing herd that is
simultaneously puffed up on its own imaginary grasp of the secret mind
control methods of Judaism, while in actuality being just as dumbed-down
as any other boob-tube bovine chewing the kosher cud.

Hoffman is the author of "Judaism Discovered," an 1100 page textbook.

Hoffman's writing and research are funded solely by donations
( from readers and the sale of his
publications and recordings


Israeli-First, Zionist Warhawk Glenn Beck Is No Martyr

Call Him An Israeli-First Zionist And A Dangerous Mossad Asset

But Please Don't Call Glenn Beck A Martyr


News of the firing of Fox superstar icon Glenn Beck is being received by
unthinking Catholics, Christians and patriots as the greatest moral
outrage since 9/11. "This poor persecuted patriot." "So hated by the
Jews." "A genuine martyr for the cause of freedom." "A real American

These are some of the things good people are actually saying about
Zionist/Israeli-First Glenn Beck. Unable to spare the time to set the
record straight and prove beyond all doubt that Mr. Beck is none of
those things which good people think he is, but rather a total fraud,
the next best thing is to share with you the following thoughts which
were taken from my forthcoming book, Synagogue Rising. It was in that
book that I had the audacity to suggest that Beck was one of the enemy's
"useful idiots" who, far from being a true conservative, is nothing more
than a "Zionist Court Jester And Top Candidate For The Next 'Most
Dangerous Man In America' Title.

I also predicted that Fox News would eventually fire him and that his
Zionist handlers would make a martyr out of him, furthering their evil
cause. The following is taken verbatim from my new book, Synagogue
Rising. Enjoy the sneak preview.

The master manipulators once again get the dumbed-down American public
to fall for yet another of their mass-deceptions as part of a
meticulously engineered psychological warfare campaign against the
simple-minded goyim.

The television addict who foolishly permits the likes of Glenn Beck to
poison his/her thinking is certain to remain misinformed, confused and
cemented in Rabbinic lies, even while believing they have all the
answers and remedies for all the wrongs in the world. Such massive
mind-conditioning is frightening.

Recently, part of our research for this book became part of a
self-imposed penance for Lent. It turned out to be the most painful
penance we could possibly inflict on our person. We subjected ourself to
the exceedingly unpleasant task of sitting through a Glenn Beck TV
presentation for the first – and we assure you – last time. More than
"unpleasant," the experience was downright revolting. Rarely, even after
many long years on the front lines, have we encountered such a display
of mindless babble, of intellectually drunken sophistry, of blatant
deception, of emotion-charged propaganda, of outright treason disguised
as patriotism. So deliriously insane is this comedian-propagandist of
the Zionist right that we cannot help but agree with certain liberals
that label him "Fox News's paranoid superstar demagogue." [1]

For all the talk about the New World Order, Glenn Beck is one of its
most energetic and effective facilitators. How so? One reason: he is a
fanatic warhawk for Israel. Nothing is driving the world faster into the
Judaized New World Order than the aggressive and genocidal wars we are
fighting for Israel. The reason this Judaized court-jester is given so
much coverage in the Jewish-controlled media – Fox is no less Zionist
than all the other purveyors of disinformation – is because he is one of
them, notwithstanding all the impassioned claims to the contrary.

A Mormon by creed, Beck is therefore linked to Talmudic Freemasonry,
which is and has always been under Judaic inspiration and control. With
an estimated 2-3 million viewers per night, the "king of conservative
porn" would not be in the national spotlight and raking in millions of
dollars from blind conservatives from coast-to-coast if he were nearly
as true-blue conservative and anti-Big Government as he makes himself
out to be.

If there was anything we might agree on with the radically subversive
hate-peddlers of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), it's their
concern regarding the upsurge in new "patriot" organizations in the past
year. In its March 2, 2010 report, "Rage on the Right: The Year In Hate;
Extremism," we learn that "an astonishing 363 new patriot groups
appeared in 2009, with the totals going from 149 groups (including 42
militias) the year before to 512 (127 of them militias) – a 244% jump."

