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Wow... This POS zionazi firster called John Hagee, needs to choke on a Hoho.. Sooner then later. This asswad is just NUTz.


By Rev. Ted Pike
7 Oct 10

Pastor John Hagee is a fanatically “Israel-first” evangelical who leads his troops in
unconditional moral and financial support of the Jewish state. Today he is “supporting”
Israel by endorsing laws that were created to destroy people just like him—Christians.

Hagee is calling for a United Nations indictment of Iranian President Ahmadinejad for the
“thought crime” of inciting genocide. His petition has gathered 133,000 signatures. Along
with Jewish activists Elie Wiesel and Sen. Joe Lieberman, Hagee says the Iranian leader’s
attempts to “dehumanize Israelis and demonize Jews” are illegal under the UN’s 1948
Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

Most Americans know nothing of this UN Convention or its latent threat to empower
international persecution of free thinkers! If they knew the truth, one certainly hopes
they wouldn’t sign Hagee’s petition.

The Convention is primarily the invention of Polish-Jewish international law expert
Rafael Lemkin. It was promoted by Marxist globalists and the Jewish Anti-Defamation
League as an early attempt at an internationally enforced thought crimes law. It was
ratified by the UN decades before ADL/B’nai B’rith introduced national and state hate
laws to most of the western world. The Convention has been accepted by virtually all
nations. Although the 1945 Connally Reservation restricts prosecution of Americans by it
in a world court, it was foolishly passed by Congress and signed into law as a treaty by
President Reagan in 1988.

Its crucial “thought crimes” section defines genocide as “…any of the following acts
committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or
religious group, as such…(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the
group.” (Article 2) Thus the Convention gives every racial or religious group the right
to claim mental harm as a result of others’ "intentions" to destroy them. Such groups can
claim victimhood and initiate international prosecution.

The Convention is a highly dangerous hate crimes law.

Hidden Agenda behind the Convention

Most sane people can accept a law forbidding the actual massacre of members of a race or
religion. Yet the Convention isn’t limited to physical acts of violence. That legal
simplicity wouldn’t take society where Jewish supremacists want us to go. Their agenda
means criminalizing thoughts and emotions themselves—making "bias" itself illegal.

Lemkin actually coined the term “genocide” to describe a bias-motivated crime of epic
proportions. Today we are told by ADL that genocide is caused by prejudice against
racial/religious groups. Such bias is the fundamental cause of history’s worst crimes.
And where does most bias come from? ADL answers: “Christian intolerance.” Thus
Christianity—and its biased, hateful and hurtful judgments—must be eliminated.

With this in mind, the Convention criminalizes actions which are not genocidal, such as
"causing mental harm!" Lemkin’s broad and ambiguous definition of genocide makes it much
easier to level the charge. “Human rights tribunals” must form to investigate and
pontificate upon the intent of the accused. The result (as in ADL hate law countries
today) is legal anarchy. No one is sure what "hate speech" is or whether a person’s
motives can be sufficiently defended, especially if they have caused "emotional harm" by
criticizing protected groups.

When Does a Crime Occur?

Under traditional Western jurisprudence, a crime occurs when a physical action violates
established law. God alone can judge our intentions. Human law must limit prosecution to
what is physically demonstrable. But under thought crime laws, a crime happens when a
governing entity says a forbidden intention or emotion has occurred! Thought crime laws
thus give “thought police” the power to define and prosecute what they deem to be hate
speech. They minimize or omit centuries-old legal standards as well as the real human
rights and protections that go with them.

The Convention is identical in legal theory to the entrapping hate laws ADL/B’nai B’rith
laid on Canada in 1971. The Canadian Human Rights Act says that if anyone has the bias
motivation (intention) of criticizing members of federally protected groups (homosexuals,
Jews, Muslims, etc.) and does so, causing them mental anguish, then the victim can bring
a hate crimes charge against his verbal assailant. He will almost certainly be upheld and
the “hater” receives a minimum $5,000 fine—and imprisonment if such “hate speech”

Hagee, flanked by far left Jewish activists, now claims that Ahmadinejad intends to not
only cause the state of Israel and Jewish people “serious mental harm,” but also to
annihilate them. He says the world should have executed Hitler when his early words
revealed his intention; then six million Jews would not have died. The same should be
true of Ahmadinejad.

Should Iran’s leader be indicted under international law for his “intentions” and the
emotional distress he brings Jews? 133,000 signatories, mostly evangelicals, say “Yes!”
Such Christians should know they are putting their freedom and that of their children in
extreme danger by such a stand. Most Christians and conservatives oppose any restrictions
on free speech in their own countries; yet on the international scene, they eagerly join
Zionist mouthpieces like Jay Sekulow, Hal Lindsey, and Hagee in censoring free speech.
They demand Ahmadinejad be denied an international forum, especially at the UN. In
joining the ADL/Zionist forces of censorship and boycott, evangelicals encourage
international speech crime enforcement. The monster these evangelicals are creating will
someday turn on them. When that happens, these very evangelicals will themselves be

What Hagee and his Zionist handlers recommend should be laughable in a free western
world. But even more absurd and incredible Zionist initiatives are now a grim reality.
Scholars who question the six million figure of Holocaust dead are outlawed, deported and
imprisoned—with cooperation of most nations, including the US.

When ADL/B’nai B’rith helped Lemkin craft their Convention in 1948, his
freedom-destroying scheme was far ahead of its time. Yet today, their dream of a federal
hate crimes law in the US has come true. The next step toward world hate law enforcement
is undoubtedly to resurrect the Genocide Convention. International law professor William
A. Schabas approvingly says “…it sits four-square within the priorities of both the
United Nations and the modern human rights movement, aimed at the eradication of racism
and xenophobia.”

Since its ratification in 1948, the Convention has been criticized by conservatives as so
ambiguous and potentially threatening that international political opportunists might
someday use it to indict their adversaries. That fear is realized today. Hagee/Israel
claim that they know Ahmadinejad intends to destroy Jews in Israel and that his
threatening words cause fear and “mental harm” to Israelis; thus he is guilty of at least
inciting genocide.

Conservatives at this time should limit development of international speech crimes
enforcement, not encourage it. Although the US and many nations were reluctant to support
international enforcement of the Convention, it was still enshrined in international law.
Like other “sleeper” hate laws, awaiting their ominous moment in history, it could soon
empower prosecution of politically incorrect individuals and nations. An essential step
toward world government is increased participation of many groups—including Christians
and Jews—to demand international hate crime enforcement.

Perhaps John Hagee is the evangelical Judas-goat chosen to lead that ominous march into
the dark.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative
watchdog organization.

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