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  • General Christianity Anything else that doesnt fit into the other categories listed under spiritual food
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  • Biblical Archeology Topics should range on anything like Shroud of Turin, Noahs Ark, Ark of the Covenant, Exodus Red Sea crossing, locations of newly found digs, Dead Sea Scrolls etc...
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  • Creation vs Evilution As more scientists come around to the creation side, more and more facts are coming out that destroy the myth of Evolution. Did you know man and Dinosaur walked the earth at the same time? What was the canopy made out of that protected the earth before the deluge??
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  • Anything on the lost tribes of Israel Where did they go... assyria and babylon... Where did they disappear to? Who lays claim to lost tribe heritage. Are the modern day Western Europeans direct descendants of the 10 Northeran tribes...
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  • Bible fellowship and tools you use to study What Bible do you use? Ever hear of the Strongs Concordance the Bible dictionary, or How about the Greens Interlinear Bible... Who do you study with? What do you believe is heresy today that is taught as legitimate ie... RAPTURE etc...
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