Why should true patriots be alarmed over this development? Because the
majority of these newly formed groups are part of the controlled
opposition, intentional or otherwise. Like Fox News and Glenn Beck,
their mission is to deceive, divert, discredit – in a word, neutralize –
moral-minded citizens who would otherwise stand against the Rabbinic
Tyranny that is right now fastening the final chains about the American

Conservative-minded middle America must wake up. Glenn Beck is more than
just the leading conservative "court jester;" Glenn Beck, let us repeat
and emphasize, is an unyielding Zionist. He is fond of saying that he's
not going to treat his audience like morons, but this is exactly what he

"Truth has no agenda," he sanctimoniously grandstands. "Obama has an
agenda…the left has an agenda… the media has an agenda…" He loves to
rant and rage in self-righteous indignation, but certainly not him.

He is the populist
Moses-come-down-from-the-mountain-after-seeing-the-face-of-God to lead
the "chosen people" of the right (Fox viewers) to the promised land of a
restored America - Jeffersonian Constitutional Republicanism. His only
agenda, he would have all his cheering and worshipful fans blindly
believe, is to speak the truth, to expose evil, to save America from
"Obammunism," and to re-open the gates of heaven for all who tune in to
Fox News and genuflect before him. It's the gospel according to Glenn
Beck. And, God save us, there are many conservative and traditional
Catholics and other patriots who make up no small part of the Glenn Beck
Fan Club.

Well, you can be sure that Mr. Beck and Fox TV have a far different
agenda than what those who've become hypnotized by all their lies hold
to be true. Their agenda is Israel's agenda, it's quite simple and quite
obvious. And on the top of the list is the rabid push for war with Iran
and more support for Israel and an ever escalating war on terror on
Israel's behalf.

Make no mistake about it. This high-strung and pompous con-artist,
comedian, showman, pseudo-conservative is no Moses, but no less a Mossad
asset than Abe Foxman of the ADL is a Mossad agent, only less
conspicuously so. And because the fact is more cleverly disguised, he is
the more effective and hence the more dangerous traitor. At least Foxman
is honest enough to openly stand for anti-Christian Talmudism. Beck is
the greater deceiver whose task is to lead the whole of
conservative/moderate-liberal middle America into the Zionist camp under
the pretext of defending American and Israeli democracy and standing
against Marxist and Islamic militancy.

Watch carefully – the process has already begun – as Tea Party
conservatism is progressively assimilated into Ronald Reagan
conservatism via the grand deception of Glenn Beck conservatism.
Interestingly enough, it takes a liberal to see Beck for what he really
is. Kevin Drum writes for the far-left Mother Jones consortium. Here's
what he says in part: "Glenn Beck is, for a liberal like me, far more
entertaining to watch than, say, Sean Hannity or Bill O'Riley. The
latter are garden variety blowhards and their subject matter is
predictable. But Beck? He's crazy! He thinks the Muslim Brotherhood is
going to take over the entire Mediterranean! Fabian socialists are a
fifth column working to subvert everything that makes America great!
(But slowly, sneakily.) The Tides Foundation is on a mission to 'warp
your children's brains'! And Obama the secret Marxist is behind it all!
It all fits together! "This is actually sort of entertaining in small
doses. But in bigger doses, not so much." [3]

The scam consists of a vast media effort, the left collaborating with
the right as always, to project Glenn Beck as a persecuted enemy of the
liberal establishment rather than an invaluable stooge of that same
Talmudic establishment's Grand Design for America and the world. Even
the Jews, whom Beck serves with undying loyalty, criticize him in public
in order to maintain the deception (as they now do with Obama). By
portraying His Lordship Mr. Beck in this light, as an anti-Semite, he is
lionized as a martyr/hero for "the cause" which is certain to galvanize
more support for him and therefore secretly for International Jewry's
anti-Christian conspiracy. This is precisely what is happening.

Michael Hoffman explains:

"Glenn Beck couldn't be more of a slave of the Talmudic mentality if he
wore a kippah (skullcap) and carried a copy of the Talmud Bavli onto the
Fox News set. He follows their script 99% of the time. But it's that one
percent of independence that troubles any slave-master.

"(1) Beck is not supposed to use 'Holocaust' parallels. 'Holocaust' is a
trademark of the Master Race of Holy People and they have a proprietary
relationship with it. (2) Beck cannot criticize any certified
'Holocaust' saint. St. George Soros is one such Holy Person.

