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Posted: Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:42 am
by pokerkid
Same fuckin parasites pushing the same old crap. These mother-fers need to be strung up by their balls and kicked the F out of this country. I am getting pretty sick and F-ing tired of this shit going on in the land of the so called FREE.

from Pat Riot:
Due to information of a new attempt in the U.S. Congress to outlaw any American criticism
of Jewry (read Talmudism and/or Zionism), I have slightly updated and am recirculating
this article published in The Spotlight newspaper of the Liberty Lobby before that
organization was unlawfully destroyed by a Washington, DC bankruptcy judge who caused the
organization to be included in a bankruptcy case which had nothing to do with it.

A background commentary on hate crime laws

By Tony Blizzard

"Hate-crimes" laws are not aimed at stopping hatred but at censoring truth telling.
Hate crime laws are in reality an agenda to force toleration of the actions of those who
hate Christian culture.
To allow them to destroy everything the western world holds sacred while anyone
lifting a finger to defend our cherished way of life is to be criminalized. In the U.S.,
as far back as the 1930s the question of whether hate should be outlawed had been
broached by the enemies of truth, due largely to the Nazi movement in Germany and the
America First movement's exposures of Talmudic drum beating for U.S. involvement in what
became WW2.
Patriots who saw no reason for America to enter that war--except to save
communism--were rounded up and tried for sedition in a soviet style political show trial.
While every effort was made to present the defendants as haters of America, it was their
internationalist accusers who harbored real hatred for defenders of true national
The propaganda barrage stigmatizing patriots as "haters" only escalated when the
globalist United Nations came into existence after that destructive war, which did save
communism utilizing American might.
In a 1947 publication approved by Cardinal Spellman of New York, Rituale Romanum, the
anti-hate issue was early put into proper perspective:
"The long-range effects of this campaign [to criminalize selected hatreds] are even
now evident. It is producing the 'spineless citizen,' the man who has no cultural
sensibilities, who is incapable of indignation, who faces moral disaster, political
disaster and impending world catastrophe with a blank and smiling countenance. He has
only understanding for the enemies of his country, nothing but kind sentiments for those
who would destroy his home and family. He is universally tolerant, totally unprejudiced.
If he has any principles he keeps them well concealed. He is a faceless, characterless
Real men of that generation despised such people as "gutless wonders." Today they are
praised as "politically correct." G. K. Chesterton, always ahead of his time, mused:
"Modern toleration is really a tyranny. It is a tyranny because it is a silence. To say
that I must not deny my opponent's faith is to say I must not discuss it."
That is exactly the censorship objective of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith
(ADL), as the creator and promoter of "hate crimes" laws throughout the world. Those ADL
conspirators work to nullify intolerance for evils they promote, arrogantly retaining for
themselves the right to be world arbiter of what will be tolerated and what will not,
replacing the edicts of God and nature concerning right and wrong with their own total
intolerance of anything in the way of their Talmudic world conquest agenda.
In order to understand the true purpose of ADL written and lobbied "hate crime" laws,
already in place in nations such as Germany, Canada and Britain--and scheduled by the ADL
for every nation, it is necessary to understand something of the passion called "hate."
Universally acclaimed deep thinker of the ages, Thomas Aquinas, recorded that all
passions stem from the single passion of love. Hatred, the "contrary of love," Aquinas
contended, is simply passion against that which would threaten a love. For instance,
one's hatred of poison is a reaction to love for one's life. Because "hatred is based on
love," reasoned Aquinas, "it follows that hatred is a great power for good in man's life.
Hatred enables man to avoid the evils that would destroy him." It is precisely the
hatred for those evils now in the process of destroying western civilization which the
ADL-written "hate crime" laws are designed to criminalize, neutralize and quiet, always
in the name of undiscriminating tolerance. To thus "make putty" of the collective will
for the defense of western man's civilization is a necessity to the implementation of the
new world order slave state of the global plantation. Those "plantation owners" are too
few in number to conquer and rule without the manipulated cooperation of their victims.


No mainstream media mention is ever made that the same forces who write laws to stymie
the hatred of evils they sponsor, are the world's real haters, especially intolerant of
anything concerning Christ and Christianity. The reason for their intense hatred was
given by the Pharisees when they demanded Christ's crucifixion. Unless destroyed, they
announced, he will "take away our place and our nation." Their intense love of their
exalted position among the Israelites, with attendant perks, was threatened by the
superior teachings of Christ, who was drawing the people away from their control, freeing
them by educating them in the truths of God, thus engendering their bitter hatred against
him. That hatred has not waned to this day among the Talmudic leaders of Judaism. It has
been written into the Talmud itself. Those revealing today's fabrications indoctrinated
into Jewish culture may definitely take away that leadership's "place and nation," thus
the vicious, hateful attacks on historical attempts to update "holocaust" information,
list crimes of the political Zionist movement, explode the "chosen people" myth, debunk
Jews as perpetual victims, expose the substantial Jewish role in organized crime and in
high level financial misdeeds, etc. Especially if the growing education of the public in
the criminal money creation scam, which has been perpetrated upon almost the whole world,
is allowed to continue, will they lose their place and world rule as their dysfunctional
money creation is the key to their success. Already the prostitute U.S. Congress has not
been able to stop the introduction by honest representatives of bills designed to force
that government to create honest, workable money. When successful, this change would
spell the end of their criminal reign. No wonder they want to outlaw truth. Even
before the ADL existed, in 1908, New York City police commissioner, Theodore A. Bingham,
in reference to an investigation of the ongoing white slave trade, truthfully remarked
that 50 percent of NY crime was committed by Jews. Bingham's career was destroyed and
such remarks have been banned from the media since. This event resulted in the creation
of the powerful New York Kehillah, which instantly, in conjunction with the American
Jewish Committee, saw to it that a national magazine discontinued its series on the white
slave trade after its introductory article.
Likewise, major book publisher, George Haven Putnam, owner of Putnam and Sons, was
forced, in 1920, to trash an already printed edition of the much maligned Protocols of
the Learned Elders of Zion, heeding hardly veiled blackmail threats of bankruptcy from
ADL member Louis Marshall, a forceful figure in New York politics as well as world
The SPOTLIGHT has very recently informed readers of ongoing censorship by this same
ADL gang, which today uses total censorship power over all school texts, libraries and
the establishment media, blacklisting all materials it will not tolerate while demanding
courses on such as the diary of Anne Frank, whose uncle won a law suit in New York over
publishing rights since he wrote most of it with a post-WW2 ball point pen.. (And the
case was instantly sealed.) Worse, agents of both the ADL and SPLC (Southern Poverty Law
Center, spawn of the criminally degenerate professional liar, Morris Dees), now have been
given the ears of our police and military, converting them into knee-cappers for those
professional haters in the name of eliminating hate. The police mistreatment of
demonstrators against abortion child murder is a prime example of this brainwashed misuse
of what were once constitutional peace keepers. All the while, outfits such as the
ADL and SPLC are constantly blathering to the public on how it must tolerate any affront
on Western culture lest it offend some thin-skinned pervert. Defense of family,
community and nation against such evils is labeled "hateful" and progressively outlawed
due to these same groups' overt control of lawmaking bodies. Yet, ongoing destruction of
western, especially Christian, entities by people who seethe with hatred for them is to
be tolerated by "puttyman" or he will be jailed.
Such an arrogant, in-your-face, double standard requires your intense hatred and
opposition, as it will, if allowed to continue, destroy everything you love. Possibly
even your life.