Libertarian Partys National Convention Concert Review

Post anything thoughts/comments you may have related to our music. We have four discs out; Made In America, Sex lies and Politiks, Next!, and Game of love. We would love to hear from you....
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Libertarian Partys National Convention Concert Review

Post#1 » Thu Jun 10, 2004 8:02 am
20040610 (Thu, 2:29 AM): I promise to get through the whole review. Then, I promise to explain how the orbitals make water molecules shaped like little Mickey Mouse heads. But, it might take a few days.
Review / summary of the LNC, part two. Part one covered the welcome session Thursday evening and all the daytime sessions on Friday. Today, I start with the concert Friday evening. There's still Saturday and Sunday to go.

The Concert: There was a concert Friday evening. They picked good musicians. I wish the turnout had been better. I wonder if more people didn't buy tickets but were exhausted by the end of all the day's sessions. I was really tired, but it was night-time, so I was awake. There were three acts there. They were, in order of appearance,
Dan Litwin ,
Poker Face and
Jimmie Vaughan
Here are bits about each act.

Dan Litwin: The music is pretty standard 70's-80's style rock and roll. I think he does a good job of it, but the sound mix was pretty muddy. I couldn't make out the vocals most of the time (but, at least, he was on pitch when I heard him). I'm a little bit afraid that if I could make out the words, that I'd think they were too preachy. Maybe I'd be surprised. If I ever make enough money that I have enough to give to all the good causes I want to support, I'll buy one of his CD's and give him another chance. Right now, of course, I don't even buy CD's from people I already know I like (I'm also too stupid -- I mean honest -- to download the music).

Poker Face: I wasn't expecting much from this band. The promo picture I saw didn't say much about the type of music they do. I wasn't sure what to make of the name, either. But, of the three bands, they did music that is a style I will most likely put in the CD player or turn up on the radio. I really liked them. Again, the lyrics weren't always easy to make out, but they weren't impossible, either. What I heard only seemed a little preachy once or twice, and that might just be me having a bad moment. Their sound is pretty modern, directly descended from the likes of Black Sabbath and Metallica. They remind me of, say, A Perfect Circle or Fuel -- heavy, textured. They were all wearing t-shirts from Bureaucrash <>(and when I just checked the site, there was a picture of them there in the shirts). The only sound thing I noticed was that I could only hear the lead guitarist once in a while, though it was obvious he was playing. I've put one of their CD's on my list just to see if they sound as good in the studio as live -- this purchase is, of course, subject to future fiscal soundness.

Jimmie Vaughan, et al: Jimmie Vaughan plays blues. Does a damn good job of it, too. Cool to watch his picking style -- all fingers working separately in a style that reminds me of classical. I couldn't figure out the source of the sound that would normally come from a bass guitar, try as I might. Maybe the keyboardist was doing it. There was another guitarist on stage, and I was far away, but it didn't look like some sort of extra-stringed bass. I watched his fingers, too, to see if they were playing the bass line, and they weren't. After a few minutes, I declared it to be the keyboardist so I'd stop worrying about it -- not that it mattered. Jimmie made a very convincing chicken clucking sound on his guitar in one song -- for some reason, that impressed me more than I think it should have. I guess I've just never heard a guitarist try to imitate a chicken. He had a female singer come up for part of the set. She did a really good job on all the songs except that I wasn't sure what to make of her treatment of the song in which the chicken-plucking occurred. She was doing a speak/sing sort of thing, but didn't change her speaking voice to match pitch with the song. It worked, somehow, but it took me a while to get used to. I don't know why I even noticed. Despite being likely to sing off-key myself, and not having anything at all like an exceptional ear, I get really bothered by pitch being "off" (mine or anyone else's). Others have assured me that most people neither notice nor care. I spent way too long on that -- obviously, I have issues with this subject. Overall, it was a real good show, real good music. Oh, hell... That's enough to write (or for you to read) for one night.

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