"For these two minor infractions the master chess players take the
opportunity to be seen as highly critical of their shabbos goy, Mister
Beck. He is portrayed as another 'Father Coughlin,' the peace campaigner
and social justice worker who so annoyed the usual suspects in the
1930s. Beck is no Coughlin. The comparison is laughable. Beck [is
PRO-war not antiwar as was Fr. Coughlin. Beck too] hates the social
justice campaign against usury. His economic heroine is the
greed-is-good Russian Khazar, Ayn Rand. But leave it to the Talmudic
mentality to stretch the bounds of credulity with their delusion.

"Watch the pea under the shell: with this controversy, Zionists show
themselves as independent of Beck and Beck gets to appear as a thorn in
the side of Zionism – even though Beck is a fervent war-Zionist who
doesn't just kiss Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's feet, he
kisses each of his toes…Watch for 'useful idiots' in the right wing
start to refer to Beck as being 'courageous as Father Coughlin' and
someone who is beginning to wake up about the 'Jews.'" [4]

It's also possible Beck will get "fired" by Fox to really dramatize the
"persecuted martyr" false image. We recently saw the same tactic
employed in the termination of Keith Olbermann from MSNBC, who is said
to be Beck's counterpart on the left. Right, left, centrist, Beck,
Olbermann – they're all on the same side: the side of their/our Talmudic
Overlords, the Elders of Zion, Masters of America and the world. An
article titled "Glen Beck the Socialist" [5] does a poor job of exposing
his Rabbinic, socialist, statist, Big Government proclivity, [6] no
matter how much rhetoric is spent focusing on the opposite. But it does
speak a single truth in observing that some folks "view him as a phony
usurper of the freedom movement." He is exactly, emphatically that.

In the months leading up to the 2008 presidential elections Beck was
heard on nationwide television naming candidate McCain as his personal
preference. Not Dr. Ron Paul, mind you; not Dr. Chuck Baldwin – either
of whom would have been the proper choice if Beck really believed all
the conservative verbiage that comes out of his mouth in an endless
torrent of lies and deception. But Sen. John McCain, the least
conservative, most radical candidate who has been described as "the most
dangerous man in America" by Chronicles magazine? You can't get any more
socialist, statist, internationalist and Zionist than that without
openly favoring Barack Obama or Hilary Clinton for president. And if we
are not mistaken, he has named Sarah Palin as his prime choice in the
up-coming 2012 elections. Yes, Sarah Palin, darling of the Zionist

For those who do not have their head buried in the sand, ostrich-like,
Mr. Beck is as predictable as the rotation of dawn and dusk. Yet Beck's
rhetoric is always for less government intrusion in our lives, less
federal regulations in the market, less state encroachments upon our
liberties, less cultural and political communism, less Islamism...truly
the man is a "saint," is he not?

His defenders are quick to point out that he has invited on his show
such genuine patriots as Dr. Ron Paul and G. Edward Griffin. This, we
assert, is only to keep up the masquerade that he himself is a
principled and leading conservative who can be trusted. But a closer
look betrays a horse of an altogether different color.

He is certainly most cunning in the way he will manipulate such genuine
conservatives on his program; most cunning in the way he, not his
guests, will direct and dominate the dialogue, in the way he will allow
certain truths to be disclosed only to totally dismiss them in drawing
his typically false conclusions, in the way he will permit the
discussion to go only so far before he will cut off his guests from
speaking of the real issues, the real dangers, the real culprits.

We read that in the same show which featured Mr. Griffin, expert on the
Federal Reserve and author of the most comprehensive expose on the Fed
ever produced, The Creature from Jekyll Island (Mr. Griffin who, by the
way, hardly got a word in), Beck mocked the idea that a Rothschild
conspiracy was behind the secret founding of America's Central Bank,
which is essentially a money monopoly of which Beck's Fox sponsor is a
key player, and that behind the Rothschild Empire was a vast
International Crime Syndicate of Rabbinic anti-Christianism, all of
which are matters of historical fact.

