Why the Jews blathering on and on about dem evul 'notsees'

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Why the Jews blathering on and on about dem evul 'notsees'

Post#1 » Sat Jan 08, 2011 10:22 am

will never die!!! for the love of God, will you stop the kosher WHINE!!!

Drew 9:34 am January 8, 2011 at
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On an objective and rational level, Michael Piper is correct–the Nazis were utterly defeated at the end of WWII. However, from a Jewish perspective, which is always highly emotional, the Nazis were not, in reality, defeated. In fact, the “Nazis” will never be totally defeated until there is not one Gentile left on the planet who opposes the Jewish dream of complete, unopposed, world domination.

When the Jews talk incessantly about Nazis, there aren’t just talking about those historical Germans who ran The Third Reich between 1933 and 1945. They are talking about all non-Jews who are secretly conspiring against them, throughout history, today, and tomorrow. Every Gentile is potentially in on it because, according to the Talmud, we are all born anti-Semites. We can’t help ourselves. It’s in our very DNA.

That is why they want us to know about Project Paperclip, Wall Street’s financing of the Nazis, and IBM and the Holocaust–because it implicates all of us as co-conspirators in the great Gentile plan to “get the Jews”. When they talk about Nazis, they are talking about each and every one of us non-Jews. That’s why a Jewish group was bringing a class action lawsuit against the U.S. government for failure to bomb Auschwitz during WWII and stop the Holocaust. They believe that we didn’t bomb Auschwitz because we–all of us–secretly wanted the Jews “gassed and burned”. Not just the Nazis, but all of us are responsible for the Holocaust, and we always will be.

As Harry Truman once pointed out, the Jews are a very selfish people who can never be satisfied no matter what concessions you make to them. They care only for themselves and no one else. So if you think that you are going to please them by talking about Zionism instead of “The Jews,” you are wrong. Even David Icke is in the crosshairs of the ADL for talking about the “reptilians” who secretly control the planet. Of course, what he’s really talking about is “The Jews”, according to the ADL. Look it up on youtube, if you don’t believe it.

You will never win an argument with them. They will not tolerate any criticism by a Gentile of any Jew, anywhere, for any reason. The ADL has made it clear that they consider any anti-Jewish remark the potential precursor to another Holocaust. This is beyond all sense of logic, even-handedness,, and fair play that we non-Jews base our morals and ethics upon.

The writer of the essay from “Revolt of the Plebs” that Michael cited tries to please or reassure the Jews by inserting the cliched disclaimer that he doesn’t defend, support, or condone Nazism–and that he believes the Holocaust really took place. This disclaimer will not please the Jews. He’s still a potential Nazi in their eyes because he dares criticize Jewish power. The Jews hate weakness in their opponents, and pandering to them only will make them despise you even more. It’s classic Jewish double-think. Just ask Harry Truman how far that will get you.

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