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  • Home Theater ... choose your own programming Archive the best of the music and video links here. It doesnt have to stay in the Spiritual/Political realm... If there is something good, funny, entertaining, or informative, post it here. Including the best & worst of this "entertaining" world from KabbalahWood or Bollyweird.
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  • Vision Division ... What's that in your eye? All that is interesting, odd or
    educational finds its moment in motion.
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  • Sonic Section ... What's that in your ear? These are the musicians, the mouthpieces,
    and the miscellaneous murmurs that make the soundtrack of life.
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  • Funny Forum Got jokes? Maybe a video of Darwin Award candidates? Put 'em here. This is the place for all those funny films, silly stories and twisted tales that give you a grin. (*** disclaimer: Darwinism is not endorsed and, while laughable, should be debunked - see Creation v Evolution below)
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  • Toys & the Tech Side ... What's that in your hand? From podcasts and YouTube to
    8-tracks and the Vic 20.
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  • B Side Topics ... People, Trends or other industry info not covered elsewhere.
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