Glenn Beck will attack George Soros, but never even whisper a word
about the Cryptocracy's far more powerful Insiders at B'nai B'rith, the
ADL, Chabad Lubavitch, the OTO, in a word, those hardline anti-Christian
Talmudists that sit at the pinnacle of Political and Financial Power
over America and the world. How is this systematic disinformation and
cover-up of the facts not complete and utter treason on the part of
media superstars like Glenn Beck? How is this not the charades of a
shrewd and cunning master deceiver, and a Zionist wolf in sheep's

This is the same Glenn Beck who practically single-handedly snatched
hold of the initial Tea Party movement, which had some sincere patriots
and noble intentions propelling it, and turned a huge part of it into
just another false alternative to the bipartisan status quo
Judeo-Masonic establishment. For all these reasons combined, and given
the power he and Fox News seem to hold over the minds of countless
millions of basically honest but absolutely conned patriotic Americans,
Mr. Beck himself may well become the next "most dangerous man in
America." We cringe at the thought of how many traditional Catholics
have been beguiled and played for a fool by this pied piper of
crypto-Judaic Totalitarianism disguised as anti-Obama, Star-Spangled,
Motherhood-and-Apple-Pie American Conservatism.

Dear friends, Glenn Beck's mission, we cannot stress it enough, is to
make true conservatives a laughing-stock, thereby undermining the moral
and religious foundations upon which true conservatism is built. A
Judaic "useful idiot" if ever there was one, Mr. Beck is to be
considered extremely delusional in his self-adulation and exceedingly
dangerous in the extent of his vast influence and mastery of

We have much more to say about Sarah Palin, the Tea Party movement, the
new up-coming Zionist "No Labels" third party controlled opposition to
the two-party Zionist syndicate, neocons – false patriots and
psychopathic warmongers, phony Christians who parrot the Zionist party
line, etc. You'll have to purchase a copy of Synagogue Rising to read
the rest.

If you liked what you read above; if you see the importance of the book
it was excerpted from, perhaps you will see fit to help us get this book
published. It is 99.5% completed. Besides a few last-minute finishing
touches, all we need now are the funds to take it to print. If you think
this book has merit and is important, perhaps you will send us the most
generous donation you can to help get it printed, bound, advertised and
widely distributed. Getting this book into the hands of many good people
is as much to your advantage as it is to ours. None of us are immune
from the menace of crypto-Judaic Totalitarianism which is swiftly
descending upon us all.

Thank you and God bless,
Hugh Akins, author
League of Christ the King, SSPX
CTC Books P.O. Box 678047, Orlando FL 32867

[1] David Corn of, quoted in "Beck's Extremism: A
Conservative Dilemma," The Week, March 11, 2011. [2] "Meet the Patriots
– A 'Patriot' Movement Timeline,", April, 2010. [3] Kevin
Drum, "Standing Up To Glenn Beck,", Feb. 11, 2011. [4]
Michael Hoffman commenting on a message from Jewish Funds for Justice
President Simon Greer, The Hoffman Wire,,
Nov. 19, 2010. [5] Phil Maymin, "Glenn Beck the Socialist,", Sept. 16, 2010. [6] How exactly is Glenn Beck a
proponent of Big Government socialism? By answering a second question
you will have your answer: "Does he or does he not crusade against such
unconstitutional bureaucratic monstrosities as Department of Homeland
Security (DHS), FEMA, the Fed, IRS, ATF, CIA, NSA, DEA, FDA, DoD, DoE,
EPA…?" He will criticize the Fed, for example, but have you ever heard
him saying it must be abolished? That it is a major instrument of Jewish
oppression? The same for the Soviet-like DHS and all the other federal
agencies that represent and foster totalitarian tyranny.


The HOFFMAN WIRE is a public service of Independent History and Research, Box 849, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816 USA

24 Hour Revisionist News Bureau:

Disclaimer: The Hoffman Wire is a controversial and politically incorrect e-mail letter intended only for those who have requested it. We have a strict anti-spamming policy. The views expressed in the Hoffman Wire are the sole responsibility of the author(s) and do not reflect the views of advertisers or the transmitter.

Freedom of the Press: A hallowed right.
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Post#2 » Sun Apr 17, 2011 11:40 am

Michael Hoffman is one of these phony, so-called "anti-Zionist" Jews who makes his living off of gullible goyim who foolishly believe there's such a thing as a "good Jew". :-/ ;-(

As for that Hugh Akins guy, he makes some good points, but he tips his hand with the following paragraph:

"We cringe at the thought of how many traditional Catholics
have been beguiled and played for a fool by this pied piper of
crypto-Judaic Totalitarianism disguised as anti-Obama, Star-Spangled,
Motherhood-and-Apple-Pie American Conservatism.

Well, by all rights and reasons, the "Star-Spangled, Motherhood-and-Apple-Pie American Conservatism" should've ended with the advent of the Great Deceiver, Ronald Reagan, in 1980, if not before. Professor Oliver realized as early as 1968 that THERE WAS NO PEACEFUL SOLUTION.

The only reason that these "traditional Catholics" are being "beguiled and played for a fool", is because, frankly, THEY ARE FOOLS. ;-( ;-D They're just a bunch of chickenshit, pussifistic mackeral-snapping morons who will cling, to the bitter end, to their silly little pipe dreams of "saving America", due to their abominable, and, frankly, blasphemous interpretation of Romans 13. If they didn't have Glenn Beck to lead them to slaughter they would simply find somebody else to do it. And who's gonna shed a tear for them when they're gone? Not me, that's for sure.

Get this straight, people: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN ANTI-GOVERNMENT CATHOLIC!!! There never was and there never will be. Why? Very simple. Because a Catholic's only loyalty is to the Pope, and, just like a dirty little Jew, he has an insatiable desire to impose his will on his neighbors, forcing them to either convert to Catholicism or be killed. Therefore, due to his Hell-spawned religious fanaticism, he would *MUCH* rather have one strong, centralized government to take over than that of fifty sovereign, independent states. Therefore, since the question of federalism vs. state's rights was decided, once and for all, at the point of a gun, back in 1865, there has been no greater champion of our Enemy, the State, than the bloodthirsty Roman Catholic. Nobody waves the ZOG shitrag harder. Not even the Antichrist Jew, who wraps himself in it, whenever necessary, to save his worthless hide.

What does this cringing, genuflecting slave, who dutifully bows his knee to a creature of flesh and blood, essentially, proclaiming him to be an incarnation of Christ Himself, know of our Anglo-Celtic Protestant tradition of CHRISTIAN LIBERTY, anyway? NOTHING WHATSOEVER!!! In fact, he DESPISES it!!! Anyone foolish enough to make alliances with such creatures deserve exactly what they get. While some of them may share our blood, their religion is every bit as alien and hostile to our culture as that of the Jew. THEY WILL STAB YOU IN THE BACK EVERY TIME IF YOU LET THEM!!! ;-(

So, what difference, then, does it make, whether the hapless, mackeral-snapping whigger decides to listen to a Glenn Beck or to a Hugh Akins? NONE WHATSOEVER. Either way, they will end up either being murdered by nigger and beaner thugs, after having dutifully turned over their guns to the ZOGbots, as their local, child-molesting "priest" advised them to do, or, otherwise, marching merrily off to the FEMA camps with "God Bless America" on their moronic, mackeral-snapping lips. THEY WILL *NEVER*, EVER PHYSICALLY DEFEND THEMSELVES AGAINST GOVERNMENTAL TYRANNY.

Therefore, they have *NO* place in the Resistance, and the Resistance has no place for them. Period. Paragraph. End of story.

Now, as to the whole Beck controversy, I submit the following reply to a thread on Jett And Jahn Forum. You can read the original here: ... -the-boot/


Well, first of all, it just shows how UTTERLY CLUELESS you are to refer to GLENN BECK, of all people, as a "racist". Are you fucking kidding me?!!? HE'S THE BIGGEST NIGGER-LOVER ON PLANET EARTH!!! Why the hell do you think he's been losing so many viewers? BECAUSE THEY'RE SICK AND TIRED OF HIS NIGGER-LOVING SHIT, THAT'S WHY!!!

The guy held a freaking rally in honor of Martin Lucifer Coon. He has his picture, along with that of anothor famous Commie nigger, Frederick Douglass, as part of his show's opening montage. And when MLK's niece went on his program, he couldn't have kissed her fat, black ass any harder.

By all accounts, he should've gotten the N-Double-Gay-CP Image Award by now. But it's not enough for you gliberals, is it? It never will be enough. You can be the biggest nigger-lover on Planet Earth, and gliberal faggot vermin such as yourself will still call them "racists", simply due to the fact that they happen to be conservative nigger-lovers. Just goes to show that you antis were never really about RACE in the first place. You're all about IDEOLOGY.

Now, the fact of the matter is, we all pretty much saw this shit coming down Fifth Avenue, so to speak. We knew that, as soon as that half-breed got elected to office, even the slightest criticism of him from anybody on the right would result in charges of "racism" being levelled against them. That's just the way you Leninist vermin operate. We've read your books. We know exactly what to expect from your kind.

But the bottom line, as you have, undoubtedly seen, is that all your pissing and moaning about "racism" is simply INEFFECTIVE. The Amerikan people, dumb as they are, aren't nearly that dumb yet, to actually believe you can't criticize or oppose a President with a different skin color than yours without being motivated by racism. They were taught, as I was, in the public schools, that it was all supposed to be about "the content of one's character".

You can't just turn around and change the programming and expect us all to fall into line without any incentive whatsoever. Even ol' Pavlov couldn't do that. Where's the positive reinforcement? Don't have any. Where's the negative reinforcement? Too chickenshit to use it, as of yet. What's Obongo gonna do? Outlaw the Republicunt Party? Shut down Fox News Channel? BRING IT ON!!!
That's the quickest way that I know of to start the race war. And your side is *NOT* gonna win. We still outnumber you three to one, and we're a hell of a lot smarter.

The very fact that #1: You thought you could get away with referring to the Nigger-Lover Of The Century as a "racist" without being called on it here, and, #2: The fact that you thought most of us would even care about Beck, one way or another, shows that you are, as I said earlier, COMPLETELY FUCKING CLUELESS as to what the WN Movement is all about. You've had a grand total of 5 views since you posted the thing, and I'd be willing to bet any amount of money that, aside from my last view, all of the others were just people wanting to find out who the "racist" Fox supposedly fired even was. The minute they found out that it was Beck you were referring to, they lost interest, and moved on.

Why, then, did I take the bait, you well may ask? Well, I'll get to that later.

The question for the time being, however, is this: Why exactly are you liberals so obsessed with Glenn Beck? Is it because he tells entirely too much of the TRUTH about those pulling your strings, behind the scenes, such as that dirty little Jewboy, George Soros, the Rothschild hatchet man, without whose fincancial assistance gliberalism would've died a slow, lingering death after the Republicunt Revoution of '94?


Now, the fact of the matter is that Beck has alienated just about every faction of the Amerikan right, with his nigger-loving ways and constant cheerleading for Isn'treal: the intellectually honest libertarians, the Pat Buchanan populists, the Birchers, the Birthers, the tax protesters, the neo-Confederates, militiamen, Alex Jones fans, not to mention a good chunk of both the neo-cons and Tea Partiers.

The only people still loyal to him are what I like to call the Zionazi Armageddon Cult: (I know a lot of WNs will take issue with my terminology, but I think it fits. ) Hutaree militia types who hang on every word that the Jack Van Impes and Hal Lindseys of the world have to say. They believe that the Antichrist is about to appear on the scene, form a one-world government, and force everybody to take the Mark Of The Beast.

Now, as far-fetched as all that may seem, when you look around at the world today, you can't help but ask yourself: "What if they're right?" Personally, I've read THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION and I've read the Bible, and I'm here to tell you, they dovetail pretty well. The individual that the Jews are looking for to rule over all of us goyim and the one the Jewdayos refer to as the Antichrist seem to me to be one and the same. I think it's coming. But it ain't gonna turn out like Hymie wants it to.

Anyhow, I watch Glenn Beck because he has, essentially, become Obongo's worst enemy, so far as media personalities are concerned. He exposes every vile, treacherous little scheme that the Not-So-Magical One intends to unleash upon us, and, usually, stops them right in their tracks. In short, he has become the Rush Limbaugh to Obongo's Clinton.

But, I suppose, all good things must come to an end. LIke the story said, though, he'll still be around. And we've still got O'Reilly and Hannity. Life goes on.

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